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    Ace Recyling
    ACE Green Recycling is an innovative Recycling platform providing sustainable, end- of-life solutions for batteries. The company is working with players across the battery ecosystem to create localized circular solutions to ensure critical battery materials remain within the countries generating battery wastes.
    Acsia Technologies
    ACSIA TECHNOLOGIES engages in development of automotive software. The company was incorporated in 2013 and is based in Thiruvananthapuram, India.
    Aeidth Technologies
    Aeidth Technologies provides a range of products and software cloud services for 2-wheeler, 3-wheeler, and 4-wheeler electric vehicles, including charging stations, battery management systems, and onboard chargers.
    Allox Advance Materials
    Allox is a natural resource company primarily dealing in lithium and other rare earth minerals. It aims to become a material producer for next-generation lithium-ion battery cells, while creating the supply chain that enables the future energy requirements of the world, the global storage of renewable energy, and electrification of transportation.
    Applied EV
    Applied EV, formerly known as Aev Robotics, has built a drive-by-wire vehicle platform blanc robot which is autonomous level 5 ready and can be configured with software for multiple use.
    Ather Energy
    Ather Energy develops intelligent electric scooters and has also established an EV charging network called Athergrid.
    AVEVAI focuses on a few key industries like new energy vehicles, logistics, R&D on graphene and in AI machine learning technology. The company has nine commercial vehicle products.
    Baraja provides Lidar sensors tailored for autonomous driving use cases. They've introduced a novel Lidar variant termed Spectrum-Scan, capable of identifying objects as distant as 200 meters. Additionally, Baraja's Lidar is modular, allowing clients to customize the system based on their specific field of view (FoV) and packaging preferences.
    Bifrost has developed generative AI tools that enable users to create stunning 3D worlds and synthetic images on-demand with industry leading granular control via an intuitive interface. Bifrost's flagship product is Alchemy, a synthetic data generation platform leveraging procedural 3D rendering techniques and AI that can run in the cloud or locally.
    Blusmart is an electric vehicle ride-sharing platform in India. The company's platform offers ride-sharing, car-sharing and shared charging services, enabling users to hire electric cars that feature zero tailpipe emissions.
    Ai And Saas-Enabled Platform Offering Comprehensive Electric Vehicle Charging Operator And Management Solutions. The Company Offers Hardware And Software-Enabled Electric Vehicle Charging Management Solutions. It Offers Features Like Over-The-Air Updates, Usage Tracking, Iot-Enabled Solutions, Etc.
    Carbonscape has developed a patented technology and process to produce graphite from renewable feedstocks, with a carbon-negative footprint. Its unique engineered graphite morphology provides equal or superior lithium-ion battery performance compared to fossil-derived graphite. Its engineered graphite is sustainably produced at a competitive cost with negligible environmental impact.
    Cell Propulsion
    Cellprop Private Limited, doing business as Cell Propulsion, designs and develops electric power drives and autonomous electric mobility solutions for electronic vehicles. The company’s products include battery pack, battery management system, electric drive, specialized electric motors, drives, charging solutions, and light commercial vehicle (LCV) power train. Cellprop Private Limited was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Bengaluru, India.
    Chara Technologies
    Chara is a pioneering company that is actively contributing to the realization of a zero-emission future. With a focus on reducing carbon emissions in industries, mobility, buildings, and households, Chara has developed technologies to make motors the driving force behind this transformation. Led by experienced founders, Chara has assembled a team of talented and diverse experts from various engineering disciplines. Their innovative approach across motor design, control algorithms, and mechanica...
    Charge Zone
    Tecso ChargeZone (P) Ltd. develops and offers internet-of-things (IoT) technology solutions and cloud computing services to provide on-demand charging services. Its platform allows drivers of electric vehicles to find charging stations and book them online. The company's platform manages an individual or group of charging stations and provides charging station management, user management, station management, business intelligence, dashboard, and MIS reports.
    Chargefox is an electric vehicle (EV) charging network company based in Australia. They specialize in developing and operating EV charging infrastructure. Chargefox aims to provide a reliable and extensive charging network across Australia.
    Charge-Up offers battery as a service, solving the high cost problem and inconvenience of long charging hours, through its distributed network of battery swapping hubs.
    Charzer is one of India’s largest providers of EV charging stations. The startup’s flagship product is ‘Kirana Charzer’, which can be installed at any place such as a utility shop, restaurant, hotel or a shopping mall. The company’s EV charging stations can be used with its mobile application called as the Charzer App.
    Clean Electric
    Clean Electric is building one of the best energy storage solutions for Electric vehicles to enable mass electrification of cars and cvs in India. The startup's patented energy storage solution enables ultra fast charging without compromising on 10 years of battery life.
