AutoTechInsight Reports provide premium analysis from our 75+ strong global analyst team combined with original research and forecasting on automotive technology and supply chain.

These comprehensive, yet easy to navigate, reports provide not only component market assessments (with market sizing, competitive landscape, and technology analysis and forecast) but also exploratory assessments in new technology areas, such as 3D Printing and strategic assessments. In addition OEMs’ technology strategies that provide “Inside the OEM” report series.

Each report is tagged against a domain and therefore is accessible only to subscribers of that service/domain or those who purchase the individual report as a standalone. Reports are also furnished with company profiles that are relevant to the topic being analysed.

Main content includes:

  • 80+ technology, sectorial, regional supplier market and OEM strategy reports
  • 5 reports per domain/service per year
  • Embedded supplier profiles
  • Online navigation and “pretty print” PDF export

Latest assets for Reports

Chip shortage – February 2023 update
S&P Global Mobility updated its analysis on the chip shortage with the latest actuals on chip production for the full year 2022 and with the latest data on wafer capacity and CAPEX. The semiconductor supply is more predictable than in 2021, but supply has still not normalized. Automotive is currently benefiting from slowdowns in other markets due to global economic concerns. However lead times continue to be higher than normal for various components. Upward pressure on semiconductor ASPs d...
Charging requirement for upcoming xEVs
The developments and scope of newer battery technologies often grab the headlines when the future of transportation electrification is discussed. A longer driving range is seen as one of the most important attributes that will significantly increase the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs). However, what is becoming equally important is how capable a vehicle is in terms of charging. A vehicle’s charging speed and ability to reach a higher power rate are already becoming important factors buyer...
ADAS, automation, and autonomy: OEM strategies
OEMs adopt various strategies around product development, technology selection, and collaboration with other OEMs, tier-1 suppliers, and technology players. To gain a competitive advantage in the market, OEMs also offer branding and package options and standard features that improve the attractiveness of their vehicle and technology product offerings. This report examines the automotive ecosystem, detailing such strategies of major OEMs and the key partnerships within them. Its scope extends ...
EV-specific connected services
As connectivity continues to redefine mobility, it is also unmistakably driving electric vehicle (EV) adoption and proliferation. In fact, vehicle connectivity and electrification are inextricably linked and complement each other. While the two overlap and reinforce each other, they are also inherently discrete. While connectivity is indispensable to any vehicle today, it would not be wrong to say that EVs cannot survive without it thanks to their higher software content and electronic-orient...
Lighting sources: From conventional bulbs to LEDs and beyond
This report analyzes how various light sources such as halogen lamps, xenon lamps, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are changing and how these changes are helping vehicle manufacturers to offer more advanced lighting systems in their vehicles. The report also explores the next-generation light sources that the automotive industry is considering, which will not only help make new vehicles safer but also look stylish and stand out from competition. Automotive lighting has undergone massive changes ov...

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