Software Service

This AutoTechInsight Service offers analysis into developments in automotive software, ranging from operating systems, middleware, to cybersecurity as well as the impact of software megatrends.

Topics covered:

  • The relationships between software providers and automotive companies
  • The growth of spending on software development for automakers and suppliers
  • The evolution of service-oriented architecture
  • The influence of artificial intelligence in software development
  • Spending for autonomy and connectivity features
  • Growth analysis of middleware software
  • Application and operating system software development for cockpit electronics including autonomy, vehicle control, and vehicle embedded systems

Key benefits

Planners and strategists can use the Software Service to:

  • Gain market understanding: Assess and plan future software development complexity whilst evaluating technology development cost growth paths. Learn what "the software-defined vehicle" truly means for your business.
  • Derive strategies: Communicate potential revenue opportunities to internal decision-makers and analyze automakers' software purchasing strategies.
  • Generate relevant analysis: Gain insight into target cost settings, competitors, and collaborative partnerships in software application development.
  • Plan your strategy: Key software insights from market developments, put context around events and software trends.
Tawhid  Khan
Tawhid Khan

Tawhid is a research director, Supply Chain and Technology, leading the global automotive software research practice at IHS Markit. His primary responsibility includes looking after research related to automotive software development complexities, software development growth forecast, and revenue impact.

Tawhid began his automotive career as an electronics system design specialist at Jaguar and Land Rover cars on their Infotainment system. Prior to joining JLR, he served as a software development engineer in Marconi communications that became part of Ericson. He also served as a group leader in DYSON EV for their Human Machine Interface function and connectivity group lead in Tata Motor European Technical Centre Plc.

He has an Engineering Doctorate degree from the University of Warwick UK along with an MBA in Engineering Business Management from Coventry University UK. He received his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from the University of South Wales, UK.

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