L4 autonomous vehicle announcement tracker - H2 2023

L4 autonomous vehicle announcement tracker - H2 2023

Publication Date: 13-Dec-2023

The Level 4 Autonomous Vehicle Announcement Tracker offers a detailed overview of public announcements regarding Level 4 autonomous vehicle testing and deployment. It includes information such as the company's name, current operational status, deployment location, nature of deployment (testing or commercial), quantity of vehicles, operational design domain, and deployment year. Version 5 focuses on Greater China and Europe, with updates for North America and Asia, and includes H2 2023 updates. Subsequent versions will cover announcements from other key regions/countries for a comprehensive and up-to-date perspective.

The Level 4 Autonomous Vehicle Announcement Tracker provides a comprehensive overview of public announcements of testing and implementation of Level 4 autonomous vehicles.

This tracker encompasses details pertaining to the deployment of Level 4 autonomous vehicles, including the name of the autonomous vehicle company; current operating status; the specific city, state, country, and region where deployment occurs; the nature of the deployment (whether for testing purposes or commercial use); the quantity of vehicles deployed; the operational design domain (whether for private or public use); and the year in which deployment took place, among other relevant factors.

The fifth version of this tracker covers the Level 4 autonomous vehicle announcements for mainland China and the European market, along with updates for the North American and Asian markets. For this iteration, we have also included H2 2023 updates, ensuring a comprehensive and up-to-date perspective on Level 4 autonomous vehicle deployments. This tracker will be reiterative, with subsequent versions covering announcements from other key deployment regions/countries.

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