Automotive lidar sensor

Automotive lidar sensor

Publication Date: 11-Nov-2019

Lidar sensor is poised to become one of the major components of automotive sensing and ranging suite in the next 20 years.

Sensing and perception technologies are getting more advanced to support the development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving technologies. Lidar stands for light detection and ranging and is based on laser beams for scanning a vehicle’s surrounding. Because of technical advantages over other sensing technologies, lidar sensors are experiencing increased adoption by automotive OEMs and autonomous driving companies.

About this report

This report provides a comprehensive study of the automotive lidar sensors market while discussing the various levels of automation. It also outlines and discusses the various lidar technology types and includes a component-level summary of the lidar structure and its working principle.

The research study also includes a market analysis of the automotive lidar sensors, along with global demand including volume and revenue forecasts. This report aims at providing in-depth coverage of the automotive lidar value chain highlighting the key suppliers and their competitive landscape. An OEM commentary section is also included. It throws light on the strategic developments undertaken by top OEMs to integrate lidar sensors within their vehicles and gain a strong foothold in the autonomous vehicle landscape.

The report will answer the following questions:

  • Which of the ADAS applications are most likely to integrate lidar sensor?
  • What are the advantages provided by lidar sensor over other sensing tecnologies?
  • Lidar construction, working principle, and performance parameters
  • What are the different automotive lidar technology types?
  • What are the key developments happening within the automotive lidar ecosystem?
  • What are the supplier-OEM strategies for changing industry trends?
  • What are the drivers pushing growth of the global automotive lidar market?

Major Lidar suppliers profiled in this report include AEye, Blickfeld, Continental, DENSO, Hesai, Innoviz, IBEO, Infineon, LeddarTech, Lumotive, Ouster, Quanergy, Pioneer, Phantom Intelligence, Pioneer, TriLumina, Valeo, Velodyne, Waymo, and Xenomatik among others.

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