V2X communications - global growth and trends

V2X communications - global growth and trends

Publication Date: 14-Mar-2022

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V2X refers to an intelligent transport system (ITS) where all vehicles and infrastructure systems are interconnected with each other. V2X technology globally is permitted to operate in the 5.9-GHz frequency band, which has been harmonized in a technology-neutral manner for safety-related ITS applications. With various radar, lidar, camera, and ultrasonic sensors, an ADAS-equipped vehicle can see what is immediately around it, but it is unable to provide intelligence beyond the short-range environment covered by these sensors. This is where V2X communication comes in.

Every V2X-enabled vehicle acts as a node that is capable of broadcasting its data omnidirectionally and simultaneously receiving data from the nearby nodes. By sharing data, such as their position and speed, to surrounding vehicles and infrastructure, V2X systems improve driver awareness of upcoming potential dangers and dramatically improve collision avoidance, resulting in reduced fatalities and injury severity.

In addition, the technology is supposed to enhance traffic efficiency by providing warnings for upcoming traffic congestions, proposing alternative routes, and ensuring eco-friendly driving, thereby reducing emissions and enabling a smarter transportation management.

This report explores the growth and importance of vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication based on automotive telematics systems. The technologies, trends, and forecasts for V2X communication and its relevance in the autonomous vehicle ecosystem are discussed in the report. The report includes basic information and forecasts of V2X communication chipsets, as well as dwells on how V2X, in its various forms, acts as a key technology enabler to full vehicle autonomy.


About this report

The report tries to define V2X communication by connectivity and application and explores how V2X communication continues to evolve globally. The term V2X throughout the report covers vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I), and vehicle-to-pedestrian (V2P) communication.

The V2X communication chipset forecasts are based on telematics systems sales by region and for select countries. The telematics system sales data are based on IHS Markit light vehicle sales forecast for February 2022 and include light vehicles with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of up to 3.5 metric tons. Analysts regularly conduct primary and secondary research and refer to several internal IHS Markit data sets and externally published sources to determine the take-up rates.

The report is not focused on merely profiling leading V2X communication chipset providers; some company data are included to help understand specific market segments, key technologies, or market trends.

1. Overview
a) Introduction
b) Research scope
c) Terminology and abbreviations
d) Key takeaways

2. Technology analysis
a) Overview
b) V2X solutions by connectivity type
c) V2X and 5G

3. Market analysis
a) Market demand
b) Industry influencers

4. OEM initiatives
a) Audi
b) BMW
c) Ford Motors
d) Geely
e) General Motors (GM)
f) Honda
g) Hyundai
h) Jaguar Land Rover (JLR)
i) Stellantis
j) Toyota
k) Volkswagen (VW)
l) Volvo

5. Regional landscape
a) United States
b) Europe
c) Mainland China
d) Japan
e) South Korea
f) Regional summary

6. V2X hardware/software
a) Hardware
b) Software

7. New/emerging V2X players
a) Autotalks
b) Cohda Wireless
c) Commsignia
d) Kymeta Corporation
e) Veniam
f) Valerann

8. Conclusion

9. Supplier profiles
a) Profiles of key V2X suppliers

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