Supporting the automotive supply chain
AutoTechInsight offers unparalleled insight into the intricacies of the automotive supply chain, providing you with access to an extensive repository of S&P Global's original thought leadership, data, and in-depth analysis spanning a diverse array of industry sectors and topics.

The Automotive Supply Chain

In today's automotive landscape, the industry grapples with a formidable supply crisis, marked by a shortage of semiconductors and disruptions in component shipments attributed to the Ukraine conflict. These challenges underscore the vulnerability of the automotive supply chain. But what precisely comprises this intricate supply chain, and why does a disturbance in one area reverberate across the entire sector?

AutoTechInsight serves as your gateway to unraveling the nuances of the automotive supply chain. Extensive research, thought leadership, and analysis on automotive components and technologies empower you to effortlessly explore our suite of services designed to explain and forecast the automotive supply chain of today and tomorrow. Explore featured stories, peruse our most recently published assets, and access resources categorized by topic.

AutoTechInsight provides you with unparalleled access to comprehensive intelligence on vehicle components and systems. Our service offerings include:

  • News and Insights: Stay abreast of critical daily coverage on automotive industry trends, investments, and developments encompassing suppliers, technologies, and OEMs.
  • Reports: Dive deep into thought-provoking reports crafted by our global experts. These reports seamlessly blend in-depth analysis of specific technologies with insights into OEM purchasing strategies, supported by data derived from our component forecasts.
  • Profiles: Gain immediate access to an expansive database of global automotive suppliers, right at your fingertips.
  • Vehicle Domains: Each domain offers valuable insights to help you foresee future demand, access competitive intelligence, and remain informed about evolving dynamics within the automotive industry.
  • Podcasts: Tune in to our weekly podcast, where we dissect the latest news and megatrends shaping the automotive technology landscape.
  • Events: Gain access to comprehensive global event details pertinent to the automotive supplier and technology industry.

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Model-level component forecasts
  • Technology fitment data
  • Supplier relationship insights

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