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    ABUP (Shanghai ABUP Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd.) is a leading supplier of Over-The-Air (OTA) solutions for automobiles and IoT. With a strong commitment to sustainable evolution, ABUP empowers everything with the ability to evolve through OTA technology. Their comprehensive range of OTA products and solutions, including Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA), Software Over-The-Air (SOTA), Automobile Cloud Diagnosis (DOTA), and IoT upgrade solutions (IOTA), enable customers to enter the AI smart worl...
    AECS Automotive Electronics' (Oyex) is registered as Jiangsu Auto Electronic Control System Technology Co., Ltd. Its main business covers electronic control products of new energy vehicles and traditional electric control products of powered vehicles. AECS was incubated at Suzhou Automotive Research Institute of Tsinghua University and has realized large-scale industrialization.
    AIDriving is an algorithm based smart drive electronics manufacturer, with mature solutions for smarter fleet management and safer driving. The company believe that AI will change the way of driving and fleet umanagements, and aidrving will always be a pioneer to create the latest AI technology products for safer and smarter driving.
    Aiways manufactures affordable premium electric cars with a collaborative IT platform and smart technologies
    Shenzhen Anzhijie Technology Co., Ltd. develops, manufactures, and distributes millimeter-wave radar sensors. The sensors are used in automotive advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), drones, transportation, security systems, and other fields.
    Anzhi Automotive Parts
    Anzhi Automotive supplies cameras and millimeter wave (mmwave) radar sensors for use in ADAS and autonomous driving applications. The company's product mix includes a 77Ghz mmwave radar system, monocular smart camera system and sensor fusion system as well as other software and hardware integration solutions.
    Atech Automotive
    Wuhu Etech Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and sales of various intelligent connected automotive electronic products. It designs, manufactures, and sells automotive parts and relative hardware and software.
    Aulton New Energy
    Aulton New Energy develops battery swapping technology for electric vehicles. It manufactures battery quick-change equipment and operates power stations to install batteries in taxis and vehicles used to provide car-hailing services. The company is headquartered in Shanghai, China with an additional office in Guangzhou, China.
    AutoCore develops and offers autonomous driving solutions equipped with automotive integrated circuit and artificial intelligence-based algorithms. It also provides IoV technology, intelligent telematics, and ADAS. The company is based in China.
    Beijing Autoroad Technology, also known as Autoroad, is a major sensor supplier for intelligent driving in China. The Company supplies 77Ghz automotive millimeter-wave radar systems And 79Ghz automotive short-range synthetic aperture radar (SSAR) imaging system for advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) and automated driving applications.
    Bambooder has developed a patented technology to extract ‘long’ bamboo fibers and to make an endless bamboo thread for high-performance composite applications.
    Banma Technologies Co., Ltd develops and provides smart car operating systems, smart car solutions, and digital transportation solutions for the automotive and transportation industries. The operating system is used in touch screens, GPS maps, navigation, in-car entertainment, and car maintenance information to drivers and passengers. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Shanghai, China.
    Benewake LiDar
    Benewake offers solid-state lidar sensors and solutions for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving applications. The company's lidar portfolio includes basic flash lidar and 3D flash lidar. Benewake's lidar sensors are widely used in collision avoidance applications in vehicles. The company is commercially producing these lidars for its customers in Europe, America, and Asia pacific markets. Benewake has a strong research and development (R&D) base with more than 65 asso...
    Bibo (Shanghai) Automobile Electronics Co., Ltd. is engaged in the production of wire-controlled chassis including drive-by-wire chassis, such as brake-by-wire, steering-by-wire, and domain controllers. The firm is headquartered in Beijing, China. It offers wire control chassis core products, such as wire control motion, wire control steering and domain controller.
    Black Sesame Technologies
    Black Sesame Intelligence offers automotive-grade computing chips and chip-based solutions tailored for smart vehicles. Originating with the Huashan series, which focused on high-computing chips for autonomous driving, the company later introduced the Wudang series of cross-domain computing chips, catering to an extensive array of advanced smart car functionalities. Black Sesame Intelligence's proprietary automotive-grade products and technologies empower smart vehicles with vital features, such...
