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Discover the AutoTechInsight Startup Database: Unveiling the Future of Automotive Technology!

Explore 500+ automotive technology startups, expertly categorized under 50+ specializations in the AutoTechInsight Startup Database. Stay updated with key information such as partnerships, funding, products & solutions, mergers & acquisitions, and management changes - all regularly refreshed for your convenience.

Each startup profile comes alive with an interactive infographic, showcasing their connections with other startups, investors, and automotive industry partners. Dive deeper into the startup landscape as you view linkages of investors and partners, adding another layer of insights.

Experience the 'Startup Tracker,' a powerful tabular interface boasting 10+ data filters. Effortlessly compare startups from different cities, countries, regions, and technology areas based on key attributes. Filtered data can be downloaded in CSV format, empowering you with valuable data for your strategic decisions.

Access the AutoTechInsight Startup Database bundled with AutoTechInsight services (E-mobility, Autonomous Driving, and Connected Car only), or embrace it as a standalone asset. Embrace the future of automotive innovation and revolutionize your journey in the rapidly evolving automotive technology landscape today!

Main content includes:

  • 500+ startup profiles, 50+ specializations
  • Interactive infographic in every profile
  • Tabular ‘Startup Tracker’ with data filters
  • PDF and CSV export

Startup Dashboard

The Startup Dashboard provides an analysis of the startups looking to disrupt the automotive sector. Using filters, clients can build their own analysis of the Startup environment by focusing on elements such as vehicle domain, specialization, geography or how commercialized the startup is in terms of product development, IP and working partnerships.

The data allows the user to:

  • Gain key insights on fundraising and patent trends: Trace and track the flow of funds into automotive startups, and their patent filing activity, by vehicle domain and area of technology.
  • Generate peer analysis: Gain insights into the partnership and investment activities of automotive OEMs, suppliers and financial investors in automotive technology startups.
  • Startup Dashboard
    The Startup Dashboard offers engaging analytics on fundraising, patent activity and collaborations across 800+ startups. The tool includes startups with a presence in 13 different vehicle domains with coverage of over 50 specializations and technology areas.

Latest assets for Automotive Startup Profiles & Tracker

2021.Ai Serves The Growing Enterprise Need For Full Management And Oversight Of Applied Ai.
24M Technologies Develops Energy Storage Systems For Grid And Transportation Applications.
2Hire Is A Leading Technology Company In Intelligent And Connected Mobility Solutions. Our Mission Is To Help Create A Connected World By Connecting Vehicles, Bridging Them With Services And People.
4.Screen Is The Leading Platform To Connect And Interact With Drivers
6K Develops Materials Into Products For The Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Aerospace, And Consumer Electronics Industries.

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