Startup Profiles & Tracker

AutoTechInsight Startup Database contains profiles of 500+ automotive technology startups, categorized under 50+ specializations.

Key information on startups such as partnerships, funding, products & solutions, mergers & acquisitions and management changes are regularly updated. Every profile features an interactive infographic, which showcases other startups, investors and automotive industry partners connected to the selected startup. Further, linkages of investors and partners in the startup landscape can also be viewed in the infographic.

The database also features a ‘Startup Tracker’, a tabular interface with 10+ data filters. The tracker allows comparison of startups from different cities/countries/regions/technology areas on many key attributes. Filtered data can be downloaded in CSV format.

AutoTechInsight Startup Database is available with AutoTechInsight service (E-mobility, Autonomous Driving and Connected Car only) or as a standalone asset.

Main content includes:

  • 500+ startup profiles, 50+ specializations
  • Interactive infographic in every profile
  • Tabular ‘Startup Tracker’ with data filters
  • PDF and CSV export

Startup Dashboard

The Startup Dashboard provides an analysis of the startups looking to disrupt the automotive sector. Using filters, clients can build their own analysis of the Startup environment by focusing on elements such as vehicle domain, specialization, geography or how commercialized the startup is in terms of product development, IP and working partnerships.

The data allows the user to:

  • Gain key insights on fundraising and patent trends: Trace and track the flow of funds into automotive startups, and their patent filing activity, by vehicle domain and area of technology.
  • Generate peer analysis: Gain insights into the partnership and investment activities of automotive OEMs, suppliers and financial investors in automotive technology startups.
  • Startup Dashboard
    The Startup Dashboard offers engaging analytics on fundraising, patent activity and collaborations across 800+ startups. The tool includes startups with a presence in 13 different vehicle domains with coverage of over 50 specializations and technology areas.

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