    Bordrin Motors
    Bordrin is an electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer based in China. They specialize in designing and producing electric cars with a focus on smart and sustainable mobility solutions. Bordrin filed for bankruptcy in early 2021.
    Byton develops electric cars with a focus on smart and connected features. It aims to integrate cutting-edge technology into their electric vehicles, offering features such as large display screens, advanced connectivity, and autonomous driving capabilities. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2023.
    Callisto (Callisto Beijing Technology Co., Ltd.) is a company specializing in automotive safety technology. Founded by a knowledgeable team with a passion for cybersecurity, they leverage artificial intelligence and expert insights to develop efficient solutions for automotive security. Callisto provides cybersecurity support to leading companies in the smart car, autonomous driving, and advanced driver assistance systems sectors. With their expertise and commitment to safety, Callisto contribut...
    CalmCar Vision System
    Calmcar is an artificial intelligence (AI) company with software and hardware capabilities. The company specializes in deep learning-based embedded vision products and data services. It has developed a multi-camera active surround view perception system, based on automotive-grade computing platform, which enables smart parking and L2+ autonomous driving.
    Charging Network technology is a leading integrated service provider in the electric vehicle industry , providing comprehensive product, technology and value-added service solutions for charging operators, vehicle operators, pile factories, automobile manufacturers and Commercial Real estate, etc.
    Changsha Intelligent Driving Institute or CIDI focuses on the intelligent driving of commercial vehicles that are enhanced by V2X solutions, including the use of intelligent roadside units (Irsu) and on-board units (Iobu).
    Shanghai ComfortUni Smart Tech Co., Ltd. engages in the research and development of automotive thermal area control systems. It provides air conditioning, heat pumps, thermal management, and cloud-based data systems and control algorithms. Its products include thermal domain controller, electric compressor controller, driverless car, and gateway.
    Corage formerly known as Shenzhen Langtong Zhuoxing Technology Co., Ltd. is a L4 autonomous driving company in the industry that focuses on dedicated freight lines, and clearly implements the strategy of New Energy. It has launched L4 new energy commercial vehicles with dedicated freight lines in Guangdong, Chongqing and other places project operation.
    Dongying Cospower Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading scientific and technological enterprise in the lithium battery and product development, On the basis of integrating the high-quality assets and excellent teams of Coslight International Group, Cospower is determined to become the world's first-class new energy overall solution provider, providing high-quality products and services to the world's first-class customers.
    DeepBlue Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd provides autonomous solutions for traditional retailers using artificial technology (AI) in the fields of smart cars, smart environments, and smart cities. It offers products in the areas of intelligent driving, intelligent robots, biological intelligence, smart retailers, and AI edge computing.
    Deeproute is developing level 4 full stack autonomous driving solutions. The system includes all key parts of autonomous driving technology including sensing, HD map, perception, planning and control, simulation system and cloud platform. Deeproute is collaborating with OEMs and mobility partners to achieve the commercialization of autonomous driving.
    Beijing Deepway Technology Co., Ltd. manufactures heavy-duty trucks and provides driving solutions for the truck freight market. It is an independent startup, jointly created by Baidu, the leader in autonomous driving technology, and Shiqiao, the leading Internet company in the highway logistics industry.
    E-Tronic(Guangzhou)Technology Co., Ltd focuses on the development of power semiconductors and new energy controller systems. E-Tronic provide customers with services such as power module packaging design, trial production, drive system development, and manufacturing, aiming to help customers achieve industry leadership and build a domestic automotive semiconductor ecosystem. E-Tronic has launched a series of automotive-grade power module/module products. E-Tronic is deeply engaged in the resear...
    Ecar Tech
    Shanghai Ecar Technology Co., Ltd. also known as Eka Smart Car, offers R&D and batch manufacturing of autonomous vehicle and autonomous vehicle drive-by-wire chassis, with an annual output of 5,000 autonomous vehicle per shift in the assembly plant.
    ECARX co., Ltd. Manufactures vehicle chip-sets, 4G powered intelligent cockpits, intelligent driving, hd map, big data, and IoV cloud products. It also develops connected platform for automotive companies.
    Enjoy Move
    Shanghai Enjoy Move Technology Co., Ltd. develops products and system services solutions in the field of intelligent connected cars. The company offers domain controller, intelligent driving operating system, visual data annotation, and intelligent connected car vocational education training. It also provides intelligent driving control decision algorithm.
