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    2021.AI helps clients across the globe to bolster AI adoption with a promise to deliver on the top three major needs to implement and operate AI effectively-this includes models, platforms, and government. The company’s GRACE AI platform offers the potential to realize the AI ambitions of companies in diverse industries including Finance & Banking, Software & Tech Manufacturing, Transportation Public Sector, Life Science, etc.
    2Hire develops software that provides mobility solutions by turning all kinds of vehicles into connected cars. It offers 2hire board and a dongle which helps in interaction with the vehicle by application. It equips vehicles with plug-and-play devices, smartphones, real-time data analysis, and fleet management. The company also provides car and scooter rental and car-sharing solutions. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Rome, Italy.
    4.screen GmbH develops digital platform that connects business with drivers. It offers local stores and brands to be found in car screens. The company was founded in 2020 and is based in Munich, Germany.
    ABT E-Line
    The company designs and manufactures EV charging stations. E-Line also operates E-Line EV charging Network.
    Aceleron Energy
    Aceleron is an innovative UK-based advanced lithium battery developer aiming to accelerate the global shift to cleaner, more renewable energy and to empower people to benefit from sustainable battery technology. With a presence in the UK, Caribbean and East Africa, the startup builds innovative storage technology that makes it possible to easily service lithium battery packs, to upgrade features and capabilities at will, and to avoid expensive take back and disposal costs by continuously refilli...
    Actronika designs and develops hardware and software solutions providing high definition tactile experiences. The company offers vibrotactile actuators and human perception based robotics solutions for signal processing.
    ADAS iiT
    ADAS iiT group offers cost-effective ADAS testing solution for virtual test drives. Its pioneering approach integrates Sensor Fusion, Hardware in the Loop (HiL), V2X Communication, GNSS Simulation, and Comprehensive Data Management Systems. Built on the robust NI platform, its innovative concept is geared to expedite and enhance the safety of autonomous vehicle deployment in the market.
    Addionics is focused on redesigning battery architecture, replacing the electrode's traditional 2d layered structure with an integrated 3d structure. This revolutionary approach results in batteries with increased energy density and power, enhanced safety, and longer lifetime, without increasing battery cost.
    Advanced Electric Machines
    Advanced Electric Machines is a global designer and manufacturer of electric motors and powertrain systems.
    Aehra is an Italian electric-vehicle startup.AEHRA has been created to deliver a step-change in the design, customer, and ownership experience of ultra-premium electric vehicles (EVs). It is a privately funded global company that disrupts the existing automotive ecosystem by distilling the values of Italian design, world-class engineering and American customer service to leverage the advantages of next-generation EV powertrain packaging and technology.
    AgeVolt manufactures and supplies AC and DC charging stations, along with a smart system of hardware and software which serves as a unique mechanism for charging management.
    Aimotive offers software, simulation tools and neural acceleration hardware IP to help companies accelerate the development of autonomous vehicles. The company has expertise in sensor fusion, 3d graphics and real-world automated driving workloads, developed utilizing a global test fleet. Aimotive’s main development work is done at its headquarters in Budapest (Hungary). The company also has offices in Mountain View, California (United States) and in Yokohama (Japan).
    Airnity is a telecommunications company that provides a cellular connectivity platform for the automotive industry.
    Alkalee offers solutions that allow users to craft their unique hardware and software platforms. With their operating systems and the embedded software "Receef", they simplify the process for developers. Additionally, they equip integrators with tools to seamlessly merge various software features on communal vehicle computers.
    Allotrope Energy
    Allotrope is a leading ultracapacitor and lithium-ion hybrid battery specialist. The company claims key breakthrough in nano porous carbon, accelerating the development of ultracapacitor technology and allowing the demonstration of the lithium-ion hybrid batteries.
    Altilium Magna
    Altilium Magna develops highly accurate battery management analytics that can accurately estimate the state of charge of lithium-ion batteries and the state of health degradation.
