BMW joins hands with AWS to power automated driving platform

Strategic Partnerships

The new cloud-based system will leverage BMW's preexisting Cloud Data Hub on AWS

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BMW Group has chosen Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the preferred cloud provider for its automated driving platform. As part of this collaboration, BMW Group will develop its next-generation advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) using AWS to help innovate new features for its next generation of vehicles, the Neue Klasse, to be introduced in 2025.

The new cloud-based system will leverage BMW's preexisting Cloud Data Hub on AWS and will use AWS compute, generative AI, internet of things (IoT), machine learning and storage capabilities to help accelerate the delivery of highly automated BMW vehicles, a company press release said September 5.

Significance: ADAS supports today’s drivers with early warning systems and capabilities that make driving safer and more comfortable. These systems use advanced software and onboard sensors to provide driver warnings, automated braking and steering functions designed to help improve a vehicle’s performance on the road. By developing the next-generation ADAS platform on AWS, BMW Group’s engineers can respond more quickly to customer demands and deliver new features to help improve the driving experience. This efficiency, supported by the cloud, will help BMW continue to innovate features for its Neue Klasse of vehicles and keep drivers focused on the experience on the road.

The BMW Group has also joined Qualcomm Technologies Inc., to codevelop next-generation automated driving systems based on the open and modular Snapdragon Ride Platform. The systems feature an integrated Ride Vision software stack to enable 360-degree perception for the vehicle. Together with AWS and Qualcomm Technologies, BMW Group’s engineers have access to leading hardware, vision software and cloud capabilities in an end-to-end automated driving development platform. Placing BMW Group’s automated driving platform in the cloud helps break down development silos within vehicle software teams at the BMW Group and helps foster greater global collaboration with suppliers to accelerate automated driving innovation.

The BMW Group will also use AWS to help scale its capacity to handle vast increases in data creation and usage within the automated driving feature development. AWS services will help power this new scalable, automated driving platform based on a common reference architecture, accelerating the development life cycle and broadening it across BMW models. 

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