Lighting sources: From conventional bulbs to LEDs and beyond

Lighting sources: From conventional bulbs to LEDs and beyond

Publication Date: 28-Feb-2023

This report analyzes how various light sources such as halogen lamps, xenon lamps, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), are changing and how these changes are helping vehicle manufacturers to offer more advanced lighting systems in their vehicles. The report also explores the next-generation light sources that the automotive industry is considering, which will not only help make new vehicles safer but also look stylish and stand out from competition.

1. Overview
a) Report summary
b) Introduction

2. Technology analysis
a) Halogen lamps
b) Xenon lamps
c) LEDs
d) OLEDs
e) Laser light
f) Mini-LEDs
g) Micro-LEDs

3. Light source for key lighting systems
a) Headlights
b) Taillights
c) DRLs
d) Ambient lighting

4. LED-based lighting innovations
a) Exterior lighting
b) Interior lighting

5. LED supports newer lighting applications
a) Front and rear light bar
b) Illuminated logo
c) Illuminated grille
d) Projection light

6. Supplier analysis
a) Lumileds
b) Nichia
c) Lextar Electronics
d) OLEDWorks
e) Seoul Semiconductors
f) Samsung Electronics
g) OSRAM Opto Semiconductors
h) Yeolight Technology

7. OEM analysis

8. Conclusion

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