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    Automotive R&D investment to grow in 2021 despite COVID-19 setbacks
    The survey results indicate that R&D spending is critical for medium- and long-term goals for companies within the industry, particularly to develop their market positioning. However, some companies are still cautious about planning a high-spending year until the market conditions for products h...
    Android’s grip tightens on automotive OS
    Android Automotive has taken the automotive headunit by storm. From its initial introduction in early 2017 until now, six global automakers across more than 10 brands have signed on, accounting for nearly one-fifth of all vehicles once fully rolled out. The significance of Android Automotive lies wi...
    Toyota, KDDI strengthen partnership with new business and capital alliance
    Toyota and KDDI Corporation have entered into a new business and capital alliance to strengthen their long-term partnership, the two companies said in a joint press release on 30 October. As part of the new business alliance, Toyota and KDDI will work on new initiatives that go beyond the realm of t...
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