Re-Purchase Behavior of US Battery Electric Vehicle Households

Re-Purchase Behavior of US Battery Electric Vehicle Households

Publication Date: 19-Dec-2017
Number of Pages: 11

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In the first eight months of 2017, battery electric vehicles accounted for 0.5% new light vehicles registered in the US. This share is not spread equally across all 50 states; rather, BEV share in California over the same time period is five times as high at 2.5%, while the remaining 49 states’ share stands at 0.3 %. While the national BEV share of 0.5% is small, it is noteworthy that this metric was 0.0% as recently as 2010.

This free whitepaper looks at BEV loyalty and conquest/defection trends, fuel type loyalty, BEV make loyalty, and looks at how the BEV Market is set to develop in future.


Key Findings

The BEV Landscape

Looking Ahead

Tom Libby
Loyalty Principal, IHS Markit

Mr. Libby serves as Loyalty Principal at IHS Markit, focusing on the US new and used vehicle industries. In this role he provides data and analysis to several automotive clients, and he also gives industry insight, data and commentary to the media. He has more than 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, and industry analysis in the US new and used vehicle markets, including more than a decade with Ford Motor Company and thirteen years with another automotive market research firm. Mr. Libby currently is President and a member of the Board of Directors of the Society of Automotive Analysts (he served as President of this organization in 2009 as well). He holds a Bachelor of Arts in history from Amherst College and an MBA in marketing from Columbia University. He has also served as an Adjunct Professor of Market Research at Pepperdine University.

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