    Altris AB engages in the production of cathode materials designed to produce sustainable batteries for generating affordable electricity. The company's products include highly sustainable, high energy density cathode materials and iron and sodium-based electrodes free from nickel, cobalt, and lithium and are used in rechargeable sodium batteries applied for stationary energy storage.
    Amber is an on-demand car-sharing platform which enables the sharin of electric vehicles
    Ampere Energy
    Ampere Energy develops and produces all-in-one smart energy management systems. These systems include lithium-ion batteries, bidirectional inverter and an energy management system (EMS), which allows an easy installation. The solution also comes with a back-up system, which helps in case of power failure. During the day, the Ampere system stores energy generated by the solar panels and supplies power 24X7.
    AMTE Power
    AMTE Power plc develops and manufactures lithium-ion battery cells for specialist markets primarily in the United Kingdom. The company’s products include Ultra High Power, a battery cell to automotive sectors of high-performance electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and fuel cell electric vehicles.
    Anaphite Limited develops graphene-based nanomaterials, aimed at developing next generation low-cost batteries.
    Andersen is a British manufacturer and installer of high-end electric vehicle (EV) charge points, focused on creating a range of home wall box chargers for the luxury market.
    Arctictern Solutions GmbH develops and offers automotive industry software. The company was founded in 2020 and is based in Karlsruhe, Germany.
    Arrival develops purpose-built electric vehicles using in-house software, components, sustainable materials and modular skateboard platforms. Purpose-built vehicles of any weight, type, size and shape are produced from Arrival’s platforms and assembled by microfactories. Arrival has offices in Germany, Netherlands, Israel, Russia and the US.
    Auve Tech
    Auve Tech is a self-driving vehicles and autonomous transportation systems startup. The cooperation project with the Tallinn University of Technology started in 2018, where the project was carried out to celebrate the 100th birthday of the university by producing the first prototype of a self-driving vehicle. After that, Auve Tech was founded to continue as a start-up, offering a full-scope service that enables the autonomous vehicles, and their integration into various environments and fleet ma...
    AVILOO GmbH develops battery diagnostics for electric and plug-in hybrid cars. Over the last four – five years, the startup has been able to celebrate many successes with the development of battery tests and conclude strategically important partnerships.
    Bareways develops AI-driven software solutions for driving assistance functionalities in rural areas. The company combines pace technology, remote sensing, geospatial data analytics, smart sensors, and artificial intelligence to measure road conditions, predict risks, and derive routing strategies to avoid critical situations.
    Basemark specialises in benchmarking, graphics and compute to offer a holistic solution for all level of autonomous drive ecosystem software and hardware development. The company’s offerings include rocksolid graphic and compute engine, bats automotive testing suite and professional services. Basemark partners with automakers and tier 1 suppliers developing level 4/5 autonomous driving, in-cockpit augmented reality (AR) applications, instrument clusters and in-vehicle infotainments (IVIS).
    Basquevolt SA develops and manufactures of solid-state batteries. It develops battery cells to enable the mass deployment of electric transport and stationary energy storage, including hybridization with hydrogen-gas systems and advanced portable devices.
    Batron Enerji
    Batron Arge provides battery design and production services.
    Battmobiel is a Brussels-based carsharing service delivered using a 100% pure EV fleet and charging stations.
    Battrion is an ETH Zurich spin-off founded in 2015. The startup operates a research lab and production facility in Dübendorf, Switzerland, where it develops what it calls ‘Aligned Graphite’ technology, which is a fabrication technology for lithium-ion batteries that improve the microstructure of negative electrodes. The technology significantly increases the charge- and discharge performance of Li-ion batteries and is particularly suited for EV and high-power applications. The startup claim...
    Bcomp manufactures natural fiber composites. The company's products include, ampliTex, a natural flax fiber in non crimp, low twist, and ampliTex braids technologies; bCores, a lightweight wood core; and powerRibs, a natural fibre composite reinforcement material. It serves automotive and interior panels.
    Be Charge is an Italy-based public EV fast charging network company. It has developed a turnkey business model that owns and operates a nationwide public EV charging infrastructure in order to support the growth of electric vehicles in Italy.