    Cohda Wireless
    Cohda Wireless offers safe vehicle and connected vehicle design solutions for public safety, outdoor, and automotive wireless-based systems. The company focussed only on the V2X market, offering five generations of V2X radio modules. Its V2X products dominate field trails and deployments, with more than 60 percent of vehicles involved in V2X trials globally incorporating Cohda products, and have undergone one million vehicle days of testing as a result.
    Connexion unlocks connect car technology with a simple, yet powerful fleet & rental platform right from the time a car starts its journey in the rental lane, until it is retired, the company track the vehicles through its powerful tools.
    Curium pte. Ltd. Develops automated calibration software for autonomous vehicles. Its solution performs Continuous Dynamic Calibration across multiple sensor types, such as Lidar, radar, and cameras to ensure complete confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the sensor data and enabling AI modules to make accurate decisions. The company was founded in 2020 and is based in Singapore.
    Durapower Group offers closed-loop, end-to-end Energy Storage Solutions for a variety of e-mobility, specialty and stationery applications. Focusing on the manufacturing, research and development of Lithium-Ion Battery (LIB) materials, Battery cell manufacturing and integration of Battery systems, the Group has been a leading innovator of Lithium-Ion cell technology since 2009.
    Electra EV
    Electrodrive Powertrain Solutions Pvt Ltd. is an electric vehicles powertrain solutions company. The company manufacturers electric motors for vehicles. It offers EV powertrain solutions, systems, and services to support OEMs, orchestrators, and tier-1 suppliers.
    Emuron Technologies
    Emuron Technologies, based in India, is a leading technology company specializing in innovative solutions for the digital era. With a strong focus on cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics, Emuron Technologies empowers businesses to thrive in the digital age. Their comprehensive range of services includes software development, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and digital transformation consulting.
    Esmito offers B2B saas-based platform for real-time monitoring, control and optimization of batteries, Chargers and e-vehicles. The cloud-based operator portal presents an integrated view of all events happening in the EV Infrastructure at any given time. The platform offers scalability, customization, AI-based predictive models, web & mobile application modules and can integrate with any third-party system.
    EV Urjaa
    EV-Urjaa is a electric vehicle charging station infrastructure and mobility company in India. EV-Urjaa also provide consultancy for electric-vehicles.
    Evage is an India-based mobility tech company working on the development of advanced electric vehicle platforms
    EVI Technologies
    Evi Technologies is an Iit Delhi alumni company building and delivering electric vehicle charging solutions.
    EVSE Australia
    Evse is a key player in providing electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions in Australia. The company offers EV charging stations, EV cables and accessories. Evse has partnered with the world’s leading EV charging brands to bring latest EV charging solutions to EV owners in Australia and New Zealand.
    Exponent Energy
    Exponent Energy is a Bengaluru-based deep-tech startup focused on EV fast charging technologies.
    Fasmho Energy Systems
    A platform for manufacturers to build their electric vehicles with the best of components, which solve their core problems. From charging to smartness, we plan to cover it all.
    Fenfeo Automation
    Fenfeo Automation is a provider of affordable EV charging infrastructure that includes hardware, software, and comprehensive integration services.
    Gegadyne Energy
    Gegadyne Energy is working towards developing advanced battery which consists of unique proprietary nano-material composites and advance battery architectures to enable quick charging batteries with high energy density similar to lithium-ion batteries.
    goEgoNetwork is a Pune-based EV Charging Infrastructure startup building a robust network of smart charging stations in India. The company has presence in over 50 cities across 15 states.
    Green Li-ion
    Green Li-ion is a deep clean technology that solves the existential risk to the precious metals industry and the environment.
    Greenspin is technology development firm specialized in providing smart solutions for lithium ion batteries in automotive and energy storage domain. We design software packages for electric vehicles, Li Ion battery analytics, Thermal analytics, energy Management systems for the automotive market.
    Green Evolve Private Limited (Grevol) Is A Clean-Tech Mobility Solutions Company Engaged In Development, Manufacturing And Financing Of Electric Vehicles Enabling India’S Transition To Sustainable Transport. We Have Developed Smart Passenger And Commercial L5 Electric Vehicles Along With Lithium Battery Packs With Active Thermal Management And Active Balancing Ideal Designed To Meet The Needs And Challenges Of Urban Logistics And Fleet Operations. Grevol’S High Performance Vehicles Is Made I...
    Grinntech Is An India-Based Lithium-Ion Battery Technology Developer. The Company Works With All Cell Form Factors (Cylindrical, Prismatic And Soft Pouch) Providing Complete Range Of Applications (2W To Mhcv) And Pack Voltages (12V To 1100V).
