Automotive Industry Reports

Automotive Industry Reports

Introducing AutoTechInsight Reports: Unparalleled Analysis for Automotive OEMs and the Automotive Supply Chain

AutoTechInsight Reports deliver premium analysis curated by our esteemed global analyst team of over 75 experts. Backed by original research and forecasting, these reports delve deep into the world of automotive technology and supply chain, providing invaluable insights to industry stakeholders.

With a user-friendly navigation system, our comprehensive reports cover a wide array of topics. From in-depth component market assessments, including market sizing, competitive landscape, and technology analysis and forecast, to exploratory assessments in emerging technology areas like 3D Printing, our reports cater to your diverse needs. Additionally, we offer strategic assessments and "Inside the OEM" report series, providing exclusive insights into OEMs' technology strategies.

Each report is meticulously tagged against a specific domain, making them accessible exclusively to subscribers of that service/domain or those who choose to purchase the individual report as a standalone. To further enrich your understanding, each report is furnished with relevant company profiles related to the topic being analyzed.

Stay ahead of the competition with AutoTechInsight Reports, your gateway to cutting-edge analysis in the automotive industry. Subscribe today and gain a competitive edge in this rapidly evolving landscape.

Main content includes:

  • 80+ technology, sectorial, regional supplier market and OEM strategy reports
  • 5 reports per domain/service per year
  • Embedded supplier profiles
  • Online navigation and “pretty print” PDF export

Latest assets for Automotive Industry Reports

2023 HMI consumer analysis - Speech or touch: how consumers prefer to interact with in-vehicle technology
The 2023 Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Consumer Survey asked nearly 8,000 participants around the world questions regarding in-vehicle HMI and overall user experience to understand feature preferences, as well as their willingness to pay. Results showed that most respondents believe that touchscreens enhance the driving experience, with 86% of global respondents expressing a preference for a combination of touchscreens with buttons or knobs. When it comes to smartphone integration, respondents p...
Vehicle lighting under the impact of electrification
Electrification has emerged as the biggest megatrend of the automotive industry. Automakers are scrambling to launch new EVs in response to tightening vehicle emission rules, which can only be met once the product lineup is substantially electrified. The impact of electrification is not limited to the electric drivetrains but also to other areas in vehicles including chassis and underbody, interior and lighting.
Inside General Motors - Sourcing and technology strategy
This all-in-one report provides in-depth analysis of GM's current and future production strategies. It also focuses on the uptake levels of key technologies and components across all AutoTechInsight vehicle domains.
Evaluation of auto companies Software-Defined Vehicles’ R&D growth plans
SDV R&D growth report offers a marketing-focused review of auto companies R&D investments plan that will help with development and readiness of SDVs. This study examines how relevant companies investments are to SDV readiness and key investment domains.
Autonomous Mobility-as-a-Service Market Outlook
Mobility services like Uber, Lyft, and Didi play an important role in personal transportation today, and the advent of autonomous driving holds the potential to revolutionize mobility-on-demand once again. As automakers, suppliers, and technology companies continue to develop, test, and deploy pilot programs, many headwinds remain for both autonomous vehicles and autonomous mobility. Technology is the core enabler, and the industry is gaining invaluable experience as the transition from ADAS to...

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