Manufacturing footprint of Thermal components

Manufacturing footprint of Thermal components

Publication Date: 30-Nov-2019

For the industry to function at optimum levels while remaining profitable, the supporting supply chain must function as per design. As the regulatory and business dynamics change, the automotive supply chain too must evolve in response. Setting up a new manufacturing plant or even expanding the capacity of an existing one is a resource-intensive undertaking and one that must be made after holistic consideration of many factors.

Certain thermal components, such as A/C condensers; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) modules; and engine cooling radiators, have a very high fitment rate and a standardized design template, which means volumes are high enough to justify localization of the parts. Also, these components are comparatively larger dimensionally, making transcontinental logistics a less attractive proposition compared with smaller components.

In the case of high-technology products, such as electric A/C compressors, shipping in the component from manufacturing plants in other continents is more likely because of the smaller size and favorable logistical economics. There are certain deviations to this sourcing template based on the individual OEM supplier strategy.

About this report

This report aims to provide a snapshot of the global supplier landscape of certain thermal components, such as the A/C condenser, the HVAC module, the engine cooling radiator, and the A/C compressor. The report analyzes light vehicle production regions and the regional component production hubs that supply them. The report also examines the supplier plant distribution on a regional level, while touching upon the average production numbers at these facilities.


This report will answer the following questions. 

  • What is the global thermal component manufacturing landscape like?
  • What is the regional thermal component manufacturing landscape like?
  • What are the influences on the thermal component manufacturing landscape?
  • Who are the major thermal component suppliers, and how does their manufacturing footprint on a global and regional level look like?
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