Lighting and its influences on vehicle design

Lighting and its influences on vehicle design

Publication Date: 31-Aug-2022

Automotive lighting systems have always played a critical role in ensuring safer driving. Over the years, automakers have added new lighting functions and features to help drivers safely operate vehicles at night. However, in addition to improving safety, lighting systems have nowemerged as an important design tool to create distinctive looks that setvehicles apart from their competitors.

Today’s automakers are equipping new vehicles with stylish headlights, taillights, daytime running lights (DRLs), and turn signal lights without compromising their functional efficiency. These lighting systems help automakers to personalize their vehicles. Some automakers have developed unique signature lights for theirvehicles that can be easily recognized from a distance, even at night.

This new report analyzes both the vital role of lighting as well as the trends and key factors that are influencing its effect on currentvehicle design.

1. Overview
a) Report summary
b) Introduction

2. Technology analysis
a) Overview
b) Trends in automotive lighting
c) New lighting applications

3. OEM analysis
a) Lighting as tool for vehicle design
b) Factors affecting vehicle design
c) Lighting strategies of keyOEMs

4. Supplier analysis
a) Hella
b) Marelli
c) Magna
d) Plastic Omnium
e) Hyundai Mobis

5. Conclusion

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