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    24M Technologies Develops Energy Storage Systems For Grid And Transportation Applications.
    6K Develops Materials Into Products For The Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Aerospace, And Consumer Electronics Industries.
    Alsym Energy
    Alsym Is Working To Ensure That The Future Of Energy Will Be Cleaner, Safer, And More Affordable For People Around The World.
    Amprius Develops An Anode Out Of Silicon Nanowires For Lithium-Ion Batteries.
    Aquion Energy
    Aquion Energy Is The Manufacturer Of Proprietary Aqueous Hybrid Ion (Ahi™) Batteries And Battery Systems, Optimized For Stationary And Long Duration Daily Cycling And Energy Storage Applications. This Includes Off-Grid And Microgrids, Energy Management, And Grid-Scale Energy Storage Applications. Aquion’S Battery Systems Provide Reliable And Flexible Modular Energy Storage That Optimizes Existing Generation Assets And Enables Broad Adoption Of Renewable Energy Technologies Such As Wind And Sol...
    Arieca Manufactures And Distributes A Thermally Conductive Rubber Composite. Arieca'S Composite Is A Stretchable, Thermally Conductive Rubber That Combines Elasticity Of Soft Silicone With The Thermal Of Metal To Be Used As Circuit Wiring, Sensors, And Passive Heat Exchangers, Allowing Manufacturers To Deploy An Alternative Form Of Rubber Thatimprove The Performance Electronics And Help Them To Safely Interact With Humans.
    In Today’S World Of Connected And Autonomous Cars, The Demand For Fast And Reliable Network Connections Is Growing. With The Behavioral Profile Of Connected Cars, Typical Mobile Networks Are Facing Significant Challenges To Meet These Demands, Which Is Severely Damaging The Growth Trajectory Of The Industry. With Autopia, Connectivity Problems Are A Part Of The Past.
    Axonne, Inc. Is A Startup Born In The Heart Of Silicon Valley, California. The Company'S Founding Leadership First Brought The Realization Of Automotive 1000Base-T1 Ethernet Into The Market. Now The Team Is Focused On Innovating Simplified Robust & Functional-Safe High Bandwidth Automotive In-Vehicle Network Semiconductor Solutions For Future Automotive Vehicles And Robotics
    Reflective LCD 2.0 enable devices to be seen in all lighting conditions, is energy efficient (saves battery life!), and provides consistent contrast indoors and outside for optimal viewing
    Experience the future of transportation and learn more about the innovative autonomous mobility technology
    Blue Current
    Blue Current Manufactures Silicon Elastic Ceramic Solid-State Batteries For The New Energy Economy. This Includes Electric Vehicles, Energy Storage And Consumer Devices.
    Boston Metal
    Boston Metal Is Delivering A Future Where Primary Steel Production Is Free Of Carbon Emissions.
    Charge Cccv (C4V) Is A Lithium Ion Battery Technology Company Possessing Critical Insight Related To Optimum Performance Of Lithium Ion Batteries As Well As Gigafactory Designs. C4V’S Discoveries Have Been Fruitful In Vastly Extending Battery Life, Safety And Charge Performance, However More Important Is The Gigafactory Offering That Allows Emerging Countries To Establish Their Own Robust Manufacturing Ecosystem. C4V Works Together With Industry Leading Raw Material As Well As Equipment Supply ...
    Cadenza Innovation
    Through Innovation And Deep Battery Industry Experience, Cadenza'S Work Is World-Leading.
    Car IQ
    Car Iq Has Created A Payment Solution Developed For Vehicles And Fleets That Enables Vehicles To Transact Securely And Autonomously With Payment Networks, Banks And Merchants. Car Iq’S Underlying Technology Is Based On A Patented Machine Identity Verification Process That Allows Vehicles And Machines To Connect To Payment Networks, Physical Infrastructures, And Mobility Platforms. Our Payment Solution Enables Vehicles To Automatically Initiate And Complete Payments For Services Such As Tolls, F...