    Enjoyelec, formerly PowerShare, is an innovative AI-driven energy digitalization company focusing on next-gen energy management and AI technology. The company offers Home Energy Management System(HEMS) and Virtual Power Plant (VPP), the company focuses on creating a sustainable energy network using energy storage, solar power, pumps, microgrids, charging stations and other energy devices .
    Enovate Motors
    Enovate Motors is a manufacturer of electric vehicles in mainland China. The company is specialized in designing and developing EVs and innovative controlling systems.
    Exceed Data (Zhixie Huitong (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.) engages in building the data-driven capability of cross-vehicle cloud for OEMs and vehicle cloud computing solutions. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Beijing, China.
    eYs3D Microelectronics
    Eys3D Microelectronics is a fab-less semiconductor design-house designs processor and 3D sensory systems for vision AI at the edge. With operations in Taiwan, United States and sales office in Shenzhen, China the company has had a very successful history of providing ics and silicon-centric stereo vision 3D sensing as well as isp products to the market. After closing the series-a strategical investment from Arm Iot Fund, Wi Harper, Marubun Corporation and Sunplus technology, the company will hav...
    Fabu Technology Limited provides software and hardware platform solutions. The company specializes in machine learning, computer vision, robotics, automobile engineering, and large-scale integrated circuit design. It offers autonomous driving solutions at various levels (L2-L4) for cargo trucks, high-performance socs for automotive reliability and security, and advanced driver assistance systems for trucks with large blind regions. Fabu Technology Limited was formerly known as Hangzhou Zhuying T...
    Falcon self-driving was established in 2012 and is a national high-tech enterprise. Focusing on the development and research of drive-by-wire components and autonomous driving systems, it is committed to providing industry-leading drive-by-wire chassis and overall solutions. At present, it has applied for and obtained 41 intellectual property rights, and the company has a research and development center and a production and processing center.
    FervCloud is a startup that develops optical technology, hardware, and software for automotive head-up displays (HUD).
    Fran Optics
    Fujian Fran Optics Co., Ltd. specializes in optical Micro-Nano processing, focusing on developing advanced optical key components and establishing Micro-Nano manufacturing technology research and production base. With nearly 20 years of experience, Fran Optics provides optical solutions to industries such as security, automotive, consumer electronics, and medical sectors. They have two production bases and overseas R&D centers, holding numerous patents and leading the market in core products. Fr...
    Freetech is a high-tech enterprise that owns core intellectual property and solutions in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), with established international technical leadership in smart driving. The company is committed to creating a safe traffic environment for travelers through innovative technologies and creating the ultimate driving and boarding experience, transforming the way humans travel. Freetech joins hands with its clients and partners in innovation, to provide scalable, intell...
    Futurus Technology
    Futurus offer a wide range of next generation display products, software and human machine Interface solutions.The company's products include head-up display (HUD), built-in hud, holographic display and light field AR HUDs. The company aims to improve the life experience with their unique creations on the science and technology of the light.
    Genesys Microelectronics
    Genesys Microelectronics manufactures automotive smart cockpit and ADAS chips. The company was founded in 2022 and is based in Shanghai, China.
    Geometrical Perception and Learning co., Ltd. Is a vertically integrated technology company that provides development, manufacturing and servicing of hardware and software products for Sd solutions. G-Pal is headquartered in Shanghai with r&d strength overseas.
    Glubo Technology
    Glubo Technology (aka Gelubo Keji, Grubb Technology, Global Technology) develops brake-by-wire systems that support ADAS functions, L3-L5 active braking control, and regenerative braking. It also offers a chassis domain controller.
    Established in 2017, GoFurther.AI (Changsha Xingshen Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.) is a leading provider of unmanned driving core technology and smart logistics solutions in China. With comprehensive in-house research and development capabilities, GoFurther.AI offers end-to-end solutions encompassing chassis, structure, hardware, and software. Their range of unmanned vehicle products, including CHAOYING, FANYU, BENXIAO, and CITIZEN, are designed for various logistics applications. Through su...
