The battery market - On a cellular level

Technology Trends

Following a series of developments in the battery industry in recent weeks, IHS Markit deep dives into the impact and significance they are expected to have.

These include Nissan and Envision AESC’s plan to build the UK’s first gigafactory adjacent to the OEM’s Sunderland plant, where it will also manufacture a new electric vehicle. Our experts discuss the importance this has on the British automotive industry, as well as whether or not there is scope to then export the batteries to the European Union and beyond.

Stellantis was another carmaker that recently hit the headlines after hosting its own EV Day, where it signaled an introduction of solid state batteries from 2026. Our experts question whether this timeline will put it at the forefront of the technology’s use on a mass scale.

And finally, this week’s episode will also explore how the battery market will progress in the long term, including if current-day lithium-ion batteries have reached their maximum potential as alternative cell materials and compositions develop.


  • Graham Evans, E-Mobility research and analysis director at IHS Markit
  • Amit Panday, E-Mobility news correspondent at IHS Markit
  • Dr. Richard Kim, Battery expert at IHS Markit

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