Supplying the BMW Group

Supplying the BMW Group

Publication Date: 10-Jul-2017

The Supplying BMW report includes in-depth analysis of the Group’s best-selling vehicles, most-used vehicle platforms, global manufacturing footprint, purchasing and supply, quality and technology and relationships with its suppliers.

 BMW has introduced a series of new technologies, many of which are produced with the support of the supply base. The report outlines many of these developments and the related impact on suppliers. BMW is continuing to roll out an increasing number of models with plug-in hybrid  and electric propulsion systems. The report also looks at BMW's partnerships and strategies with regard to developments in autonomous driving and the growth of shared mobility.


Global market overview              

Financial data    

Financial overview       


Product strategy             

Company history and strategy review   

Major model programmes          

1. BMW 3-Series              

2. BMW 5-Series              

3. Mini             

4. BMW X1         

5. BMW 1-Series

6. BMW X5         

7. BMW X3         

8. BMW 2-Series Active Tourer      

9. BMW 4-Series              

10. BMW 2-Series    


Vehicle Platforms          

Platform strategy            

Major platforms              

1. L7      

2. LU    

3. L6    

4. L4      

5. LG    

6. LI     

7. LK      

8. L2

9. L3

10. RR01             

Component sharing       

Volume planning             


Production Strategy      

Production strategy overview  

Manufacturing network               


United States   


United Kingdom



South Africa      

CKD assembly sites        

Internal supply network              

Modularisation strategy               

Supplier parks  

Cluster of reference      

Strategies for manufacturing efficiency                


Purchasing strategy       

Purchasing strategy overview   

Levels of vertical integration and outsourcing    

Purchasing organisation               

Purchasing offices          

Key purchasing personnel           

Purchasing budget         


Supplier Selection        

Supply base development          

Major and strategic suppliers    

Supplier eligibility            

Supplier evaluation criteria         

Working with the BMW Group  


Global Sourcing               

Policy and plans               





Pricing Policy    

Cost reduction strategies            

Raw material price management             

Payment terms


Quality Management   

Quality level      

Quality management systems   

Supplier integration into product development

Management of suppliers and sub-suppliers      

Supplier awards               



Technological positioning            

Areas of focus

R&D organisation            

R&D spending  

Access to supplier technology   

Approach to alternative fuels, electrification and fuel cells

Autonomous Driving

Shared Mobility         

Special vehicle development     


Forward Model Programmes    



Franz Linner, vice-president BMW Supplier Network America    

Dr. Jürgen Greiner, Head of Development for Passenger Car Transmission,
ZF Friedrichshafen          


Supplier Relations Survey          

Introduction to the SuRe Index


Executive summary       

Performance review – BMW    

2016 SuRe survey results            

Profit potential   



Pursuit of excellence        


OEM Level        

SuRe by region 

North America



SuRe by company size 


SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis - BMW Group    

Global footprint              


Major Suppliers  by Nameplate                

BMW X3 (2017)

BMW X1 (2016)

Mini Countryman (2016)

BMW 7-SERIES (2016)

BMW 5-SERIES (2016)

Mini One D (2014)

BMW X6 (2014)

BMW i8 (2014)

Rolls Royce Wraith (2014)

BMW 2-SERIES (2014)  

BMW X4 (2014)

BMW 4-SERIES (2014)

BMW i3 (2014)        

Figures & Tables

1: Global light vehicle sales 2013-2021  
2: BMW Group sales by brand 2013-2021  
3: BMW income statement & balance sheet 2013-2016
4: BMW sales, revenue and profits 2012-2016 
5: BMW Eisenach plant in 1929  
6: Launch of 1500 saloon in 1961 
7: BMW headquarters in Munich  
8: Top 10 best-selling BMW Group models 2016 & 2021 
9: The first BMW 3-Series 1975  
10: Facelifted F30 3-Series 2015 
11: BMW 3-Series production by manufacturer and plant 2016 & 2021  
12: First generation 5-Series  
13: BMW 5-Series production by manufacturer, country, plant 2016 & 2021  
14: Headlight units in new Mini  
15: Mini John Cooper Works  
16: Mini sales by nameplate, platform, program and bodytype 2016 & 2021
17: Mini production by bodystyle and plant 2016 & 2021 
18: BMW X1  
19: BMW X1 sales by platform & program 2009-2021  
20: BMW 1-Series hatchback  
21: BMW 1-Series production by nameplate, country, plant 2016 & 2021  
22: BMW X5  
23: BMW X5 sales by platform, program 2012 - 2021  
24: BMW X3  
25: BMW X3 sales by platform, program 2012 - 2021  
26: BMW 2-Series Active Tourer production by plant 2016 & 2021 
27: BMW 4-Series  
28: BMW 4-Series production by platform, program, plant 2016 & 2021  
29: BMW 2-Series production by plant 2014 - 2021  
30: BMW most used platforms 2016 & 2021  
31: Bodyshell of 5-door Mini advancing through bodyshop at Oxford
32: LG body structure of 2016 7-Series  
33: Cutaway of LifeDrive architecture underpinning the BMW i3 
34: Production of the all aluminium chassis structure for the Rolls Royce Phantom  
35: Signing of the contract marking the start of cooperation between BMW and Toyota 
36: BMW production by country 2016 & 2021  
37: Top 10 production plants 2016 & 2021  
38: Production of BMW 7-Series in Dingolfing  
39: Conveyor for completed car bodies at Liepzig  
40: Spartanburg, South Carolina 
41: Assembly of BMW X1 at Tiexu, China
42: BMW Brilliance Automotive production by plant and nameplate 2016 - 2021
43: Production of modular engines at Hams Hall 
44: Goodwood facility 
45: Rosslyn produce one millionth 3-Series  
46: BMW 3-Series production at Araquari, Brazil 
47: Markus Duesmann
48: Purchasing spend by region 
49: Supplier network by region
50: Magna deliveries to BMW Group
51: ZF deliveries to BMW 
53: BMW regional vehicle production by brand 2012 - 2021  
54: Scherm Group electric powered truck delivering parts to Munich  
55: Start of BMW X4 priduction at Spartanburg  
56: BMW Brilliance China-only Zinoro 1E EV
57: Product & process development schematic  
58: BMW 7-Serieswith display key fob  
59: BMW X3 police car
60: Toyota FT 1 Concept  
61: SuRe index - top of the ranking 2016  
62: SuRe Index - Profit Potential ranking
63: SuRe Index  -Organizational ranking
64: SuRe Index - Trust ranking
65: SuRe Index - Pursuit of excellence ranking
66: SuRe Index - Outlook ranking  
67: SuRe Index by region
68: SWOT Analysis - BMW Group  
69: Global footprint - BMW Group
70: Suppliers to BMW X3 2017  
71: Suppliers to BMW X1  2016  
72: Suppliers to Mini Countryman 2016 
73: Suppliers to BMW 7-Series 2016 
74: Suppliers to BMW 5-Series 2016
75: Suppliers to Mini One D 2014
76: Suppliers to BMW X6 2014
77: Suppliers to BMW i8 2014
78: Suppliers to Rolls Royce Wraith 2014
79: Suppliers to BMW 2-Series 2014
80: Suppliers to BMW X4 2014
81: Suppliers to BMW 4-Seres 2014
82: Suppliers to BMW i3 2014

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