EV charging trends

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In this week’s episode of Autology, IHS Markit experts sit down with general manager at Wallbox, Douglas Alfaro, to discuss industry and consumer perspectives around electric vehicle charging and its evolution. We get an understanding of some of the key barriers for EV adoption and the importance of developing the public charging infrastructure.

How do consumer perceive the infrastructure and how are different countries tackling the expansion? How might charging habits evolve and what is the consumer willingness to pay for charging?

Sustainability for the electric grid is an increasingly important topic as well. So how does the concept of bi-directional charging technology appeal to consumers and under what conditions?

Tune in to find out the answers, and much more!


  • Douglas Alfaro, General Manager, Wallbox
  • Diana Quezada, Senior Analyst, E-Mobility, S&P Global Mobility

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