    BeePlanet Factory
    BeePlanet Factory manufactures energy storage systems reusing lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles. The company is a pioneer in the use of second-life batteries for photovoltaic, wind and off-grid installations.
    BeNomad conceives, develops, and markets software development kits to manage map-based information. The products include GPS Navigation, electromobility, route management, and mapping services The company serves software editors, integrators, telematic services operators, and fleet management online service providers.
    Betteries is involved in deploying second life electric vehicle (EV) batteries to accelerate the transition to renewables. The company’s business model is based on circular economy principles by ensuring recycling batteries at the end of their second life, significantly lowering the costs for customers through its battery-as-a-service offerings.
    Beyonder develops and produces the next step cells needed in battery technology with high power, fast charging and long lifetime for industry and commercial infrastructure. Utilising super activated carbon made from residue sawdust from the Norwegian forestry industry, Beyonder is producing battery cells for tomorrow´s green infrastructure.
    Big Atom
    Big Atom intends on developing a circular economy by breaking down waste tyres and plastics into raw materials for reuse. It has established a tyre recycling business in the North West of England specializes in computer vision and geospatial technology for applications such as autonomous vehicles and drone navigation. They focus on creating AI-powered solutions for visual perception and understanding of the environment.
    Blickfeld develops 3D solid-state lidar sensor and detection software for environment perception. The company’s lidar sensors, based on micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) mirror technology, offers a wide field of view (FOV) and a long detection range. blickfeld's lidar sensors are used in autonomous driving, mapping, robotics and smart cities.
    Braincities's AI solutions assists in identifying dangerous driving behaviors, monitoring driver's condition, optimization of traffic jam by car to car to cloud AI communication; Car to infrastructure communication, car to smart-environment communication. The company aims to use AI, robotic, and trustful data to build a sustainable society.
    Bramble Energy
    Bramble Energy has developed a unique printed circuit board (PCB) fuel cell called the PCBFC. It is a patent protected fuel cell that can be manufactured in almost all printed circuit board (PCB) factories.
    Brighter AI
    Brighter AI Technologies GmbH designs and develops artificial intelligence enabled software solutions to recreate daylight images from night images taken by infrared cameras to correct limited and blurred vision. The solutions offer services such as frontal face reconstruction which supports security professionals to identify suspects. It also protects privacy GDPR which further assists to anonymize visual data.
    Brill Power
    Brill Power has developed an intelligent battery management systems and technology, which aims to increase the life, performance and safety of lithium-ion battery packs for energy storage and EV applications. Established in 2016, Brill Power continues to be a founder-run start-up with roots in the Engineering Department at the University of Oxford. Its first product for the stationary storage market was launched in 2021 and the startup is working to expand its presence in emerging markets such a...
    British Lithium
    British Lithium is a UK-based startup that discovers, builds, and operates mines to exploit rare concentrations of minerals. Its focus is now on delivering a sustainable, ethical integrated lithium project in the UK, which will be the first producer of battery-grade lithium in the EU.
    Britishvolt is a UK-based company that focuses on the development and manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries. The company is involved in the production of batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) and aims to contribute to the growing demand for sustainable and electric transportation.
    BroadBit Batteries
    BroadBit is a technology startup developing new batteries using novel sodium-based chemistries to power the future green economy. The company has already made high performance lab samples and is now working to commercialize the technology for next generation grid energy storage. The batteries are based on metallic sodium and other widely available and plentiful compounds. BroadBit’s main active material is a sodium salt. The startup is also developing a Li-ion battery electrolyte that extends ...
    Cambridge Touch Technologies
    Cambridge Touch Technologies develops and commercializes its patented technology for next-generation smart devices and surfaces. With a strong international team in Asia, Europe, and the US, the company sells and licenses its solutions to OEM and Tier 1 customers in the consumer electronics, automotive, industrial, and medical markets.
