Exhaust Sensor Report - 2019

Exhaust Sensor Report - 2019

Publication Date: 20-Nov-2019
Number of Pages: 43

The market for exhaust sensors will grow as a result of increasingly stringent emissions regulations and tough market forces that dictate cleaner vehicles under all operation conditions, along with tougher tests to make sure the newly certified vehicles adhere to standards under real driving conditions.

As OEMs develop more advanced aftertreatment, sensors are needed as part of the operational feedback loop and to monitor these functions as part of on-board diagnostics strategies. As a result of the European Euro 6D-TEMP/WLTC, Real Driving Emissions (RDE), and new Euro 6D regulations that extend out to 2024 or 2025, as well as the China 6B, US tier 3/LEV III, and other parallel regulations in other regions, IHS Markit predicts an increase in the sensing content for both gasoline and diesel engine passenger cars and LCVs.

These factors increase the sensing and electronics content per vehicle and offset the negative impact on sensing from a softening automotive market, changes in mobility, and electrification of the vehicle. In addition, companies are responding with new offerings that support a necessary supply chain for future exhausts well beyond the next decade.

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