    Carfit Leverages Car'S Vibrations With Data Science To Anticipate Maintenance Needs
    Using The Power Of Circular Rna To Control Any Gene, In Any Species, In Any Cell Type
    Conamix Is A Team Of Work-Hardened Battery Experts Turning Sulfur Cathodes From The Out Of Reach Holy-Grail Of Lithium Ion Cathodes Into A Global Product With The Energy, Power And Cycle Life Demanded By The Ev Revolution.
    Continuous Composites
    Continuous Composites Offers The Most Advanced Composites And Additive Manufacturing Solution, Continuous Fiber 3D Printing (Cf3D).
    Deepen AI
    Founded In 2017, Deepen Ai Is A Safety-First Data Lifecycle Tools And Services Company Focused On Unlocking The Potential Of Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence (Ai) For Autonomous Systems. Deepen Ai Is Enabling Safe Autonomous Vehicles Through Multi-Stakeholder Collaborative Initiatives. The Company Provides Multi-Sensor Data Labelling Tools To Accelerate Computer Vision Training For Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics And More.
    Desserto® Is A Highly Sustainable Plant Based Material As An Alternative To Leather Made From Cactus, Often Distinguished By Its Great Softness At Touch While Offering A Great Performance For A Wide Variety Of Applications And Complying With The Most Rigorous Quality And Environmental Standards. The Aim Is To Offer Cruelty Free, Sustainable Alternatives, Without Any Toxic Chemicals, Phthalates And Pvc. The Result, Desserto® , The Cactus Material, Is Partially Biodegradable And Has The Technica...
    eMatrix Energy Systems
    To Supply Everybody, Everywhere With Custom Batteries To Power Any Project. Our Unique Combination Of Patented Designs, Efficient Manufacturing, And An Agile Engineering Team Allows Us To Easily And Affordably Adapt Our Products To Each Customer’S Needs. We Are Going To Be A Major Player In The Multi-Billion Dollar Energy Storage Market, Which Will Quadruple By 2021.
    Energsoft Offers A Unified Data Analytics Software Platform That Maximizes Your Substantial Investments In Facilities, Teams, And Equipment, To Streamline And Accelerate Your Battery Program Across Any Application Or Lifecycle Stage, Including Production, In-Field Use, And R&D.
    Building Better Batteriesenpower, Inc. Is A Lithium-Ion Battery Company Poised To Become The U.S. Leader In Advanced Battery Manufacturing. Enpower’S Technology Advantage Lies In Its Patented Multilayer Electrodes, Which Address The Trade-Off Between Energy And Power. High Energy Density Cells With Enpower’S Electrodes Can Repeatedly Fast Charge Without Degradation To Service Life, Solving A Critical Challenge To The Mass Adoption Of Electric Vehicles. Enpower Is Committed To Advanced Technolo...
    Evolectric’S Mission Is To Advance Global Electrification By Enabling And Providing Services And Products That Unlock Current And New Electrification Technologies To Emerging Markets And Underserved Segments.
    Factorial Energy
    Empowering A Sustainable Future With The Highest Performance And Safest Batteries For Electric Vehicles, Homes, And Critical Applications.
    Flex Logix Technologies
    Flex Logix Is A Reconfigurable Computing Company Providing Ai Inference And Efpga Solutions Based On Software, Systems And Silicon. Inferx X1 Is The Industry'S Fastest And Most Efficient Ai Edge Inference Accelerator That Enables Megapixel Neural Network Models In High Performance Applications By Offering Superior Inferences/$ And /Watt
    Fova Energy
    Fova Energy Is An Mit Spin-Off Startup, With A Goal To Build An Ai-Empowered Data Analytics And Decision-Making Platform For The Battery Industry.
    G3c Technologies
    G3C Technologies (G3Ct) Develops And Commercializes Innovative Waste To Wealth Technology For Converting Scrap Tires Into High Grade Carbon Black Suitable For Manufacturing Various Rubber And Plastic Applications. In Addition To Carbon Black The Technology Also Produces Energy For Internal Needs And For Sale .
