Hyundai Mobis develops core solution for SDV in digital space

Software-Defined Vehicles
ATI News Team

The company is collaborating with US software firm Wind River to build a digital twin system — M.Dev Studio — targeting development by 2024

Source: GettyImages/metamorworks

In a press release on Dec. 26, Hyundai Mobis said that it is establishing a system capable of developing and validating key vehicle technologies in an unrestricted digital virtual environment.
This initiative aims to significantly reduce technology development time, allowing various related research teams and collaborative partners early-stage access to the system's innovative collaboration platform. It is an optimal system for developing software-driven vehicles (SDVs).
Hyundai Mobis, in collaboration with the US software development firm Wind River, is creating M.Dev Studio. This system, as announced by Hyundai Mobis on Dec. 26, enables simulation and remote monitoring of various core technologies in a real-vehicle environment, now shifted to the digital space.
M.Dev Studio embodies the concept of developing Hyundai Mobis' future mobility technologies in digital and virtual environments. Wind River is a global software development firm providing critical solutions in the digital twin field.
Utilizing this system, various core technologies and vehicle products can be quickly evaluated, from the early-development to research and development stages, in a digital environment simulating real-world application scenarios.
For example, it allows for simulation of various sensors and controllers under different conditions and testing of autonomous driving systems' functionality through virtual signals in diverse scenarios. Hyundai Mobis plans to implement this system in 2024, immediately utilizing it for component design, validation and assessment.

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