The Seating Systems Report

The Seating Systems Report

Publication Date: 28-Jul-2016

The way a vehicle’s interior looks today is totally comparable to our personal or home environments such as intelligent living spaces that offer increased comfort and utilise the latest gadgets and technologies. As consumers begin associating comfort with luxury, automakers are making efforts to offer the same by way of enhancements in interior styling. Vehicle seating thus plays a crucial role in achieving this. For instance, today's buyers prefer a seat that would not cause fatigue and synchronises sitting posture. Additionally, the demand for comfort – delivered through seats in the form of features such as massage, lumbar support, and back rest – is also on the rise. Interestingly, these features, which were once prominent in high-segment cars, have filtered down to cost-efficient segments. 

As appeal of luxury cars in interior and seating style becomes more apparent in consumer cars, seating suppliers have started offering new structures with key focus on offering these traits. The component “seat” has gradually transformed from a simple, standalone component to a complex part, requiring a higher level of designing. Leading interior suppliers have increased their concentration on core components such as seating as the car companies have put pressure on the final price for delivered components. Naturally, suppliers want to have better control over costs in the complex supply chain involved in production; ideally, they also want to have access to margins that are available at each stage.


Key definitions

Automotive seating characterised by balance between safety, vehicle dynamics, cost   

Key findings      


Market analysis

Global automotive seating market is poised to grow at a CAGR of 2.1% in 2022 from 2014             

Key market drivers         


Technology analysis

Technology demand for seating components    

JCI dominates 2015 production of both power and manual seat recliners              

Seat adjuster technology demand, segment-wise, 2015–21        

Seat recliners by technology types          

Vertical integration in materials used in seat manufacture           


Competitive analysis

Seating market remains highly fragmented         

Supplier seat strategies                

OEM sourcing strategies              


Tier-1 supplier profiles

Sub-supplier sourcing

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