    Ge Solartech
    Ge Solartech Develops Technologies For Automobile Emission Control, Semiconductor, Solar Cell And Hydrogen Storage Applications.
    General Radar
    General Radar Democratizesthe Aerospace Radar Architecturewe’Ve Developed Three Innovations (Serdes Sampling, Monobit Digital Pulse Compression, Analog Mmw Beamformers) Which Have Allowed Us To Aggressively Cost-Reduce An Aerospace Radar By 20X.We Call These, General Radars.
    Gridtential Energy
    We Envision A Future In Which Our Homes And Offices Are Powered By Renewable Energy And Our Cities Have More Emissions-Free E-Bikes And Scooters Than Cars. But We’Re Not Going To Get There Without Breakthroughs In Battery Technology That Can Be Produced In Today’S Factories. Many Of Today’S New Battery Technologies Are Promising But Remain Years Away From Mass Production. We Don’T Have The Time To Retool Factories For Battery Types That May Be Too Expensive. By Integrating A Solar-Inspired T...
    Holoptic, Llc Is A Small Business Concern Spun Off From Luminit, Llc In 2019 To Focus On Holographic Technology For Civil And Military Applications. Holoptic’S Transparent Holographic Display Is The Key Enabling Component For Augmented Reality (Ar) Systems That Include Head Up And Head/Helmet Mounted Displays For Automotive And Avionics.
    Infinitum Electric
    Infinitum Electric Is Setting The Bar For The Next Generation Of Motors To Be Better For The Planet – And For People. Not Satisfied With Being The Most Efficient, Our Goal Was To Design A Motor That Opens Up Sustainable Design Possibilities For End Users By Being Smaller, Lighter, And Quieter Than Conventional Motors. A Motor That Delivers More Than Exceptional Energy Savings; A Motor That Makes A Big Impact On The World With A Smaller Carbon Footprint Across Its Lifecycle.
    Ion Storage Systems
    Transforming Impossible Into Business As Usual
    Ionomr Has Developed Revolutionary Ion Exchange Membrane Technology That Drastically Improves Efficiency And Performance While Minimizing Cost And Environmental Impact: Hydrogen Generation To Fuel The Hydrogen Economy, Hydrogen Fuel Cells To Power Vehicles, Ships, Buildings, Conversion Of Co2 To Synthetic Fuels
    The Kneron Story The Kneron Story Established In 2015, Kneron Is A Leading Provider Of Full Stack Edge Ai Solutions Based In San Diego. We Are Dedicated To The Development Of Integrated Edge Ai Hardware And Software Solutions For Vehicle, Security, And Broader Aiot Use Cases. Our Mission Is To Empower The Proliferation Of Accessible, Low-Latency, And Secure Ai Applications By Creating Networks Of Independently Intelligent Devices As Enabled Through Full Stack Kneron Solutions. Among Kneron'S Inv...
    Koop Technologies
    Koop Is An Insurance Technology Company Specializing In Autonomous Vehicle, Robotics, And Machine-Centric Risks
    Making Lithium-Ion Batteries A Truly Circular And Sustainable Product.
    Redefine What Computers—And Human Beings—Are Capable Of. Lightmatter Is Building The Engines That Will Power Discoveries, Drive Progress, And Reduce Our Impact On The Planet.
    Lilac Solutions
    Lilac Solutions Is A Lithium Extraction Company Based In Oakland, California.
    Lithion Recycling
    Lithion Recycling Has Developed An Efficient And Cost-Effective Process For Recycling Lithium-Ion Batteries, The Most Widely Used Batteries For Electrical Vehicles And Portable Electronics Today. This New Process Allows Up To 95% Of These Batteries’ Components To Be Recovered And Treated So That They Can Be Reused By Battery Manufacturers—A Concrete Way To Close The Loop On Battery Life-Cycle. Lithion Recycling Is Aiming For A Worldwide Commercialization Of Its Technology, Which Began With The...
