CARIAD and Harman collaborate to launch Group Application Store for Volkswagen Group’s cars

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ATI News Team

The Group Application Store enables in-car access to apps like Spotify and TikTok, simplifying integration for developers and enhancing driving experience

Source: Getty Images Plus/TrongNguyen

CARIAD, the automotive software company of the Volkswagen Group (VW), has teamed up with Harman International to develop the Group Application Store that seamlessly connects the car to the driver’s digital world without the need for a smartphone. Utilizing the Android Automotive OS (AAOS), the platform integrates popular and useful applications directly into the vehicle's infotainment system, enabling a growing ecosystem for both the vehicle and market-specific applications. The ecosystem already offers more than 70 apps across various industries, including Spotify, Zoom and TikTok, tailored to market requirements.

CARIAD, along with HARMAN, has outlined a straightforward process for developers wishing to integrate their applications into the Volkswagen Group's automotive ecosystem. This begins with registration through a contact form that grants access to a developer portal. The portal provides essential tools for development such as a developer console for app configuration and an automotive emulator that simulates the vehicle's infotainment system to facilitate testing. Additionally, apps undergo rigorous security and functionality testing, including evaluations on reference hardware, to ensure they are secure and provide a seamless user experience.

The ecosystem not only simplifies the process for developers to bring their applications into the automotive world using AAOS standards but also enhances the driving experience by making a diverse range of applications accessible directly through the car's infotainment system. This approach keeps the offering attractive and innovative for the customers of the Volkswagen Group brands.

The Group Application Store is set to expand its reach, already available in selected Audi models, and slated to be included in vehicles based on the new E31.2 electronics architecture, starting with the Audi Q6 e-tron and the all-electric Porsche Macan. This collaboration between CARIAD and Harman underlines the VW Group's commitment to maintaining control over third-party content, the user experience, and the primary relationship with the end user, while fostering a dynamic and expanding ecosystem for automotive applications.

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