Autonomous Vehicle Report

Autonomous Vehicle Report

Publication Date: 09-Mar-2018

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This report is focused on covering the latest autonomous driving trends and events. It includes an assessment of how far autonomous vehicle technology has advanced and what more is needed for deployment. Much of the content is short profiles of the most important companies participating in the various autonomous vehicle segments. A short description of the content is summarized next:

  • Key AV technologies. Overview and impact of sensors, software, hardware, wireless connections, shared vehicle use and battery EVs. Additional technology assessment is included for software technologies with emphasis on deep learning trends.
  • Key companies by AV technology segments. Each section list important companies with a short summary of their activities. The most important companies are profiled later in the report.
  • Lidar companies. Fifteen lidar companies are summarized and two are profiled in more details in a later section.
  • HD map companies. Twelve HD mapping companies are summarized and two are profiled in more details in a later section.
  • Autonomous driving software companies. Twenty one AV software companies are summarized and seven are profiled in more details in a later section.
  • Deep learning chip accelerator companies. Eight companies are summarized and two are profiled in a later section.
  • OEMs with AV activities. Twelve auto OEMs are summarized and ten are profiled in a later section.
  • Tier 1s with AV activities. Eleven Tier 1 companies are summarized and four are profiled in a later section.
  • TNCs and others with AV activities. Eleven companies are summarized and six are profiled in a later section. TNC means Transportation Network Companies, which is the classification that includes ride-hailing, car-sharing and ride-sharing companies.
  • Profiles of autonomous vehicle companies. This is the largest part of the report covering 38 companies in USA, Europe, Japan and China. The profiles are a half page to two pages long and include summary tables with key information.
  • Emerging AV platform battle. Summary information of nine software and hardware platforms that are emerging for autonomous driving. These platforms are at different levels and some are competitors. Some platforms are open, but most are proprietary at some levels.
  • AV regulation issues. Summary of autonomous vehicle regulation in countries where rules have been established. Most of the content is for USA as there are federal and state initiatives.
  • AV regional forecast to 2040. Autonomous vehicle sales for 10 regions and global total. Report includes a detailed forecast in spreadsheet format.
  • Summary and conclusions. Review of four major AV trends: technology status, AV leaders, AV deployment status and brief AV forecast.
  • List of company with AV testing license in California. As of December 2017, 47 companies have gotten a license to test autonomous vehicles in California.

In summary, this report is focused on assessing how far the autonomous vehicle technology has come and to discuss who the leading companies are and what they do.


Executive Summary                    

Key Technologies                          

Deep Learning                  

Companies by Segments                             

HD Maps                             
Deep Learning Chip Accelerator               
OEMs with AV Activities                               
Tier 1s with AV Activities                              
TNCs and Others with AV Activities                         

Autonomous Vehicle Company Profiles

Aptiv (UK)                          
Argo AI (USA)                   
Volkswagen Group (Germany)                 
Aurora Innovation (USA)                             
AutoNavi (China)                            
Baidu (China)                    
Baidu Apollo Platform (China)                   
BMW (Germany)                            
Bosch (Germany)                            
Continental (Germany)                
Daimler (Germany)                        
DeNA (Japan)                   
Didi Chuxing (China)                      
Ford (USA)                         
General Motors (USA)                  
HERE (EU)                           
Honda (Japan)                  
Horizon Robotics (China)                             
Hyundai (South Korea)                 
Intel (USA)                         
Lyft (USA)                  (China)                      
NIO (China)                       
Nissan (Japan)                  
NTT DoCoMo (Japan)                    
Nvidia (USA)                     
Quanergy Systems (USA)                            
Softbank (Japan)                             
Tesla (USA)                        
TomTom (Netherlands)               
Toyota Motor (Japan)                   
Toyota Research Institute (USA)                              
Uber (USA)                        
Valeo (France)                 
Velodyne LiDAR (USA)                  
Volvo (Sweden)                              
Waymo (USA)                  
ZF (Germany)                   
ZMP (Japan)                      

Emerging AV Platform Battle                     

Regulation Issues                            

European Union                              

AV Market Forecast by Regions to 2040                

Summary and Conclusion

Summary and Conclusion                            
Technology Status                          
AV Leaders                        
Deployment Status                        
AV Forecast                       


Companies with AV Testing License in California                               

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