    Livingston Energy Group
    Founded By Energy Efficiency Professionals In 2016, Livingston Energy Group, Llc Is A Clean Energy Company Based In New York State'S Capital Region, Offering A Wide Array Of Services Across The United States Ranging From Basic Project Consultations To Thorough Turnkey Energy Upgrades. In An Effort To Minimize Out-Of-Pocket Investments And Ongoing Operating Costs For Our Clients, Livingston Energy Group Provides Several Services For Project Design, Management, And Financing, As Well As Funding As...
    Loop Energy
    Loop Fuel Cell Range Extenders Are Engineered For Premium Performance To Reduce The Carbon Footprint Of Trucks And Buses While Cutting Costs And Increasing Productivity.
    Lyten Is An Advanced Materials Company That Developed 3D Graphene. Lyten 3D Graphene® Is A Pristine, Innately 3-Dimensional Graphene That Has Been Designed Into Lithium-Sulfur (Li-S) Batteries, Advanced Composite Systems, And Chemical & Passive Sensors. Lyten Li-S Batteries Are Ideally Used In Electric Vehicles, Aerospace, And Defense Applications. Founded In 2015, Lyten Is A Privately Held Company Based In San Jose, California.
    Mangrove Lithium
    Mangrove Lithium, A Vancouver Based Company, Has Developed A Breakthrough Platform For The Most Cost-Effective Production Of Battery Grade Lithium Hydroxide From Diverse Input Streams And Assets. Mangrove’S Modular Solution Can Be Scaled To Any Capacity And Co-Located With Upstream Lithium Producers Or Cathode And Cell Manufacturers. The Platform Technology Is Also Being Commercialized For Conversion Of Waste Brines To Chemicals And Desalinated Water.
    Marain Is A Simulation-First Fleet Planning And Operations Software Startup On A Mission To Make Electric Transportation Ubiquitous.
    Mavi.Io Is A Global Retail Marketplace That Brings Safe, Easy, Curated Shopping To The Dashboard Of Your Favorite Cars.
    Moment Energy
    Moment Energy Is A Start-Up Striving To Provide Greater Access To Renewable And Reliable Energy Storage.
    Nanoramic Laboratories
    Nanoramic Specializes In Technologies And Material Solutions Based On Nano-Carbons. Nano-Carbons Have Exceptional Electrical, Thermal And Mechanical Properties At The Nano-Scale Level. We Synthesize And Incorporate Nano-Carbons In Various Materials And Transfer These Properties At The Macroscale Level, Addressing Major Challenges In Energy Storage And Thermal Management.
    Nanotech Energy
    Nanotech Energy’S Technology Creates Real-World Benefits, Including Increased Safety, Cost-Efficiency, Sustainability, And Creating A More Efficient Way To Harness The Power Of Renewable Energy. Its Organic Graphene Batteries Address Long-Standing Issues With Lithium-Ion Batteries, And Can Be Produced At Scale Using A Simple Process.
    Natrion Is A Developer Of Large-Scale Batteries Used To Generate Efficient Renewable Energy.
    Natron Energy
    We Change The Way The Worlds Biggest Electricity Customers Use Power For Their Businesses. Industrial Power Utilizes Decades Old, Environmentally Hazardous Battery Technology Such As Lead Acid And Lithium Ion. Natron’S Revolutionary Sodium Ion Battery Leverages Prussian Blue Electrode Materials To Deliver A High Power, High Cycle Life, And Completely Fire Safe Battery Solution Without Toxic Materials, Rare Earth Elements, Or Conflict Minerals. As The World Electrifies To Combat Climate Change, ...
    Natural Fiber Welding
    Natural Fiber Welding, Inc. (Nfw®) Is A Disruptive Material Science Company That Creates Sustainable, High-Performing Materials And Textiles That Are 100% Free Of Plastic And Petrochemicals. Nfw Branded Materials Are Reinventing The Material World And Enabling Leading Global Brands To Help Eradicate One Of The Planet’S Largest Sources Of Pollution. Nfw Has Two Existing Patented Product Lines In Production: Mirum®, A Leather Alternative, And Clarus®, High-Performance Textile Technologies With...