    H2X is working to offer a range of hydrogen-powered hybrid vehicles. The company has developed hybrid powertrain, leveraging kinetic energy through battery and ultracapacitor technology, with strong focus on hydrogen.
    Commercialize Sustainable, environment friendly, indigenous Energy Storage Technologies.
    Inverted Energy
    Inverted Energy manufactures an extensive battery range from 12 Volts to 10 MW. The startup claims to have become one of India’s leading lithium-ion battery companies in a short span of time.
    ION Energy
    Ion Energy is an advanced battery management and intelligence platform.we’re focused on building technologies that improve the life and performance of lithium-Ion batteries that power electric vehicles and Energy Storage systems.
    JOLT Charge
    JOLT is an end-to-end EV charging network provider with integrated mobility, advertising and data services. The startup claims that its EV chargers are thoughtfully designed for fast charging and charging experience. The company uses 100% green-certified energy to power its EV chargers.
    Jump Charging
    Jump Charging specialises in the supply of commercial electric vehicle charging and green hydrogen fuelling infrastructure solutions to support the commercial transport sector’s transition away from fossil fuels.
    Kazam EV Tech
    Kazam is an agnostic EV charging software platform. The startup aims to build India's largest smart and affordable EV charging network. Through its partnerships with fleets, cpos, RWAs and oems, it has been able to create a robust charging network with over 7,000 charging devices operating on its platform. Kazam’s vision is to be the leader in EV charging in India and beyond, leveraging its capabilities in software and hardware.
    Log 9 Materials
    Log 9 Materials operates as a graphene research and development company. The company offers energy storage technologies from electrode materials, cell to pack level, the rapid charging battery packs solve the challenges in adoption for the 2W and 3W electric vehicle platforms while their aluminum fuel cell technology is targeted towards the electrification of long haul, heavier vehicles.
    Lohum Cleantech
    Lohum powers next-gen Li-ion battery mobility & energy solutions, gives batteries multiple lives through reuse technology, and makes battery materials last forever through recycling.
    Magenta Mobility
    Magenta Mobility previously known as chargegrid manufactures and deploys chargers to manage and monitor EV charging systems. The company operates Chargegrid, which provides hardware, software, installation and operations, and maintenance services for solutions related to electric vehicle (EV) charging. Its EV charging stations are automated, unmanned, and payment gateway enabled open network for charging stations for electric vehicles.
    Matter is a futuristic electric vehicles platforms and energy storage solutions provider. The company is driving India to a sustainable future, leveraging expertise to create tech-backed solutions to empower every individual with the option to choose superior alternatives.
    Mihup is a leading Conversation Intelligence platform for boosting contact center performance. Built on proprietary ASR technology, the firm offers the best blend of accuracy, speed and cost-effectiveness. The conversation intelligence platform of Mihup has handled over 100 million interactions for customers ranging from small businesses to enterprises across domains like bfsi, bpos, e-commerce, logistics, and automobiles
    Minus Zero
    Minus Zero Robotics Private Limited, doing business as Minus Zero, engages in the research, development, and manufacture of fully autonomous vehicles in India. It offers self-driving vehicles with a supporting software to make decisions based on camera-only sensors. The company was incorporated in 2021 and is based in Bengaluru, India.
    Mobec is an M-CAAS (Mobile-Charging as a Service) green company that removes EV Charge anxiety problems by providing a Portable Charging Solution wherever and whenever required for all EVs.
    Naxatra Labs
    Naxatra Labs develops electric propulsion through high-density and high-efficiency integrated drive systems based on axial flux technology built on proprietary design software enabling rapid deployment
    Nordische Technologies
    Nordische Technologies focuses on providing last mile connectivity for the end users at affordable prices. The startup is a cross-border association between Germany and India for the development of various mobility solutions on a global scale. The company is in the process of making footprints in different countries and creating spin-offs for EVSE technologies. The startup’s network is already distributed in countries like Germany, Malaysia, England, Saudi Arabia.
    Numocity offers end-to-end digital technology platform for EV charging, battery swapping and smart grid integration
    Nunam is a non-profit startup based in Berlin and Bangalore with a goal to develop ways to use old batteries as second life power storage systems.
    Nysha Mobility Tech
    Nysha Mobility Tech is a manufacturer of components, interconnects, wires, and cables for various industries including automotive (including EV vehicles), telecom, defense, and industrial sectors. Nysha is dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of the automotive and telecom industries in the age of EVs and 5G. With a unique, agile supply chain and engineering capabilities, Nysha serves as a trusted one-stop shop for OEMs and startups, providing end-to-end support from design to delivery. The co...
    Oyika Pte. Ltd. offers portable batteries, network of charging stations, and a mobile application. It offers battery swapping, location tracking, anti-theft, and remote bike control solutions.
