Technology and market dynamics of engine cooling fans & motors sector

Technology Trends

The engine cooling fan motor has become commoditized as a component, and the focus of the business is on high volumes as a route to sustaining profitability. Globally there is a slow transition from brushed, to the technically superior and more expensive brushless design for the fan motors, though the fitment outlook even up to 2024 is expected to remain conservative in comparison.

The internal combustion engine (ICE), irrespective of the fuel type, does not sit very high on the efficiency scale. In most engines, up to 65% of the heat energy produced can be written off as losses—the lion's share lost mainly to the cooling circuit and via exhaust gases. The ICE must be brought up to and maintained within the optimum operating temperature in order to extract the maximum out of the engine. Failure to manage the excess heat produced during operation can result in the engine overheating, which negatively impacts efficiency and performance. If left unchecked, the heat buildup can cause the valves to burn and warp, lubricating oil to break down. The bearings and pistons could overheat, resulting in engine seizure. Managing the component expansion is crucial, given the tight tolerances between the parts, which need to be maintained to prevent excessive wear and tear, or in some cases, permanent damage to the components. The individual engine components, which may be made of dissimilar materials, tend to expand at different rates, making the task even more of a challenge.

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