Auto Tech HMI & Usability - Forecast Database - H1 2016

Auto Tech HMI & Usability - Forecast Database - H1 2016

Publication Date: 02/02/2016

The market for automotive user interfaces is well positioned for growth in both sales and revenue, as well as new technological innovations. The industry was once comprised of nothing more than buttons and knobs. It now includes speech recognition, touch screen displays, LCDs, LEDs, OLEDs, touchpads, haptic feedback, and much more.

Part of the reason the variety of automotive user interfaces is so vast is the ever increasing complexity of infotainment. New interaction design is necessary to enable safe operation of these complex systems while driving. Other drivers for new and increasing levels of HMI technology include safety mandates, like rear camera which are influencing OEMs to install standard displays on vehicles in all segments and classes – from high-end luxury down to B-segment economy.

This forecast focuses on all major in-vehicle infotainment HMI (Human-Machine Interface) component families:

- Hard keys & buttons - Steering wheel controls

- Multi-function controllers & touchpads

- Touchscreens

- Speech recognition

- Proximity & gesture recognition

- Center stack displays

- Instrument cluster display

- Heads-up displays

- Haptic feedback

- Augmented reality

This forecast combines historical information from various research teams throughout the organization to offer up a complete view of the Automotive User Interface marketplace. This forecast provides in-depth sales, revenue, and select market share forecasts of light vehicles and HMI technologies.

This forecast does not highlight any specifics on design, usability, or OEM or brand or model-level detail. 

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