HMI Consumer Dashboard

HMI Consumer Dashboard

Introducing the HMI Consumer Dashboard: Unleashing Insights into Automotive HMI Systems

We are thrilled to present our latest addition to AutoTechInsight - the HMI Consumer Dashboard! Drawing from over a decade of consumer research in automotive technology, S&P Global Mobility offers unparalleled insights into consumer sentiment and willingness to invest, complemented by our comprehensive forecasting products.

The HMI Consumer Dashboard brings you captivating analytics and data derived from our expansive consumer survey, focusing on automotive HMI systems. This dynamic dashboard delves into the technologies that drive consumer spending, leveraging responses from eight thousand global respondents annually.

Spanning across eight key markets, S&P Global Mobility surveys over 30,000 participants each year, exploring a wide spectrum of topics. From EV ownership and intentions, ADAS feature desirability, and trust in autonomous vehicles to connected service adoption and HMI preferences, our comprehensive surveys deliver invaluable data.

With access to this wealth of information, users gain an unparalleled understanding of how consumer sentiment shapes the adoption of cutting-edge automotive technologies. Dive into specialized analytics and raw data presented in each survey dashboard, and gain the foresight to navigate the fast-paced world of automotive innovation.

Unlock the Power of Consumer Sentiment: Embrace the HMI Consumer Dashboard on AutoTechInsight and gain a strategic advantage in the ever-evolving automotive landscape!

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