This AutoTechInsight Vehicle Domain offers analysis into developments in automotive software, ranging from operating systems to cybersecurity as well as the impact of software megatrends.

Topics covered include:

  • Relationships between software providers and automotive manufacturers
  • Analysis of spending & revenue growth on automotive software
  • Analysis of software complexities and architectural evolution
  • Growth analysis of automotive middleware software
  • Analysis of application and OS development in software-defined functions

Key benefits:

Planners and strategists can use the Software Vehicle Domain to:

  • Understand the market: Know what "the software-defined vehicle" means for your business
  • Derive strategies: Analyze OEM software purchase strategies to develop potential revenue opportunities
  • Generate relevant analysis: Use software development insight for target cost setting
  • Strategy planning: Create context for events and software trends with key software insights


Tawhid  Khan
Tawhid Khan

Dr. Khan is the software research director in Supply Chain & Technology and leading the global automotive software practice at S&P Mobility.

His primary responsibility includes looking after research related to automotive software development complexities, software development growth forecast, and revenue impact.


The AutoSoftwareWALL dashboard provides analysis into software-defined vehicle feature content development. Users can build their own software development scenarios using key filters such as vehicle production region, vehicle propulsion type and vehicle technology domain. 

This dashboard allows users to create context for both software development spending and revenue, gain an in-depth understanding of software development, and take a deeper dive into the visual context of the forecast data.

The ability to download scenario data allows offline usage for team discussions and deep dives into data and growth forecast expansion.

Scenarios for software development spending and revenue can be built around attributes including:

  • Vehicle propulsion type (electric, hybrid, internal combustion engine).
  • Production region.
  • Vehicle technology domain (Connected Car, Chassis, Powertrain, Comfort & Convenience, Autonomy).
  • Vehicle start of production year.

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