    Gpixel Changchun Optotech, Inc. engages in the production of complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) image sensors. It offers both off-the-shelf and customized image sensor solutions for scientific, industrial, professional, and medical cameras. Its products are Area scan for high resolution image capture, Line Scan for high speed inspection, and custom design.
    Guangshao Technology
    Guangshao Technology specializes in the production of advanced light detection and ranging (Lidar) systems tailored for autonomous vehicles. Operating out of China, the firm delivers cutting-edge Future Laser Radar technology that excels in multi-dimensional detection and 3D imaging, integrating target speed tracking through Doppler data. Their products are noted for their remarkable resistance to interference, with the capability to discern self-emitted signals effectively. With a detection ran...
    Hangzhou IntiBeam Technology
    Hangzhou Intibeam Technology (Intibeam) develops millimeter wave radar sensors for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving applications.
    Haomo Intelligent Mobility researches, designs, develops, and manufactures an artificial intelligence-based autonomous passenger and commercial vehicles driving systems. It offers passenger car assisted driving products, low-speed unmanned logistics vehicle products, and low-speed logistics intelligent hardware products. The company provides level 4 autonomous driving logistics vehicles systems, L4 autopilot system, lidars, cameras, and radars. The company was founded in 2019 and is based in Bei...
    Hesai Technology
    Hesai Technology develops lidar sensors for autonomous driving. The company offers mechanical lidar, solid-state lidar and an all-in-one sensing kit. Hesai's proprietary micro-mirror and waveform fingerprint technologies have helped it create more than 400 patents and secure customers in over 20 countries worldwide. apart from automotive, the company's lidar sensors can be used in mapping, vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications, logistics, robots, unmanned ariel vehicles (drones) and industr...
    Holomatic also known as Heduo Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd., is a startup specializing in artificial intelligence (AI)-based autonomous driving solutions. The company has developed holopilot level 3.5 highway autonomous driving system and holoparking, level 4 intelligent valet parking solution. Holomatic's expertise ranges from vehicle wire control and multi sensor technology to the core algorithm modules for higher level of autonomous driving. The company also have capabilities in full stack au...
    Hong Jing Drive
    Hangzhou Hong Jing Drive Technology co., Ltd. Designs and develops advanced autonomous driving system. The company provides L4 level ecu hardware, software algorithm development, and self-driving solution packages. The company was founded in 2018 and is based in Hangzhou, china with additional offices in china; and Michigan.
    Horizon Robotics
    Horizon Robotics specializes in the area of edge artificial intelligence (AI) for smart mobility and internet of things (IoT) applications. The company offers brain processing unit (BPU), an innovative ai computing architecture that is tailored to address the performance and power challenges in edge ai applications. It launched Journey, an automotive AI processor in 2017. The company also offers matrix autonomous driving computing platform.
    Hozon Auto
    Hozon Auto is a mainland chinese all-electric car brand.
    Human Horizons
    Human Horizons is a mainland chinese company which makes electric cars under the HiPhi brand and develops autonomous driving technology. It has developed an integrated hub motor which supports advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) applications including lateral entry/parallel parking, front-wheel and rear-wheel anchored drifting, lateral lane change, counter phase steering and counter phase steering front wheel drifting.
    Hydrogen Blue Times
    Hynovation Times is a developer of hydrogen fuel cells for vehicles, which can provide users with core components such as autonomous stack systems, FCU system controllers, centrifugal oil-free air compressors, and DCDC boost converters.
    Established in 2018, Hyperview (Hongjing Zhijia OR Hongjing Drive) is a pioneering full-stack autonomous driving solution provider. The company has developed its own car-grade autonomous driving computing platform, complete with comprehensive software algorithms and system integration capabilities. This allows them to offer tailored high-performance intelligent driving solutions for various customer needs, supporting L1-L4 level intelligent driving. Hongjing Zhijia has received backing from pre-...
    Iconiq Motors
    Iconiq Motors is a manufacturer of all-electric, passenger-focused vehicles with supercar styling.
    iDriverplus Technologies
    Idriverplus is focused on developing level 4 autonomous driving solutions. The company has developed hardware (Automated Vehicle Control Unit, Avcu) and software (Automated Vehicle Operating system, Avos) for autonomous driving. Idriverplus is deploying its autonomous driving system in several use cases including driverless sweeper, unmanned logistic vehicle and autonomous vehicles.