    Canatu develops transparent conductive films, touch sensors and heating elements that are based on a carbon-based material called carbon nanobud (CNBTM). CNB-based films, touch sensors and heaters are extremely stretchable and flexible; they can be formed into any 3D shape, offering increased design freedom and an enhanced user experience. films and sensors can be embedded into plastic, textile or leather to enable intuitive 3D shaped user interfaces and heaters.
    Capricode Oy provides telecommunications software solutions for enterprises, service providers, and vendors in Finland and internationally. The company focuses on mobile device management and computer telephony integration communications solutions. It offers SyncShield, a mobile device management solution for companies and resellers. Capricode Oy was formerly known as VengiTech Oy and later SyncShield and changed its name to Capricode Oy in 2004.
    Carbon Recovery
    Carbon recovery specializes in developing used tire recycling technologies. It uses a Vacuum Low-Temperature Pyrolysis (VNP) technology that synthesizes larger molecules of carbon into smaller components. Further processing converts the molecules into a high-quality carbon solid called recovered carbon black.
    Carbon Truck & Trailer offers carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) for light commercial vehicles. The company is focused on the development and economical serial production of load-bearing components made of CFRP for light commercial vehicles.
    CardioID Technologies specializes in creating security and wellness hardware, alongside algorithms designed to interpret heart signals obtained through hands. They have introduced the CardioWheel, a cutting-edge driver-assistance system that monitors a driver's fatigue levels, potential cardiac issues, and biometric identity. The company also offers solutions for collision avoidance system.
    CarMedialab, situated in the technology hub of Karlsruhe, specializes in electromobility solutions. Their expertise in the automotive industry drives the development of cutting-edge software for vehicles, charging stations, and sustainable local public transport. With a mission to empower clients in delivering exceptional mobility products and services, comprehensive support is offered throughout the entire product life cycle. CarMedialab's software ensures global charging station functionality ...
    Chargeguru is France-based EV Charging Solutions company. Chargeguru specializes in the installation of charging stations for EVs. Its solutions ranges from charging stations in homes or condominiums to charging solutions for businesses and hotels.
    Chargemap offers a map to find charging stations in Europe. The company also offers chargemap pass with which EV drivers can charge on many charging networks partners using a single badge.
    Chargepoint Europe is a electric vehicle charging hardware provider based in the Netherlands. Its products are modular so components can be upgraded and updated. Its customer includes local governments, private companies, parking service providers and shared mobility providers in Europe. Our charging infrastructure is installed in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria and other European countries.
    Chargetrip is accelerating the advent of sustainable transportation by developing the missing tools that help people and businesses switch to electric mobility. Built by engineers, but governed by nature.
    Chargex is a Munich-based startup, which develops advanced charging solutions for EVs. It offers future-proof charging solutions with tailored hardware and software, flexible extensions, intelligent charging prioritization, patented security and support.
    ChipFlow Ltd. is a company that specializes in designing and developing an integrated circuit design platform. Their open-source semiconductor chip design platform (PaaS) enables product companies to create and order their own integrated circuits. With automated IC layout using artificial intelligence and streamlined manufacturing and shipping processes, ChipFlow empowers product companies and designers to easily order and test their own chips. Their platform offers cloud-scalable debug, test, s...
    CHRG Network
    CHRG network has developed a software platform for EV charging that connects all charging stations into a single network, enabling owners to share and monetise their charging stations. Driver app allows to find, book, and pay for access to charging stations.
    Circular Tree
    CircularTree helps achieve net zero targets by systematically identifying and managing scope 3 emissions. It offers supply chain management and Product Carbon Footprint software CarbonBlock.
    Circularise is a supply chain traceability and transparency start-up
    Cityev is a Uk company dedicated to expanding the Uk’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure, founded by two engineers with a track record of building innovative and scalable network infrastructure. The startup supplies EV charge points that can be installed anywhere for public, commercial and private use.
    Claytex is a consultancy, developer and distributor of modelling and simulation solutions for systems engineering.
