Lighting Service

Provide exterior and interior lighting trends, as well as detailed assessments of light source components and control electronics

The design of a vehicle’s interior and exterior lighting is a growing battleground for style and brand recognition.  The “classic” automotive lamp is being replaced  with increasingly innovative technology and radical  styling that improve part life, vehicle efficiency,  and vehicle desirability.

The IHS Markit Lighting Service provides insight, context, data, and analytics for the key technologies that are core to the developments in the lighting sector.

Users can quickly access key insights from market developments, put context around events and technology trends, dive into deep data and forecasts, and seamlessly drive analytics to support their most challenging decisions.

Topics covered:

  • Front lights, DRL, fog, front light control module (ECU), tail lamps
  • Low beam and high beam type, ADB, ADB actuation type, AFS, AHB, bent lighting, camera fitment, ECU fitment and type
  • Ambient lighting, position, light source, optical principle, optical technology, dynamic functions, suppliers

Planners and strategists use the service to:

  • Assess and forecast new developments in lighting technology
  • Analyze and benchmark competitors’ offerings
  • Understand OEMs’ purchasing strategies
  • Evaluate customers’ lighting technology adoption paths

The Lighting Service is part of a suite of vehicle contenting services. Delivered through AutoTechInsight, an IHS Markit automotive strategy and planning solution, the service provides a view into current automotive trends and future demand through:

  • Sector News & Insights (covering all service domains)
  • Reports (Lighting service domain-specific)
  • Supplier Profiles (Lighting service domain-specific)
  • CFA Relations (OEM-Supplier relationships, both analyst and survey-based researched databases, delivered via Query Tool & 5 Analytics via Analytics Tool (Lighting service domain-specific)
  • Access to analysts, a listing of lighting-related events and monthly webinars
  • OEM-level and Model-level forecasts, technology fitment, and supplier relationships (optional add-ons) 
Sascha Klapper
Sascha Klapper

Sascha Klapper is Senior Lead Analyst for the Interior/Lighting domain. He has worked as a subject matter expert researching, analyzing and forecasting the vehicle lighting and interior market with focus on headlamp technologies, ambient lighting applications, electronic architecture and cabin comfort technologies since 2016. His responsibility includes managing the in depth market research, analysis, forecasting efforts and global project management of forecast updates. As keynote speaker he has extensive experience in making presentations to clients and conference audience worldwide. He has worked along with a broad customer-base including OEM, supplier, consultancies and institutional investors to support the business acumen. He oversaw client relationship management; building strong rapport with clients by understanding individual needs leading to maximum product value. Mr. Klapper holds a Bachelor of Science from the Technical University Dortmund, Germany, and a Master of Science in Economics from the Università di Bologna, Italy.

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