    In One Technology
    In One provides integrated electronic control assemblies and power management systems for electric vehicles, including electric vehicle motor controller units, on-board chargers, DC converters, and vehicle control units.
    Jiluo Technology (Shanghai) co., Ltd. Designs and develops full-stack software for autonomous driving and in-vehicle computing platforms. The company's autonomous driving technologies helps in the development of a nationwide freight network using autonomous driving trucks. The company provides transportation- as- a- Service (TaaS) to logistics customers. It develops L3/L4 autonomous driving technology for the transformation of line-haul logistics. It develops OEM pre-installed autonomous driving...
    Indie Microelectronics (WuXi) Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of automotive Mixed-signal semiconductor in China. Indie's products, covering lighting and motor control application, have entered the mainstream car OEM supply chain, with cooperation with over 100 domestic and international automotive TIER1. Indie Microelectronics is actively entering x- by-wire chasis application and body control domain related driver products. We will also launch solutions on ADAS and function safety control, whic...
    Ingeek, also known as Shanghai Yinji Information Security Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2008, is a tech enterprise specializing in Internet of Things security. The company offers industry-specific network information security products, comprehensive security solutions, and systematic security operation services. Since 2018, Yinji has focused on intelligent connected vehicle safety, developing the "Digital Key" security product and establishing strategic partnerships with over 50 domestic ...
    Intamsys offers 3D printing and industrial direct additive manufacturing solutions for high-performance materials. Its 3D printing allows automotive parts manufacturers maintain a digital repository of all spare parts and print them as and when required.
    Jade Bird
    Jade Bird is dedicated to the development and production of MicroLED displays, it now boasts a series of independent technologies including IC design, MOCVD material growth, MicroLED hybrid integration, processing and manufacturing, packaging and testing, and software & hardware drive design. JBD has independently developed world-leading ultra-microdisplays, and injected strong momentum into technological advances across various fields including mixed reality, automobiles and semiconductors.
    Jidu Auto
    Jidu Auto is an electric car manufacturing company owned by Geely and Baidu
    Jiecheng New Energy
    JieCheng New Energy, founded in 2012, has focused on the decommissioned power batteries and lithium battery-related waste materials’ recycling, recycling, storage, processing and sales in new energy vehicles. It is headquartered in the Greater Bay Area in China.
    JIMU Intelligent
    Jimu Intelligent, founded in 2011, is a leading AI company that dedicated to vision-based Intelligent driving technology. Based on its self-developed computer vision technology, Jimu is always in pursuit of the development and popularization of intelligent driving. At present, Jimu has established cooperations with many car manufacturers to bring about future smart driving and transportation and forged partnerships with insurance, fleets, and intelligent transportation firms to release cost-effi...
    Jinghe Optoelectronics Technology
    Shanghai Jinghe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. develops, designs, and builds digital vehicle lights with original equipment manufacturers (OEM). The company’s products include optical modules, drivers, and controllers (ECU), providing customers with a set of electronic software and hardware architecture solutions for automotive lights. Additionally, it supplies automotive LED module system solutions.
    JueFX (Juefei Technology) is an innovative company specializing in intelligent driving AI technology. They are the pioneer and leader of China's Chelu Cloud industry model. With a focus on digitizing road scenes, Juefei Technology integrates real-time sensor data with environmental, experience, and knowledge data to create a data-driven autonomous driving solution. They aim to be the "data engine" in the era of smart travel. Juefei Technology has collaborated with industry partners such as Yuton...
    Key Technology (KeyTech) or Kaiyi Technology explores the intelligent driving solution with vision-safety Technology under the ADASPLUS brand since 2015. Integrated artificial intelligence algorithms, deep learning, and facial recognition make its ADAS system the top player in China with a market share of over 90% of sdk for its Dash Cam and Rearview Mirror. KeyTech's ADAS system is deployed inmore than 10 million vehicles and devices. Experienced and professional engineers enable KeyTech has th...
    KKChips Automotive Electronics
    Guangdong KKChips Automotive Electronics Tech Co., Ltd. engages in the design of automotive chips, especially powertrain and chassis chips. They have developed chips with a production volume of over 1 billion pieces in the powertrain and chassis domains. The company is actively collaborating with key wafer foundries, packing, and testing suppliers for mass production in China and overseas. Its customer base includes leading Tier 1 companies and key automotive manufacturers in China.
