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The automotive industry is betting on consumer adoption of next-generation technologies such as automated driving, vehicle electrification and connectivity. Together, through complex user interfaces, these technologies are defining vehicles of the future. Automakers, suppliers, and other key players across the industry continue to make significant investments in the development of technologies for tomorrow’s automobiles. These investments hinge on the evolution of consumer attitudes as we move forward in a rapidly changing, highly digital world.

Desirability, affordability, and trust are all key factors that buyers consider when buying their next vehicle. Will you trust your next vehicle to drive itself in any situation? Do you think there is an adequate infrastructure to keep your electric vehicle charging? How do you prefer to control and interact with the complex functionality and personalization options of your car? Do you believe your personal data is secure?

Consumer Insights, from S&P Global Mobility, delivers a new understanding of consumers through context, data, and analytics. This Vehicle Domain allows our clients to make informed and strategic business decisions. It delivers users quick access to key insights from global research studies and puts context around events and technological trends whilst creating connections between consumer attitudes and industry developments.

Topics covered:

  • Autonomous driving
  • Vehicle electrification
  • Usability and HMI
  • Connectivity
  • Technology adoption
  • Charging infrastructure
  • Displays and controls
  • Willingness to pay for services

Planners and strategists use Consumer Insights from S&P Global Mobility to:

  • Overcome challenges communicating potential revenue opportunities to internal decision-makers
  • Define mutually beneficial value between the customer and supplier when it comes to data collection-based services
  • Drive incremental stable revenue sources through an understanding of consumer sentiment towards vehicle technologies
  • Gain access to rich and layered data that communicates the value proposition to potential business partners


Yanina Mills
Yanina Mills

Yanina is responsible for the management and execution of automotive consumer insight studies for AutoTechInsight. In this role, she has delivered insightful analysis of consumer trends in automotive components and technology as well as provided project management support for custom consumer research for internal and external stakeholders.

She has over 10 years of experience specializing in market and competitive intelligence as well as quantitative and qualitative consumer research for Tier 1 automotive suppliers ranging from electronics to automotive paint. Projects included experiential research, advanced product clinics, and focus groups on various automotive topics like car sharing, autonomous driving, and connected services.

Yanina holds a Bachelor of Administration and an MBA degree both from the University of Michigan - Dearborn with a focus in International Business and Marketing.

Consumer Dashboards

The Consumer Dashboards provide engaging analytics and data from annual consumer surveys on the topics of autonomy, electrification, connected vehicles, and user experience. These dashboards highlight a number of technologies through the context of consumer familiarity, interest, and willingness to pay from nearly 32,000 respondents annually around the world.

Autonomy and E-Mobility consumer dashboards available now.

Connected Car and UI/UX  consumer dashboards launching in 2023.

  • Consumer Insights - Autonomy
    The Autonomy Consumer Dashboard provides engaging analytics and data from an annual consumer survey on the topics of autonomous driving and ADAS. This dashboard looks at a number of safety technologies that drive consumer spending through the context of consumer familiarity, interest, and willingness to pay from nearly 8,000 respondents annually around the world.

Latest Consumer assets

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