EV-specific connected services

EV-specific connected services

Publication Date: 02-Mar-2023

As connectivity continues to redefine mobility, it is also unmistakably driving electric vehicle (EV) adoption and proliferation. While vehicle connectivity and electrification are inextricably linked and complement each other, they are also inherently discrete.

While connectivity is indispensable to any vehicle today, it is particularly relevant for EVs which have a very high software content and an electronic-oriented architecture. As EVs move about leveraging connectivity to constantly update their software and add new features and functions, they continue to evolve through their lifecycle and stay relevant for longer.

About this report

This report looks at the underlying connected services that help EVs function optimally and unlock their full potential in the overall mobility ecosystem. It dwells on how OEMs and services providers are monetizing connected services through the EV lifecycle. The report also reviews connected data platform providers—both established players and startup companies.

1. Overview
a) Report summary
b) Research methodology

2. Connected car services – use cases
a) EV-centric services
b) Smart cities
c) Safety and emergency
d) Mapping
e) Streaming services
f) Remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance
g) Usage-based insurance (UBI)
h) Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications
i) Concierge services

3. EV and cloud connectivity
a) Overview
b) Over-the-air (OTA) updates
c) Cloud-based E/E architecture
d) Third-party applications
e) Cockpit personalization
f) Phone as a key
g) Virtual personal assistant

4. Connected EV data platforms
a) Overview
b) Google
c) Amazon
d) Microsoft
e) Harman
f) Ericsson
g) IBM
h) Huawei
i) Aptiv

5. Startup players
a) Otonomo
b) Wejo
c) Mojio
e) Arrival
f) Sonatus
g) Sibros

6. Connected services at key EV brands
a) Tesla
b) NIO
c) GM
d) Hyundai and Kia
e) Volvo and Polestar
f) Audi and VW
g) Mercedes-Benz
h) BYD Auto
i) Lucid Motors

7. Conclusion

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