    Natural Fiber Welding
    Natural Fiber Welding Develops A Technology That Can Use Plants And Natural Fibers To Make Textiles And Other Durable Items.
    Nikola Motors
    Nikola’S Fuel Cell Membrane Electrode Assembly (Mea) Research Is Aimed At Developing An Architecture That Could Satisfy The Power Output Needs And Durability Requirements Of Heavy-Duty Applications, Such As The Operations Of The Company’S Long-Haul Vehicles Like The Nikola One.
    NoMIS Power Group
    Nomis Power Group Is Developing A More Efficient Power Semiconductors For Electric Vehicles, Subways, Airplanes, And Industrial Motors.
    Nth Cycle
    Nth Cycle Is A Metal Processing Technology Company Working With Battery Recyclers And Miners To Recover Production-Grade Critical Minerals.
    Omnitron Sensors
    Rewriting The Script On Building High-Performance And Low-Cost Sensors For The World Of Tomorrow
    Our Next Energy
    Our Next Energy Is Paving The Way For An Electric Future, Innovating Energy Storage Solutions That Will Rapidly Expand The World’S Ability To Access Sustainable Power.
    Owl Autonomous Imaging
    For Automotive Oems And Their Tier 1 Suppliers, Owl Ai Designs, Develops And Sells The World’S Only 4D Solid-State Camera Delivering Hd Thermal Video With High Precision Ranging.
    Pajarito Powder
    Pajarito Powder, Llc Is A Venture-Backed Developer And Manufacturer Of Advanced Electrocatalyst Materials For Fuel Cells And Electrolyzers. We Manufacture A Range Of Products For Pem, Alkaline And Aem Applications That Enhance Performance And Improve Durability.
    Phiar Technologies
    Formed Out Of Harvard In 2017 And Y-Combinator In Summer 2018, Phiar’S Mission Is To Revolutionize How People Navigate, Interact, And Experience The World. Our Team Consists Of Top Ai & Ar Researchers And Industry Professionals Coming From Google, Apple, Microsoft, Niantic, Magic Leap, Here, And More; Bringing Deep Expertise In Computer Vision, Deep Learning Ai, Ar, 3D Localization, Software Optimization, And Ux Design. We Are Backed By Multiple Tier-1 Vcs In Silicon Valley, And Our Board Of Ad...
    Telus International Designs, Builds And Delivers Next-Generation Digital Solutions To Enhance The Customer Experience (Cx) For Global And Disruptive Brands. The Company’S Services Support The Full Lifecycle Of Its Clients’ Digital Transformation Journeys And Enable Them To More Quickly Embrace Next-Generation Digital Technologies To Deliver Better Business Outcomes. Telus International’S Integrated Solutions And Capabilities Span Digital Strategy, Innovation, Consulting And Design, Digital Tr...
    Point One Navigation
    Point One Navigation Offers Precise Location As A Service For Autonomous Systems Including Automated Driving Vehicles, Commercial Drones And Other Robotic Applications. The Company’S Software And Sensor Fusion Techniques Enable The Use Of Global Navigation Satellite System (Gnss), Inertial Measurement Units (Imus) And Other Sensors To Deliver More Accurate Positions In A Variety Of Operating Environments.
    Revolutionary Biomaterials For Forward Thinkers
    Posh Robotics
    Posh Automates Ev Battery Recycling Using Robotics Arms And Computer Vision.
    Power to Hydrogen
    Power To Hydrogen Creates Advanced Reversible Fuel Cell Technology That Cost Effectively And Efficiently Converts Electricity And Water Into High Purity Hydrogen And Oxygen, And When Needed Back To Power.
