Component Forecast Analytics

The automotive supply chain is a complex network of relationships between OEM, tier-1 and tier-n suppliers whose sprawling global network poses a challenge to anyone wanting to gain more visibility into its intricate and broad value chain.

Component Forecast Analytics (CFA) is a unique and advanced tool embedded in AutoTechInsight developed to address this specific need. It provides current and prospective granular data on 150+ monthly updated components and subsystems as well as 75+ analytics to address specific workflows and questions that are common to those wanting to understand more about the auto supplier sector.

Any stakeholder to the automotive supplier sector wanting to gain unique visibility into the suppliers’ book of business, their footprint, strength, and weaknesses, OEMs sourcing and technology strategies for specific components and systems will find Component Forecast Analytics a fundamental companion for critical decision making.

The datasets driving the platform are based on IHS Markit’s established Light Vehicle forecasts and are updated accordingly so as to ensure clients can rely on a unique, timely, reliable and comprehensive resource.

Access to CFA also opens the opportunity to interact with our 75+ global analyst team to discuss market trends, supplier analysis and technology analysis, further bridging the gap between your questions and the answers you seek to address.


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