Materials and Lightweighting

Materials Service

Analyses material change opportunities, mostly to sustain light weighting or sustainability efforts.

To comply with emissions targets, OEMs must  consider all options, including new materials that  reduce vehicle mass. Additionally, OEMs and suppliers need to examine new construction materials and techniques to reduce costs, ensure greater cradle-to-grave sustainability, and support innovative design features.

IHS Markit’s Materials and Lightweighting Service provides insight, context, data, and analytics for the key technologies that are reshaping the materials used in  car and components production.

Topics covered:

  • Weight reduction and joining technologies
  • Material changes (e.g. plastics, carbon fiber, aluminum, alloys)
  • Recyclability 

Planners and strategists use the service to:

  • Assess the evolution of materials used in a vehicle’s architecture
  • Analyze how the competition is advancing weight reduction strategies
  • Get an assessment of what has succeeded
  • Understand OEMs’ purchasing strategies

The Materials & Lightweighting Service is part of a suite of vehicle contenting services. Delivered through AutoTechInsight, an IHS Markit automotive strategy and planning solution, the service provides a view into current automotive trends and future demand through:

  • Sector News & Insights (covering all service domains)
  • Reports (Materials and Lightweighting service domain-specific)
  • Supplier Profiles (Materials and Lightweighting service domain-specific)
  • CFA Relations (OEM-Supplier relationships, both analyst and survey-based researched databases, delivered via Query Tool & 5 Analytics via Analytics Tool (Materials and Lightweighting service domain-specific)
  • Access to analysts, a listing of materials & lightweighting-related events and monthly webinars
  • OEM-level and Model-level forecasts, technology fitment, and supplier relationships (optional add-ons) 
Edwin Pope
Edwin Pope

Edwin is a Principal Analyst with IHS Markit. He is best described as an enthusiastic self-learner although his bachelor’s degree in Physics was completed at the United States Military Academy. The automotive portion of his career started with bruised knuckles earned in doing performance shop work while he was still in the Army at Fort Bragg. He gained experience in materials at a material testing laboratory in Houston, Texas. Prior to his current position, he worked as a Mass Integration Engineer at General Motors on the recently launched 8th Generation Corvette.

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