Automotive OEM Solutions

Automotive OEM Solutions

Staying ahead in the dynamic automotive industry requires validated market data, trend analysis, and outperforming competitors. At S&P Global Mobility, we offer AutoTechInsight – an unrivaled solution delivering comprehensive sales and production forecasts, empowering you to navigate market complexities with confidence.

Unparalleled Insights for Automotive OEMs

As an automotive OEM, staying informed about component and technology developments, market trends, and competitive activity is crucial. AutoTechInsight provides validated insights across over a dozen domains, 150+ components, and three hundred technologies, including cutting-edge trends like data monetization and autonomous driving.

Understanding Market Dynamics in Real Time

The automotive market is constantly evolving, influenced by global macroeconomics, changing consumer preferences, and the megatrends of autonomy and electrification. With AutoTechInsight, you can monitor and gain unique insights into underlying trends, ensuring you adapt in real-time to market conditions and make informed strategic decisions.

Empowering Automotive OEMs for Success

AutoTechInsight covers light vehicles, offering comprehensive component and technology sales and production forecasts. Gain clarity on competitive products, segment trends, and anticipate future demand. Stay ahead of mobility trends, from subscription models to car-sharing, and develop winning strategies to increase your market share.

Analyzing Segment Dynamics with Precision

With AutoTechInsight, you can analyze segment dynamics at the model or OEM level. Our carefully curated analytics provide deep insights into current and future trends across significant automotive systems such as lighting, chassis, autonomous driving, and connectivity. Make data-driven decisions and outpace your competitors.

Unleash the Power of AutoTechInsight

AutoTechInsight is a dedicated portal offering OEMs prompt, reliable, and comprehensive component and technology market data and forecasts. With optional customized analysis, you can:

  • Understand the impact of megatrends like electrification and autonomy
  • Gain transparency into competitor development
  • Assess supply chain capacities
  • Identify opportunities in the coming 6 to 12 years
  • Understand competitor sourcing strategies
  • Measure supplier market power

Navigate the Road to True Autonomy

Our model-level Autonomy Forecasts provide detailed technology specifications, clarifying how different autonomy levels are delivered from a hardware perspective, including sensors. Stay updated on automated and autonomous technology, OEM sourcing structures, and emerging suppliers. Gain a comprehensive outlook for the automotive industry.

Benchmark for Success in Specific Markets

AutoTechInsight goes beyond market insights; it enables you to benchmark future competitor vehicles accurately. With over 1,000 technology types across 15 domains, including autonomy, battery, charging, chassis, and more, you can stay ahead of the competition and ensure your vehicles excel in specific markets.

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