    Prieto Battery
    Prieto Battery Is Not Your Typical Battery Startup. Prieto Battery Was Founded By Dr. Amy Prieto Who Driven By Her Interest In Research, Science, And Discovery Believes There Is A Better Way To Power Our Lives. The Strategy From Day One Has Been To Surround The Invention With A Diverse And Talented Team Focused On The Goal Of Creating The World’S Most Advanced Rechargeable Battery. A Team Inspired By Innovation And Motivated By The Challenges That Inevitably Come Up Along The Way. Prieto Batter...
    Princeton NuEnergy
    Princeton Nuenergy Is A Clean-Tech Startup Focused On The Direct Recycling Of Lithium-Ion Batteries.
    Redwood Materials
    Humanity Has Made Great Leaps Forward In Sustainable Energy Generation And Transportation. We Have Invented And Proliferated Electronic Devices To Every Corner Of The Globe And Lifted Billions Of People Out Of Poverty And Into The Information Age. As These Trends Grow And Mature, We At Redwood Are Planning Ahead To Address The Problems And Opportunities Coming When Millions Of Ev’S Batteries Need An End Of Life Solution And When The Electronics Piled Up In Your Drawers At Home Find A New Life. ...
    Resonant Link
    In 2012 At Dartmouth College, Prof. Charles Sullivan Invented A New Approach To Wireless Charging: The Multilayer Self-Resonant Structure (Msrs). A Few Years Later, Phyo (2014) And Aaron (2016) Joined Charlie’S Lab As A Ph.D. Student And Post-Doctoral Fellow, Respectively, And Together, They Transformed The Msrs From Concept Into Reality. Their First Prototype Had 6X Lower Losses Than Similarly-Sized Coils In The Literature And Was Published At Apec In 2017, Where It Won The Best Paper Award. A...
    ReVolt Battery Technology Corporation
    Revolt Battery Technology Is A Lib Second-Life And Materials Extraction Company Unlocking Rare-Earth And Transition Metal Resources To Build Second-Life Energy Storage Applications And Provide Essential Raw Materials For The Battery Industry. Our Unique Reclamation Process Minimizes The Environmental Impact Of Conventional Materials Extraction While Supporting The Needs Of Clean Energy Economy.
    Conovate Was Founded On December 15, 2016 By Drs. Carol Hirschmugl And Marija Gajdardziska-Josifovska. As A University-Incubated Startup, With Co-Founders Who Are Also Co-Inventors Of The Foundational Patent Us Patent 9,236,633 “Synthesis And Applications Of Graphene-Based Nanomaterials”, Conovate Has Secured An Exclusive Royalty-Bearing, Worldwide License To Develop And Commercialize Product(S) Covered By The Licensed Patent In All Fields Of Use, With Initial Focus On Lithium Ion Batteries. T...
    SambaNova Systems
    We’Re Sambanova Systems. Our Mission Is To Enable The Future Of Ai Today By Providing Purpose-Built Deep Learning Solutions, Delivered As A Service And Deployable In Weeks Rather Than Years To Accelerate Ai Adoption And Value Creation. Dataflow-As-A-Service, Our Flagship Offering, Is A Complete Solution That Overcomes The Limitations Of Legacy Technology To Power Large And Complex Ai Models Enabling Customers To Discover New Opportunities, Unlock New Revenue And Boost Operational Efficiency. We...
    Securethings Provides A Real-Time Cyber Security Solution For The Connected Vehicles. Secure External Interfaces & Communication Secure In-Vehicle Network Secure Ecus Threat Intelligence Cloud Analytics Cloud-Based Ids & Trusted Mobility Secure Ota
    Sepion Is An Advanced Materials Company Enabling Safe, Energy-Dense, Lithium-Metal Batteries For Long-Range And Low-Cost Electric Transportation. We Strive To Deliver Science-Based Solutions That Create Massive Economic Value While Enabling Measurable Climate Change Mitigation. We Are Always Interested In Connecting With Talented And Mission-Aligned Individuals Excited To Join Our Team. Please Share Your Resume And Information Here To Enter Into Our Talent Pool: Https://Sepiontechnologies.Pinpoi...
