The Autonomy Vehicle Domain analyzes the shift towards increasing driver automation, its impact on mobility as well as the value chain mapping of autonomous driving.

Automated driving and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are making vehicles safer and more convenient to drive. They continue to are usher in a disruptive era in mobility where cars are actively aware of the world around them, are able to drive themselves, and can even replace the need for a driver and vehicle ownership.

This Vehicle Domain delivers insight, context, data and analytics for the ADAS market right through to the cutting edge of autonomous driving. Users can quickly access key insights from market developments, put context around events and technology trends, dive into deep data and forecasts, and seamlessly drive analytics to support their most challenging decisions.

Topics covered:

  • Sensors: Radar | Camera | Lidar
  • Applications: Automatic Emergency Braking | Lane Keep Assist | Automated Driving by Level
  • Topics: ADAS | Automation | Autonomous Driving

Planners and strategists use the Vehicle Domain to:

  • Assess and forecast new technology growth
  • Analyze the competition
  • Understand customers' purchasing strategies
  • Evaluate customers' technology adoption paths

The Autonomy Vehicle Domain is part of a suite of vehicle content solutions accessed through AutoTechInsight, an S&P Global Mobility automotive strategy and planning solution delivering:

  • Sector News & Insights (covering all Vehicle Domains)
  • Reports (Vehicle Domain specific)
  • Supplier Profiles (Vehicle Domain specific)
  • CFA Relations
    • OEM-Supplier relationships
    • Analyst and survey-based researched databases
    • Delivered via Query Tool and five analytics via Analytics Tool (Vehicle Domain specific)
  • Access to analysts, a listing of autonomy-related events and monthly webinars
  • OEM-level and Model-level forecasts, technology fitment, and supplier relationships (optional add-ons)


Jeremy Carlson
Jeremy Carlson

Jeremy Carlson is Associate director for the Autonomy practice with S&P Global Mobility.

Mr. Carlson specializes in the areas of automated and autonomous driving, mobility, and automotive technology. He has worked as an analyst covering automotive electronics with a focus on research, development, and deployment of driver assistance technologies, sensors, automated driving, autonomous mobility, and related industry trends since 2008. Complementary research includes technical topics from standards to regulation, cost and pricing, consumer adoption, and the democratization of new technologies within and across industries and markets.

Mr. Carlson has worked with many OEM, supplier, mobility, and technology companies in both syndicated and custom research and analysis to support critical decisions that shape the automotive and transportation business landscape. He has extensive experience presenting and facilitating dialogue with myriad personas at clients and media worldwide.

Mr. Carlson earned his Bachelor of Arts in Italian Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, US, including a period of study at the Università di Bologna, Italy

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