Lighting for future connected and automated vehicles

Lighting for future connected and automated vehicles

Publication Date: 06-Jun-2022

Rising focus on connectivity and autonomous driving, along with electrification is leading to major changes, not only in the way today’s vehicles are designed, developed, and produced, but also in how they are driven and utilized for mobility. These megatrends are impacting all key areas of a vehicle, including its lighting systems. Automakers are introducing new lighting features and functionalities, which not only contribute to safer driving, but also result in better design and styling of these vehicles.

This brand-new report on “Lighting for future connected and automated vehicles” analyzes how ongoing focus of the automotive industry on connectivity and automated driving will affect automotive lighting. The report also analyses how changes in automotive lighting will help automakers in delivering connected and automated vehicles.

1. Overview
a) Report summary
b) Research methodolgy
c) Introduction

2. Technology analysis
a) New lighting functions
b) More efficient light sources
c) Adaptive headlights to deal with glaring
d) Sensors key for ADAS, automated driving
e) Interior lighting
f) Lighting as dynamic communication tool
g) Lighting for autonomous vehicle communication

3. Conclusion

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