Supplying Tata

Supplying Tata

Publication Date: 26-Aug-2016

Tata was founded back in 1868 and the group is now a highly diversified operation covering more than 100 companies in manufacturing and services on a global scale. Group revenue is over US$110bn, employing more than 600,000 people. Each subsidiary operates independently, and many of them have their own public share listing. Tata Motors is one of the 29 such publicly listed companies.

This report looks at the company's recent performance, including production strategy and purchasing strategy. There is also a long form interview with Dilip Huddar, Head of Purchasing & Supplier Quality at Tata, where he discusses the company's purchasing strategy and sourcing strategy.


Key findings      


Sales Volumes

Commercial Vehicles     



Major model programmes


Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles            

Manufacturing Footprint             


Production strategy

Driven by a new CEO     

New Model Plans           

Future Models


Purchasing strategy

Levels of vertical integration and outsourcing    



Dilip Huddar, Tata Motors           


Supplier selection

Supplier Locations

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