    CloudMade aims to create the building blocks and business logic that help the automotive industry connect the dots on every human journey. Its intelligent mobility solution is used by car makers to transform their car and mobility user experiences, making them simpler, safer, and more profitable. Over the last 10 years, the company has built a machine learning solution uniquely suited to automotive and mobility use cases; run hundreds of programs with car makers; and delivered cars, apps, and co...
    Compredict offers an artificial intelligence–driven solution to predict failures of automotive components in series-production vehicles.
    Conigital Ltd offers integrated transport automation software. The company’s software include ConICAV, an integrated solution to improve asset management, customer experience, and operational efficiency; ConAV, a vehicle automation solution; ConAPP, a passenger mobility application that provides passengers and operators with access to automated vehicle services on their mobile devices; ConOP, an operational asset management platform; CONNIE, an in-vehicle concierge, infotainment, and entertain...
    Connected Cars
    Connected Cars A/S operates as an it consulting and services company. It provides planning and designing services for computer systems which integrate computer hardware, software, and communication technologies. The company’s software facilitates intelligent monitoring of vehicles for workshops and fleet managers, to provide a better driving and service experience for car owners.
    Connected Kerb
    Connected Kerb is a leading provider of electric vehicle charging infrastructure solutions in the UK. Their mission is to power the future of sustainable mobility by collaborating with local authorities, workplaces, business parks, and residential developers to enhance connectivity and optimize charging capacity. With a customer-centric approach and a commitment to best practices, Connected Kerb addresses unmet EV charging needs and has earned a reputation as a trusted partner in the industry.
    The company empowers drivers across the world and significantly reduces fatal road traffic accidents through connectivity and proven technology
    Corebon has developed production process called Corebon Technology for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) that results in a new higher standard of composite materials, lower cost and minimal impact on the environment
    CTRL Energy develops innovative software solutions and cutting-edge hardware to push the boundaries of Energy storage and distribution. The startup claims to be building some of the most advanced energy storage and supply systems with no equivalent capacity and autonomy in the market and offering its solutions with an aggressive pricing.
    Cube Intelligence
    CUBE, autonomous Vehicles Security Platform based on Blockchain autonomous cars rely heavily on wireless communication techniques, such as vehicle-to-vehicle, navigation route information, GPS, and other driving data. Autonomous cars continuously communicate with various sites to remotely monitor their internal and outside states. These various network accesses increase the risk of malicious attacks on autonomous vehicles. Cube solves the problem of these autonomous vehicles security by using bl...
    Daloop or D1LOOP (previously GoWithFlow) offers a complete SaaS solution for managing the complexity of eMobility businesses and services
    DeepDrive GmbH designs and manufactures gearless in-wheel motor for electric vehicles. The company was incorporated in 2021 and is based in Munich, Germany.
    Devoran SA, previously Polsko-Amerykanski Dom Inwestycyjny SA, is a Poland-based company, which is engaged in the distribution of liquefied fuels. In addition, it specializes in the non-alcoholic beverages manufacture. The Company also is involved in the advertising, warehousing, storage, power and other sectors.
    Dinitech Gmbh produces solutions in the field of electrical engineering and specializes in charging technology for electric vehicles.
    Discoperi, Inc. develops blockchain-based solutions that collects and monetizes automotive data for drivers. It serves customers in automotive, advertising, FMCG, and insurance industries.
    DRIVECO provides charging stations for electric vehicles, production of green energy, storage, energy, management, infrastructure operation, financial aid subsidies, third-party investment offers, and financing solutions
    Driwe is a smart e-mobility system integrator that provides EV charging stations across Europe.
    Provider of battery and metal recycling services based in Wendeburg, Germany. The company recycles lithium-ion batteries in an eco-friendly way using a patented method that combines mechanical, thermodynamic and hydrometallurgical processes.
    Dynel Elektromekanik has been established in Ege Teknopark - Izmir / Turkey since 2016. Dynel specializes in engineering services in the fields of sensors, power electronics, electromechanical test system design & development, simulations, and structural analysis for defense, automotive, and medical industries based on international standards. The company provides engaged partnerships to our clients along all phases of projects from requirements analysis to implementation.
