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This Vehicle Domain enables clients to make informed business decisions by providing in-depth analysis of battery technology developments and the evolving supply chain landscape. The Battery Vehicle Domain delivers comprehensive critical insight helping to answer critical questions related to the automotive battery market.

 Planners and strategists use the Vehicle Domain to:

  • Analyze the competitive landscape of the battery and auto industry
  • Assess battery technology adoption rates
  • Plan for the next-generation battery system
  • Understand battery strategy and demand by car makers and cell suppliers
  • Build a sustainable battery supply chain from raw material to battery pack

 The Vehicle Domain consists of four sub-domains:

 High Voltage Battery

  • Technology attributes provide technological innovation in battery cell and pack as well as battery management systems
  • Who Supplies Whom information enables us to understand car makers’ battery pack, module, cell and battery management system sourcing strategies by region and by propulsion system

 Low Voltage Battery      

  • A combination of SLI and auxiliary battery forecasts helps understand which car brands and segments can fit with +2 12V batteries
  • 12V battery supplier information including both lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries addresses who obtains how much of market share in the future by car maker

 Battery Raw Materials Forecast

  • Battery raw material suppliers will be able to understand which car makers and cell makers require what types of materials in which region
  • The full picture of the supply chain from mining to battery cell manufacturing enables clients to monitor who is at risk when geopolitical issues arise, or natural disaster occurs

 Battery Cell Carbon Footprint Forecast (Coming Soon)

  • Well-structured CO2 calculation data will enable clients to identify which supply chain path could minimize the CO2 footprint of each material and battery cell in the end
  • Clients will be able to identify which cell makers can achieve their carbon neutrality target and when


Richard Kim
Richard Kim

Richard Seiho Kim, an associate director leading automotive battery research group in the Supply Chain and Technology team at S&P Global Mobility.

His responsibilities include both of high voltage and low voltage automotive battery industry research and technology forecasting. He is also partly involved in other e-mobility research associated with policies, regulations and incentives, car makers' strategies, etc.

He has a doctorate degree of Technology Management from the Korea University along with a bachelor's degree of Mechanical Engineering. His academic interests lie in technology forecasting and technology innovation in automotive industry.

Prior to joining S&P Global Mobility, he served as competitive intelligence researcher in General Motors and Renault, and a strategic sales account manager in Bosch. His extensive automotive industry experience allows him to interpret and articulate the context behind his research with anecdotal evidence, as well as leverage a good number of excellent industry contacts for further insight.

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