Harman joins Eclipse Foundation’s Software-Defined Vehicle Working Group

Software-Defined Vehicles
ATI News Team

To start with, Harman will be contributing to various Eclipse SDV Working Group projects

Source: Getty Images/metamorworks

To shape the industrywide effort to build a vendor-agnostic, open-source ecosystem focused on creating the foundation for a new era in automotive, Harman on Feb. 6 announced that it has joined the Eclipse Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV) Working Group at The Eclipse Foundation.

The Eclipse SDV Working Group is at the forefront of this evolution, providing a vendor-neutral forum for individuals and organizations to collaborate. Members are actively working together to create open-source software to support comprehensive in-vehicle and around-the-vehicle systems development, including immersive in-cabin experiences. The Eclipse SDV open-source foundation model offers flexibility, agility and cost-savings in a collaborative environment, uniting a diverse set of leaders from the automotive, software and cloud industries.

To start with, Harman will be contributing to various Eclipse SDV Working Group projects, such as Eclipse Ibeji, which provides the capability to express a digital representation of a vehicle state through an extensible and dynamic architecture to model and access the vehicle hardware, sensors and capabilities. Furthermore, Harman is preparing to publish unique contributions such as automotive-grade container runtimes and cloud services for connected experiences.

With The Eclipse Foundation being at the forefront of open source-based developer experiences and playing a key role in shaping the unique opportunity with the SDV Working Group, Harman is committed to building world-class in-vehicle experiences and helping its customers to thrive in such ecosystems where collaboration is key to future success.

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