    E-peas provide industry leading energy harvesting and processing solutions – aems & microcontrollers – to give infinite battery life to wireless device by increasing the amount of harvested energy and by drastically reducing the energy consumption of all power consuming blocs of the system
    Easelink GmbH develops Matrix Charging, an automated conductive charging technology for electric vehicles. The company's charging system consists of two components: a vehicle unit on the vehicle underbody and the charging plate at the parking space. The company was founded in 2016 and is based in Graz, Austria.
    EasyMile SAS manufactures and offer driverless autonomous vehicles and the last mile smart mobility solutions. The company provide electric and driverless, EZ10 vehicle enabling mobility in urban and suburban areas. EasyMile SAS was founded in 2014 and is based in Toulouse, France.
    Eatron Technologies
    Eatron Technologies Ltd develops intelligent software products for automotive original equipment manufacturers worldwide. It offers a battery management system and an intelligent motion software solution. The company was incorporated in 2017 and is based in Warwick, United Kingdom with an additional office in Istanbul, Turkey.
    Eccocar Sharing
    Eccocar Sharing, S.L. develops software-as-a-service platform to manage, share, control, and optimize fleet of cars and vans. One of its offerings is eccocar4business, a corporate car sharing solution, which allows employees to reserve, manage, and access vehicles that the company puts at their disposal with an application.
    EcoG is a supplier of advance charge controller solutions and is working on the rapid and efficient expansion of DC charging stations for EVs. With its reference designs and charge controllers, EcoG specializes in enabling large manufacturers to get products to market quickly and easily.
    Einride specialises in autonomous mobility solution for freight-hauling. The company has developed pod all-electric truck which can operate fully autonomously on a public road, using remote monitoring. Einride’S engineers and trained operators can oversee and control the pod on-demand with no need for a human driver on board.
    Elaphe Propulsion Technologies
    Elaphe Propulsion Technologies develops high-tech Propulsion technology based on the premise of multiple-motor Propulsion.
    Electra is the first french pure player in the EV charging industry. It invests heavily in innovation and research to offer a unique user experience defined by rich, intuitive and customizable mobile interfaces. The startup is building a dense network of charging infrastructure across Europe with the target to have a fleet of more than 8,000 charging points available by 2030. The company, which raised 175 million euros, recently entered the Next 40 of French Tech.
    Elinta Charge
    Elinta Charge, UAB designs and assembles EV charging stations for commercial and residential use. It also provides cloud-based intelligent software for fleet managers, operators of public spaces, offices, hospitality, and other facilities. The company serves internationally. 
    Eljun AB owns and operates a blockchain-based green payment solution and digital ewallet. It provides a patent-pending solution that connects and converts loyalty and employer loyalty programs into etokens.
    Elonroad's expertise lies in developing electric roadways equipped with wireless charging technology. Elonroad's initiatives extend to creating a comprehensive ecosystem that includes energy management, billing solutions, and user-friendly tools to enhance the experience of electric vehicle owners.
    EMabler create a more sustainable future by making emobility more accessible with its Api-First electric vehicle charging platform. Its cloud-native & cost-efficient platform with custom apis enables to control, manage and scale EV charging business and provide a better user experience.
    Enervalis developed a unique platform for the smart control of energy carriers such as electric cars and their charging facilities, HVAC installations, heat pumps, boilers and batteries based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The system gives the user insight into energy flows and controls and optimizes the energy carriers to save costs, but also to increase comfort in homes and to be able to purchase energy in a smart way.
    ENIO GmbH develops and distributes software for e-mobility infrastructure, as well as for the control and billing of services with electric devices throughout Europe. The startup supplies hardware, firmware and software to plan, build and run electric mobility infrastructure. Its customers include Telecom companies, residential developers, municipalities, energy providers and retail companies. The startup has a network of more than 6,000 charging points across Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy and ...
    Enovates develops and supplies EV charging systems and management software to support the transition to electric mobility. The startup is a B2B producer and, therefore, all EV chargers supplied by Enovates are not directly available for sale to individuals.
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