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    3Dom is a venture company conducting research and development of high energy lithium-ion batteries and lithium metal batteries. 3Dom's technology is aimed at increasing the life of secondary batteries.
    42dot Inc. develops and operates a cloud-based mobility platform that offers the transition to autonomous transportation-as-a-service (aTaaS) with diversified self-driving ground and airborne vehicles. The company was founded in 2019 and is based in Seoul, South Korea.
    AC Biode
    AC Biode has developed alternating current (AC) battery using biode, which has characteristics of both anode and cathode. together with an external single switch, the company's ac battery can create AC from a single battery and a single switch, regardless of the number of electrodes. AC Biode claims its AC battery to be more efficient, safer, and about 30% more compact than regular batteries. The battery is also more affordable, compatible with existing materials, and battery production lines.
    AIMMO develops and designs platforms for data annotation. It offers functions like collecting data, segmentation, object tracking, object detection, and keypoint.
    APB develops and manufactures bipolar lithium-ion battery modules called all-polymer batteries. The company's batteries are made and have high energy density that can be used in a wide range of applications.
    Ascent Robotics
    Ascent Robotics is an AI startup developing intelligent solutions for industrial robotics and autonomous vehicles. The company is engaged in neural science-inspired machine learning and AI development with a goal of developing an ai-based vehicle within the next few years.
    Autocrypt Co., Ltd. offers transportation security solutions. The company offers solutions, such as automotive cybersecurity that includes WP.29 regulation, autonomous driving, electric car and charging systems, and in-vehicle hacking; and mass security that includes fleet management system monitoring, and digital key. The company also offers products, such as autocrypt V2X, autocrypt V2D, autocrypt V2G, autocrypt IVS, and autocrypt FMS.
    Autonomous a2z
    Autonomous A2Z specializes in autonomous driving solutions. The company provides a platform for autonomous driving-based robotaxi and shuttle development.
    Ball Wave
    Ball Wave is a developer of ball saw sensors that use natural collimation of surface acoustic waves (SAWS). The company uses high MEMS technology and high-frequency signal processing technology for the detection of moisture, hydrogen, and other environmental attributes, enabling users to instantly detect various kinds of matter in the air and other gases at the nanoscale.
    Bitsensing Inc. specializes in advancing imaging radar technology designed to integrate cities, roadways, structures, and individuals. Their 79GHz AIR 4D device aids autonomous vehicles by generating superior images of the environment. The 24GHz AI Traffic Radar enhances traffic management by detecting unexpected road incidents. Furthermore, their 60GHz mini-H device assesses wellness, tracking presence, motion, and sleep quality without the need for invasive cameras or wearable devices.
    Blue Signal
    BlueSignal offers an adaptive traffic management solution. The company's Predictive Driving technology analyzes the data collected from various sources such as real-time traffic, vehicles, and road infrastructure, and it predicts future traffic conditions based on its unique ML and AI engine. It provides safe driving tools through data analysis, predictive congestion, and signal optimizer to automakers, logistics companies, and governments.
    BOS Semiconductors
    BOS Semiconductors Co.,Ltd. develops semiconductor solutions for the automotive sector. The company develops automotive semiconductors, including autonomous driving SOC, high performance computing SOC, and gateway SOC.
    Brain IV
    Brain IV has technologies for autonomous driving, deep learning, and signal processing. Utilizing these, the company aims to create a world where anyone can learn, create, and use autonomous driving ai by supporting autonomous driving classes, building data collection vehicles, providing labeling tools, and supporting learning and utilization of deep learning models.
    Cygbot develops lidar and camera sensors that recognizes 3d environments in order to measure distance to objects. the company’s cyglidar sensors can be used in both automotive and non-automotive applications such as for mobile robot and smart toy.
    Dynamic Map Platform
    Dynamic Map Platform provides high-accuracy three-dimensional (3D) map data for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving. The company was founded as a planning company in 2016 and later transitioned to a business company, Funded by Incj Ltd, in 2017. Dynamic Map Platform strengthened its global presence in HD mapping with the acquisition of us-based startup, Ushr, which has extensive mapping experience In North America, in 2019.
    EdgeCortix Co., Ltd. develops solutions that automates machine learning driven hardware design for an intelligent distributed edge ecosystem. Its software platform automates hardware aware neural architecture search and chip design-space exploration. The company's solutions can be deployed as real-time AI solutions in applications, such as autonomous driving, industrial robotics, camera systems and healthcare.
    FLOSFIA INC. develops corundum structured Gallium Oxide based semiconductor power devices. It offers high breakdown voltage and high efficiency power devices.