    Konvery Data
    Konvery Data (aka Beijing Kaiwang Data Technology) is engaged in the development and provision of an artificial intelligence (AI) data automation platform designed for enhancing the automation of automotive production lines and toolchains. Their platform is designed to alleviate the challenges associated with learning and labeling, decrease the cognitive workload involved in processing individual data frames, and enhance the speed and quality of data processing through the utilization of a stand...
    Kunlunxin (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. develops artificial intelligence chips and processors.
    Lanli Energy
    Lanli Energy develops electric vehicle mobile charging stations designed to provide accessible EV charging stations. Lanli Energy was founded in 2021 and is based in Hangzhou, China. Hangzhou Xiaohe Technology Co., Ltd. is a new energy service technology company integrating product design, development and service operation. The firm was founded in 2021 and is headquartered in China.
    Leadgentech also known as Beijing Lingjun Technology Co., Ltd. develops autonomous driving systems. The company focuses on the design, development and testing of autonomous driving systems. Its core technologies include sensor fusion, intelligent behavior decision-making, trajectory planning, and driving control. It can realize a complete set of solutions based on the chassis of all domestic and foreign vehicles without relying on large-scale overhead sensors. autonomous driving solutions.
    Leadrive, a Shanghai-based company founded in 2017, operates in power electronics and control units for fully electric cars. Leadrive is specialised in designing and building power modules that use silicon carbide (SiC) technology. Silicon carbide is a semiconductor base material that promises to unlock highly efficient and flexible electric propulsion systems.
    Zhejiang Leapmotor Technology Co., Ltd. principally engages in the research and development, production, and sale of energy vehicles in the People’s Republic of China. The company offers C01, a smart electric sedan; C11, a mid-sized smart electric sports utility vehicle; T03, a smart electric mini car; and S01, a smart electric coupe. It also provides electronic components for smart EVs; electric vehicle charging; car rental; and technical, as well as aftersales services.
    Leekr Technology
    Shanghai LEEKR Technology Co., Ltd. (LEEKR Technology) established its team in Shanghai in 2020, and its industrialization base is located in Minhang Development Zone. The Company focuses on the product R&D in key areas of new energy automobiles and autonomous driving, and strives to provide safe, efficient and intelligent chassis-by-wire system solutions to automobile enterprises and industrial partners.
    Leishen Intelligent Systems
    Leishen Intelligent Systems develops high-performance laser Lidar for automotive and other applications. The company's Lidar sensors are designed in automotive grade standards to meet L4 and L5 autonomous cars.
    Li Fun Technology
    Li-Fun Technology Co.,Ltd. designs and manufactures green batteries. It offers products, such as low temperature discharge product, consumer polymer lithium ion battery, power battery, high power polymer li-ion battery, fast charge density battery, and high energy density battery products. Li-Fun Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, China.
    LiangDao Intelligence
    LiangDao is an intelligent evaluation service provider company for autonomous driving.
    LinearX provides a safe operating system for autonomous driving and beyond, which enables real-time interaction among MCU and multiple SoC, within and across domains.
    Livox Technology
    Livox Technology develops high-performance lidar for Level 3 And Level 4 autonomous driving. The company also provides software development kit that contains a wide range of essential tools to help users develop unique applications and algorithms.
    Zhejiang Prism Holographic Technology Co., Ltd., referred to as LNGIN Prism Holographic, offer visual effects solutions intended to promote the development of the industry. It provides VR, ar and holographic technologies to create holographic theater shows and intelligent imaging for automotive, 3D mapping, intelligent car solution, smart home and live events, enabling intelligent and immersive experience for customers.
    LuminWave integrates photonic and electronic integrated circuits through machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies for telecom and data center markets. The company's chipsets are used in autopilot, smart cities, and consumer electronics. LuminWave was founded in 2018 and is based in Hangzhou, China.
    MAXIEYE sets its sights on the goal of "Intelligent driving for all," offering a comprehensive suite of autonomous driving products and solutions that encompass perception, fusion, planning, and control technologies. The company is dedicated to shaping the future of transportation by providing an unparalleled experience in future mobility. With a strategic approach to the incremental advancement towards the commercialization of autonomous driving, MAXIEYE aspires to make significant contribution...