    Seres (SF Motors)
    Headquartered In Silicon Valley With Facilities Across The World, Seres Is Uniquely Poised To Deliver Intelligent Evs To A Broader Market. We Are The Only Pure Ev Provider To Wholly Control And Operate Production Facilities In Both The U.S. And China. Our R&D Centers In The U.S., Germany, China, And Japan Are Focused On Creating The Next Generation Of Ev Technology. We Plan To Share These Capabilities To Help The Entire Industry Thrive. More Information About Seres Is Available At Www.Driveseres...
    Mission Sheeva.Ai Solves The Challenge Of Bringing Real Time, Sub-2 Meter Vehicle Location (Up To The Gas Pump & Parking Space Accuracy) And Secure Identity To The Cloud To Create The First Cross-Platform Vehicle Location-Based Services Solution. Our Solution Enables Application Developers To Bring Ubiquitous Real Time Services To Customers In Connected Vehicles To Automate Payments And Streamline Everyday Tasks Such As Fueling, Parking, Tolling, Curbside Pick-Up, And More. Vision Like Smartphon...
    Sigmasense®, The Global Leader In Touch Sensing Performance, Is Ushering In The Next Generation Of User Experiences To A Wide Range Of Products. Sigmadrive® A Unique Current Mode Sigma-Delta Technology Is Providing From 100 To 1000 Times Superior Signal-To-Noise (Snr) Capability Compared To The Industry Today. Each Touch Sensor Channel Has A Dedicated Sigma-Delta Modulator That Is Concurrently Driven And Sensed Using A Digital Narrow Band Filter. An Extremely High Snr Is Achieved At Higher Spe...
    We'Re A New York Based Startup That Aims To Incorporate Artificial Intelligence Into The Algorithms That Govern Transportation Networks. Signali’S Bolt-On System Converts Existing Traffic Signals Into “Smart” Intersections That Adapt Their Behavior Based On Actual Traffic Patterns And Promises A Significant Reduction In Arterial Congestion In Major Metropolitan Areas.
    Sima.Ai™ Is A Machine Learning Company Delivering The Industry’S First Software-Centric Purpose-Built Mlsoc™ Platform. With Push-Button Performance, We Enable Effortless Ml Deployment And Scaling At The Embedded Edge By Allowing Customers To Address Any Computer Vision Problem While Achieving 10X Better Performance At The Lowest Power. Initially Focused On Computer Vision Applications, Sima.Ai Is Led By Technologists And Business Veterans Backed By A Set Of Top Investors Committed To Helping ...
    Singularity’S Platform Provides High-Quality, Time And Location-Based Grid Emissions Data, And A Suite Of Innovative Products Such As Developer Apis, And Intelligent Tools For Grid Operators, Utilities, Companies, And Service Providers To Build Data-Driven Decarbonization Solutions.
    Founded In 2018 In Greensboro, Nc, Soelect Is A Developer Of Advanced Solid-State Battery Components Designed To Power The Next Generation Of Electric Vehicles, Power Tools And Mobile Electronics. The Company Offers Lix™ Anode Technology And Polymer-Based Solid-State Electrolyte Platform For High Energy Density And Batteries, Enabling Portable Electronics, Drones, Aircraft, Space And Any Defense Tactical Weapons Manufacturers To Get Cheaper And Efficient Battery Product Compared To The Lithium-...
    We Are Born Problem Solvers, And Many On Our Team Have Pioneered Transformative Software-Defined Technologies With Industry-Leading Companies. This Unique Expertise And Track Record Of Breakthrough Innovation Make Sonatus An Ideal Partner For Helping Automakers Get An Early And Commanding Lead In The Digital Race.
    Sparkz Is The Energy Startup Challenging China’S Dominance Of Next Generation Energy Storage. It Is Commercializing The Only High Energy-Density Cobalt-Free, Lithium-Ion Battery Made In America. Sparkz Was Founded In Late 2019 And Has Completed The Transfer Of 6 Patents From The U.S. Department Of Energy’S Oak Ridge National Laboratory, While Continuing Its Groundbreaking Research And Development Focused On Re-Engineering The Rest Of The Battery Supply Chain.
