Features and Technology Benchmarking

Benchmark Tomorrow's Automotive Features and Technology

Gain Forecast Insight into Automotive Technology

In today's automotive landscape, technology and features have become defining factors for global vehicle brands. As OEMs deploy more advanced technology into vehicles, understanding and navigating the complex technology selection processes is crucial.

Unlock Future Insights with Features and Technology Benchmarking

Features and Technology Benchmarking (FTB) is a powerful tool embedded in the AutoTechInsight platform by S&P Global Mobility. Designed to provide automotive stakeholders with unparalleled visibility, FTB offers a comprehensive view of current and future OEM technology and feature strategies. With granular data on over 300 technologies based on our extensive vehicle and powertrain forecasts, FTB is your gateway to staying ahead of the competition.

Who Can Benefit from FTB?

FTB is designed for anyone seeking to understand the technology and feature landscape in the automotive industry. Whether you're an industry analyst, a product manager, or an executive, FTB equips you with the insights you need to make informed decisions. Gain a deeper understanding of adoption rates, differentiation, future consumer preferences, OEM strategies, and biases.

The Pure Power of Forecast Granular Data and Intuitive Analytics

FTB goes beyond providing granular data at the model level. It offers intuitive analytics that help you benchmark individual models and brands, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and uncover gaps in OEM feature offerings. Stay ahead of the curve by uncovering future must-have technologies and aligning your strategy with evolving consumer preferences.

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Main content includes: 

  • A unique automotive forecast benchmarking tool
  • 300+ monthly updated technology forecasts
  • 20+ technologies being added each year
  • 30+ purpose-built analytics
  • 75+ global analyst team
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