    Pure Battery Technologies
    Pure Battery Technologies uses a simple, environmentally superior processing technology which is commercially proven to produce high-quality, more affordable nickel and cobalt Battery materials. Pbt’s patented selective acid leaching (sal) process can refine intermediate nickel and cobalt products more flexibly with a lower environmental footprint than other processing methods. This puts us in unique position to support battery producers by providing cleaner, higher-quality battery material at...
    PURE is in the business of manufacturing electric scooters and motorcycles under the brand ‘PURE EV’. The company has set up a dedicated EV and battery manufacturing and a dedicated facility for R&D for EV powertrain development and testing. PURE is currently one of the leading electric two-wheeler brands in India. It also a presence in other South Asian countries such as Nepal and Bhutan.
    Racenergy is working to power the future of mobility through clean and efficient technologies.
    Sixth Sensor Technology
    Sixth sensor technology develops, manufactures, and supplies 6Th Sense, a front collision warning system. The product warns drivers with alarms in a potentially dangerous situation and also automatically brakes in case no action is taken by the driver. The company is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
    SmartE is an India-based electric mobility service provider, offering first and last mile connectivity to commuters.
    SOOORYA is focused on offering affordable, comfortable & eco-friendly (ACE) mobility in the Indian subcontinent, the ASEAN region, Africa, and South America. It is in the process of manufacturing an eight seater electric taxi called SOOORYA EV.
    Statiq is an electric vehicle charging network that allows customers to find the closest charging station, book a slot, and pay online.
    Steradian Semi
    Steradian Semi develops 4D imaging radar products for the automotive market. The company's radar is equipped with a compact millimeter-wave chip with a channel density, interoperability and low power consumption, enabling clients to get access to a real-time terrain mapping.
    SUN Mobility
    Sun Mobility is a leading provider of universal energy infrastructure and services to accelerate mass electric vehicle usage.
    Surge Analytics
    Surge Analytics develops software-as-a-service simulation software for the development of batteries and energy storage systems. The company’s software provides prototyping and quality assurance for the development of Lithium-ion (Li-ion) cell, module, and pack by using simulations.
    Team Tinkerer’s
    TinkerLabs is a Mumbai-based innovation training and consulting agency established in 2014. It help businesses and social organisations diagnose complex problems and design interventions that create meaningful, sustained impact. The company find and tackle these challenges by combining Design Thinking and behavioural science to create meaningful, sustained impact.
    The Energy Company
    The energy company is a deep-tech startup aiming to help mobility users adopt Electric vehicles by providing faster, cheaper and reliable batteries. The company offers battery enabled SAAS platform that ensures superior control over batteries and make sure they are ready to be deployed in second-life applications.
    Tresa Motors
    Tresa is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) medium and heavy-duty electric trucks which also develops its proprietary in-house powertrain solutions, assuring self-reliance in vehicle manufacturing.
    Ultraviolette Automotive Private Limited manufactures electric two wheelers and accessories. The company is based in Bengaluru, India
    Vecmocon technologies
    Vecmocon Technologies Private Limited develops mobility solutions for original equipment manufacturers. The company offers battery management systems, vehicle intelligence, instrument cluster, charger, motor controller, and fleet management systems.
    Webber ElectroCorp
    Webber Electrocorp is a startup in the electric vehicle domain by IIT Kharagpur alumni. At Webber have built an integrated full stack of electrical systems consisting of a battery management system, battery charger, and motor controller for EVs allowing vehicle and battery pack oems to focus on mechanical integration. The company’s product stack helps oems launch their vehicles 3x faster than importing subsystems from multiple vendors abroad while ensuring excellent reliability and short vehic...
    Welion Energy Pvt Ltd, design, develop and supply the lithium ion battery packs with customization according to the required application. The company analyze the application and choose one of the prevailing chemistry (NCA, NMC, LCO, LFP, LTO, etc) and fabricate the pack using its properitory Thermal Management System and BMS (battery management system).
    Xenhester Innovation
    Xenhester Innovation is an electric motor & controller, design and manufacturing company based in Gujarat, India
    Zeliot Connected Services
    Zeliot Connected Services Private Limited develops a Connected mobility platform for telematics serving auto manufacturers, electric vehicle ecosystem, enterprises, and fleet management.
    Ziptrax Cleantech
    Ziptrax CleanTech is the technology pioneer in AI-powered repurposing and patented material recycling for Li-ion batteries. The company reutilizes EV Li-ion batteries for e-mobility, EV charging, and energy storage applications. The patented technology is used to regenerate and reutilize metals like Lithium, Cobalt, Nickel, and Manganese from the Spent Li-ion batteries for powering future Li-ion cells manufactured for use in EVs, Energy Storage, Renewable Energy Grids and consumer electronics. C...
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