    Spartan Radar
    A Next-Gen Automated Mobility Sensor Software Provider—With Extensive Aerospace And Defense Chops—We Understand How To Optimize Sensor Data Better Than Anyone.
    Syzygy Plasmonics
    Syzygy Plasmonics Is Creating A Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology That Produces A Cheaper Source Of Energy That Releases Fewer Carbon Emissions.
    Tenstorrent Is A Team Of Competent And Motivated People That Came Together To Build The Best Computing Platform For Ai And Software 2.0. Tenstorrent Processors Comprise A Grid Of Cores Known As Tensix Cores. Our Processors Are Capable Of Executing Small And Large Tensor Computations Efficiently. Network Communication Hardware Is Present In Each Processor, And They Talk With One Another Directly Over Networks, Instead Of Through Dram. Compared To Gpus, Our Processors Are Easier To Program, Scale ...
    Tetravue Is The Leading Innovator Of 4D Lidar Video Cameras That Digitally Capture The Richness And Depth Of Our Fast-Paced World In High Definition. Tetravue’S Groundbreaking Technology Combines The Resolution Of High Definition Video With The Range Of Lidar To Accurately Capture Motion And Depth For Large Fields-Of-View And Distances. The Company Has Offices In Vista, California (Northern San Diego County) And San Jose, California.
    Texpower Is A Fast-Growing Company Spun Out Of The University Of Texas At Austin In Early 2019, Continuing The Disruptive Innovations Led By Profs. John B. Goodenough And Arumugam Manthiram On Lithium-Ion Batteries.
    Thrugreen Makes Old Lights Smart By Connecting Them To Traffic Data, Reducing Wait Times At Red Lights And Tons Of C02 Emissions.
    Titan Advanced Energy Solutions
    At Titan, Our Mission Is To Unlock The Information Inside Batteries, Giving Our Customers The Power To Realize Better Performance, Greater Longevity And, Ultimately, Deliver More Gratifying Experiences To Their Users.
    U Power
    Upower Is A Provider Of Alternative Renewable Energy Services Intended To Maximize Performance And Returns For Clients While Remaining Environmentally Conscious In The Process.
    Utility Global
    Utility’S Hydrogen Production Systems Are Based Upon Our Proprietary High-Temperature Electrolysis Processes That Convert Water Into High-Purity Hydrogen. Our Cutting-Edge Techniques Are Centered Around High-Efficiency, Environmental-Sustainability, And Low-Cost
    Vendia Is A Real-Time Data Cloud, Offering A Fast And Scalable Way To Share Operational Data Across Data Silos, Clouds, And Partners.
    Uses A True Holographic Augmented Reality Technology To Beam The Display Across The Entire Front Window Of The Car. But This Isn'T Just A Matter Of Putting A Map In Front Of Your Face. This Information Is Blended Into The Landscape You'Re Driving Through. The Road Guide Has 3D Depth And Clearness, Showing You Exactly Where To Drive. Points Of Interest Have Ar Markers And 3D Holographic Augmented Realistic Objects And Extra Information Above Them. And There Are Virtual Road Signs, Safety Warnings...
    Voltaiq Was Founded In 2012 In New York City By Tal Sholklapper And Eli Leland, Driven By Their Mutual Desire To Tackle The Numerous Battery Development Challenges They Encountered While Leading Two Arpa-E Energy Storage And Electrification Development Projects At The Cuny Energy Institute.
    Voyant Photonics
    We Make Sensors That Fit In The Palm Of Your Hand, Can Analyze Any Environment, In Any Lighting From Bright Sunlight To Pitch Darkness With Millimeter Precision, Are Immune To Interference, That Sense Position, Motion, And Even The Materials Objects Are Made Of, And Are Affordable For Any Application.
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