    Microbrain Intelligent Technology co., ltd(hereinafter referred to as “Microbrain”). Is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research,development, production and sales of millimeter wave radar sensors. It is also an ISO9001:2015 and IATF 16949 certified enterprise with profound knowledge of millimeter wave radar. Microbrain has developed more than 10 type products of 77-81GHz millimeter wave radar and radar video fusion series, with nearly 100 customers. The products can be widely used...
    MINIEYE develops intelligent driving solutions. It focuses on the innovation and implementation of full-stack autonomous driving technology.
    Momenta provides OEMs and Tier1s with production-ready software of multi-level autonomy for different driving scenarios. Its core technology is based on deep learning environment perception, high-precision maps, and driving decision-making algorithms. Its products include different levels of autonomous driving solutions and derived big data services. momenta’s deep-learning based software in perception, HD semantic mapping, and data-driven path planning enables the realization of full autonomy...
    Motovis Intelligent Technologies (Shanghai) Co Ltd develops autonomous driving Technologies. It offers solution, such as advanced driving assistance system and auto valet parking. The company applies artificial intelligence and computer vision technology to advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) that provide a level of autonomy to vehicles. Its technology can identify when a vehicle is drifting off the road and is at risk of collision; and can initiate emergency braking and other driving assi...
    Shenzhen Muyewei Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.develops 4D high-precision imaging radar and integrates design, development, marketing and sales. The company has set up R&D centers and labs in China, UK, Germany and Switzerland. The company also develops 77-79G automotive millimeter wave radar in Infineon, millimeter wave 5G in MediaTek, and millimeter wave radar algorithm in TI. It is also a professional IC design company with algorithm capability.
    NASN Automotive Electronics
    Nassen Technology focuses on the field of intelligent driving and new energy vehicles. Its products include NBooster Intelligent Braking System, ESC Electronic Stability Control System, NBC Integrated Intelligent Braking System, EPS Intelligent Steering System and automatic driving L3/L4 Control-by-wire chassis solutions.
    Nayi New Energy
    Nayi New Energy is a startup that manufactures sodium-ion batteries. The company raised funds in April 2023 which will be used for R&D and construction of a pilot production line. Founded in 2023, it is based in Foshan, China.
    Nebula Internet is the world's leading full-stack technology and operational service provider for vehicle-road collaboration. The company is deeply involved in smart transportation and intelligent network alliance channels, and is the source of C-V2X vehicle-road collaboration. As a pioneer in the vehicle-road collaboration industry, Nebula Internet has conquered key vehicle-road collaboration technologies such as beyond-line-of-sight sensing, reliable short-distance communication, and collabora...
    Neolix Technologies
    Neolix develops L4 autonomous logistics and patrol vehicles for applications such as food delivery, patrolling, business parks and college campuses. The company has commercially deployed vehicles in over 30 cities in china and six international markets, including Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Thailand. Neelix has a 136,000-square-meter factory in Changzhou, China that started production in 2019. The factory has an annual production capacity of 10,000 vehicles.
    Niutron is a manufacturer, researcher, and developer of new energy vehicles mainly engaged in producing high-end new energy vehicles.
    Nuclei technology
    Nuclei System Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. manufactures core processors for RISC-V. The processors offered by the company include N200 series, 900 series, NICE expansion solution, and RISC-V processor open source kit. Nuclei System Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. is based in Wuhan, China with additional offices in Shanghai and Beijing, China.
    Nullmax develops autonomous-driving solutions. It leverages computer vision, deep learning, and AI technology to provide visual perception, AI planning and decision, and end-to-end autonomous-driving solutions. The company was founded in 2016 and is based in Shanghai, China.
    Shanghai Pateo Electronic Equipment Manufacturing co., Ltd. Develops telematics terminal and cloud platform. It offers automotive electronic hardware, operating system software, voice AI and map integration, TSP service operations, PaaS and SaaS cloud services for vehicle payment, communication operations, and the CASE (connected, autonomous, shared, and electric) vehicle business model. Shanghai Pateo Electronic Equipment Manufacturing co., Ltd. Was formerly known as Energy Source (China) co., ...
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