Component Forecast Analytics

Visualizing the Automotive Supply Chain

The automotive supply chain is a complex web of relationships between OEMs, tier-1 suppliers, and tier-n suppliers, spanning the globe and presenting challenges in gaining visibility into this intricate value chain. Component Forecast Analytics (CFA), an embedded tool within AutoTechInsight, is here to address this challenge. With monthly updates, CFA provides granular current and forecast data on over 150 components and subsystems, coupled with more than 75 analytics tailored to meet the needs of industry analysts, managers, and executives seeking deeper insights into the automotive supplier sector.

Unparalleled Visibility and Insights

Component Forecast Analytics (CFA) offers all stakeholders in the automotive supplier sector a unique opportunity to gain unparalleled visibility into the suppliers' book of business, their footprint, strengths, weaknesses, OEM sourcing strategies, and technology approaches for specific components and systems. By harnessing the power of CFA, you can make critical decisions with confidence, backed by comprehensive data and insights.

Granular Data and Comprehensive Resources

Our datasets, derived from our established Light Vehicle forecast, form the foundation of the Component Forecast Analytics platform. This ensures that you can rely on a unique and comprehensive resource for accessing granular and accurate data on the automotive supply chain. From understanding market trends to assessing supplier capabilities, CFA provides the necessary tools for effective decision-making.

Access to Expert Analysis

Accessing CFA also opens the doors to our global analyst team comprising over 75 industry experts. Engage with our analysts to discuss market trends, supplier analysis, and technology insights, bridging the gap between your questions and the answers you seek. Our analyst team is here to support you in making informed decisions and gaining a deeper understanding of the automotive industry landscape.

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Main content includes 

  • Updated monthly
  • 150+ component forecasts
  • 75+ specific analytics
  • 2,000+ suppliers covered 
  • 75+ global analyst team
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