Electric A/C compressor report

Electric A/C compressor report

Publication Date: 19-Nov-2019

Effective cabin thermal management is an integral part of passenger comfort and well-being in today’s competitive global automotive market. Automotive air conditioning has become part of the standard equipment list, even in the more value sensitive regional markets. The adoption has been driven by both the rationalization in the cost structure of the system components and evolving consumer expectations.

The emergence of electric vehicles (EV) has been a major disrupter to the established supply chain and R&D structure. The unique modules which make up APVs (alternative propulsion vehicle) demand dedicated components and controls. Suppliers have had to evolve existing technologies and develop entirely new solutions where needed. The primary concern has been to ensure that the power consumption by the onboard ancillaries is not so high as to significantly compromise driving range and performance. Thermal ancillaries were adapted for electric drive—powered by the onboard battery.

The approach of electrifying ancillaries is finding some traction on conventional ICE powered vehicles too—with higher voltage (e.g 48V) architecture mild-hybridization being the driving factor. The A/C compressor, which can also be counted as one of the high energy consumption ancillaries, is witnessing electrification, though penetration remains currently modest compared to mechanical solutions. Pricing and technical barriers need to be addressed in order to accelerate mass adoption.BEVs, full HEVs and 48V mild hybrids (in limited numbers) are the main drivers for the electric A/C compressor demand globally

About this report

This report aims to provide an understanding of the electric A/C compressor technology, outline a global and regional perspective of the market trends and business drivers and touch upon the leading players in the sector. Of particular interest is the emergence of the CO2 refrigerant based electric A/C compressor, which is expected to hit the market on EV vehicle platforms.

This report will answer the following questions.

  • What are the size and scope of the global electric A/C Compressor market?
  • What are the key drivers for the component sector?
  • What is the regional outlook for the sector?
  • What are the challenges faced by the sector?
  • What is the business outlook for the sector?
  • Who are the major suppliers operating in the sector?
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