    FOMM Corporation
    Fomm specializes in vehicles for short-distance mobility. The company has developed a compact electric vehicle called fomm one for commuting short distance and necessary infrastructure for the vehicle. Fomm started production of its four-seater compact electric vehicle in March 2019.
    Global Walkers
    Global Walkers, Inc. offers services related to data processing. The company offers image processing for CV, deep learning/machine learning for AI, annotation services, and the Internet of Things (IoT).
    Impressivo has developed an innovative touch interface solution for the connected car of the future. The solution can be applied to various in-vehicle components, including seats, steering wheel, center/door control, cockpit area for both drivers and passengers.
    ITD Lab co., Ltd. Manufactures stereo range imager (SRIM) technology for the automotive markets. The company offers SRIM technology and intelligent stereo camera (ISC) units; ISC units for advanced drivers assistant systems; and front monitor systems/back monitor systems. It also provides consultation on self-driving system and 3D map generation, as well as 3D distance measurement system, such as system development, manufacturing, marketing, licensing, launching, and maintenance. The company was...
    LeapMind Inc. Develops hardware architecture and a platform that enables users to use deep learning with its algorithms. It designs Juiz deep learning of things (DoT), a circuit for deep learning on field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) the company was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.
    MORAI Inc. develops a simulation platform that builds a three dimensional virtual environment similar to the actual road environment and tests and upgrades autonomous driving algorithms. It delivers testing solutions based on their simulation platform built for the verification and validation of autonomous vehicles. It also provides datasets for advanced algorithms. The company was founded in 2018 and is based in Seoul, South Korea with an additional office in San Francisco, California.
    Rideflux is engaged in the development of end-to-end full stack self-driving software which capable of localization of the autonomous vehicle, perception of surrounding on-road situations, prediction of surrounding vehicle and pedestrian movement, and planning and control of AV movement.
    Seoul Robotics
    Seoul Robotics develops lidar perception software for automated driving vehicles. The company’s software can help autonomous cars to detect, classify, track and predict targets and objects. In addition to autonomous vehicles, Seoul Robotics solution can be used in autonomous robots.
    Smart Drive
    Smart drive develops data platforms and services for mobility. Smart drive's data platform works with a variety of external data and services to drive the future of mobility, including new mobility experiences and mobility services.
    Smart Radar System
    Smart Radar System develops radar sensors for diverse applications including automotive. the company has developed a 4D image radar technology intended to provide a catalyst for the development of the autonomous driving industry. The company's technology can detect an object's distance, height, depth, and speed in real-time.
    Soslab ffers proprietary lidar sensors for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving applications. in addition to automotive, the company’s lidar sensors can be used in surveillance and smart city, industrial robots, and factory automation.
    Space Power Technologies
    Space Power Technologies Co., Ltd develops and manufactures space-based wireless power transmission equipment.
    The company is engaged development of entertainment services in automated driving vehicles, VR / AR content production / technical development, and technological development of high-precision 3D maps for automated driving.
    Tera Technos
    Tera Technos manufactures and supplies SiOx, a silicon-based anode material that can overcome the limitations of conventional anode materials for batteries and realize high capacity, high efficiency, and high stability. Tera Technos is committed to global leadership in the silicon nanoparticle-based advanced anode materials market and to contributing to the rechargeable battery market that has an increasingly important role in everyday life.
    Tier IV
    Tier IV, Inc. develops open-source software solutions for autonomous driving. It develops Autoware, which is a software for urban driverless cars and supports 3D localization, object detection, path planning and following, and lane detection. In addition, the company offers self-driving development kit; autoware loggers; and autoware remove drive kit. The company also offers sensor fusion technologies and products, including laser scanners and cameras. The company was founded in 2015 and is base...
    Ubiden is a leading expert in the management and operation of charging solutions. Within its portfolio, Ubiden offers WeCharge, an innovative service tailored to electric vehicle users, granting them easy access to dedicated charging stations for a seamless and convenient recharging experience.
    VEStellaLab Inc. develops a mobile application that provides parking management and solutions. The company has emerged as a key player in non-GPS navigation solutions. VEStellaLab has set its sights on further horizons for entering and expanding to global market, where it aims to introduce its innovative solutions for urban cities, for example airport, shopping malls, and other large-scale buildings in metropolitan cities.
    Vueron Technology
    Vueron Technology Co., Ltd. develops LiDAR perception software for autonomous vehicle, industrial safety, and security system.
    ZMP INC. Develops and sells humanoid robots and robotics in Japan. It is involved in the development and sale of automatic operation technology development for the advanced driver assistance systems and sensor systems; development of automatic operation products for mobile manufacturers and experiment agency industry; development and sale of logistics support robots; and universities and corporate research robots, as well as robot teaching materials. The company’s products include autonomous d...
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