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    AD Knight
    Pedestrian And Other Vulnerable Road Users’ Safety Is A Global Concern Due To The Fact That Approximately 22 Percent Of All Road Traffic Deaths Globally Are Pedestrians. Significant Growth In Smartphone Use By Pedestrians And Drivers Is One Of The Major Causes Of The Recent Increase In Pedestrian Fatalities. Thus, We Shall Fortify Our Collective Efforts To Protect Pedestrians And Vulnerable Road Users.
    Axon Pulse
    The Autoware Foundation Is A Non-Profit Organization Supporting Open-Source Projects Enabling Self-Driving Mobility. The Autoware Foundation Creates Synergies Between Corporate Development And Academic Research, Providing Autonomous Driving Technology For Everyone. Autoware Is Open-Source Autonomous Driving For Open Robotics Ros Ros2
    Carrar’S Team Consists Of Professionals With Decades Of Experience In Thermal Management, Start-Ups, And The Automotive Industry. They Are Complemented With Creative Engineers Who Design Innovative Solutions To E-Mobility Challenges.
    Carscan Is An Augmented Reality App With An Embedded Visual Recognition Ai To Track The Visual Condition Of Every Motor Vehicle.
    The Company Is Engaged In The Design And Development Of Cellular-Based V2X Accident Prevention Solutions. It Is Designed To Provide Real-Time Pre-Collision Alerts To Vehicles And Vulnerable Road Users By Using Smartphones And Relying On Existing Cellular Networks.
    Foresight Automotive
    Foresight’S Powerful And Mature Proprietary Stereoscopic Technology Is Derived From Field-Proven Technology That Has Been Deployed Worldwide For Almost Two Decades. The Company’S Patented Technology Incorporates 3D Video Analysis, Advanced Algorithms For Image Processing And Sensor Fusion. Foresight'S Solutions Are Based On Stereoscopic Image Technology.? Foresight’S Unique Solutions Create And Analyse A One-Of-A-Kind 3D Image In Order To Foresee Possible Collisions With Vehicles, Pedestrians...
    Gauzy Is A World Leading Vendor Of Material Science Focused On Developing, Manufacturing, And Marketing Lcg®(Light Control Glass) Technology
    Enabling Wide Scale Adoption Of Sustainable Hydrogen Fuel
    Ai Software For Fully Connected Autonomous Vehicles
    While Technology Surrounding Us Is Constantly Evolving And Improving Every Aspect Of Our Life, Traffic Management Has Been Neglected. Shining Out As An Increasingly Growing Pain That Affects Us Daily.Notraffic Has Set Out On A Mission To Harness Next-Generation Technology To Bridge The Innovation Gap And Make The Roads Intelligent And Safe.Backed By A Team Of World-Wide Experts From With Various Backgrounds Like: Traffic Engineers, Ai, Cybersecurity, Automotive, Academic And Urban Geeks. Togethe...
    Opibus (Roam)
    Opibus Was Founded In 2017 Just As Electric Mobility Was Taking Off, When Electric Cars Were Just Arriving On Our Streets. Opibus Vision Is To Make Electric Transport More Accessible To A Broader Market By Making The Technology More Cost Efficient And Simplifying Deployment. The Company Focuses On All-Electric Conversion Kits For Fleet Vehicles Such As Light Trucks, Public Transport And Buses, As Well As Electric Motorcycles And Energy Systems. These Focus Areas Have Been Chosen To Maximise Impa...
    Ovo Automotive
    Ovo Automotive Is A B2B Saas Company Providing Car Fleet Businesses Like Mobility Players, Fleet Owners And Car Dealers Full And Remote Control Over Their Connected Vehicle Screens, Driving In-Vehicle Customer Ownership And Enablement. Unlike Solutions That Run Apps On The Vehicle Or On Mirrored Phones, Ovo Is Using An Original Cloud Based App Delivery Method, Plug-And-Play To Any Existing Infotainment System, Thus Enabling In-Vehicle Customer Interaction Which Is Independent Of Automakers And A...
    Spectralix Specializes In Developing An Optical Chip Technology.
    Otonomo is an automotive data services platform that helps in the development of new apps and services for drivers, passengers, municipalities, and transportation companies.
    Autobrains (formerly Cartica AI) has developed automotive visual intelligence platform which is built on a self-learning technology supported by more than 200 patents. The platform garners a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the vehicle environment. The company utilizes Autonomous AI, an advanced technology which is based upon biological research and is result of over 10 years of research and development (R&D).
    TriEye is a semiconductor startup specializing in SWIR (Short Wave Infrared) imaging solution for Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles (AV) applications.The company's products are used to accelerate pixel level in a camera which is solving the automotive low-visibility challenge by providing a cost-effective and high-resolution SWIR solution, enabling autonomous vehicles to have perfect sight under any lighting and weather conditions.
    Hailo develops AI processor that delivers the performance of a data center-class computer to edge devices. Hailo's AI processor reimagines traditional computer architecture, enabling smart devices to perform sophisticated deep learning tasks such as object detection and segmentation in real time. In future, the company expects the chip to make its way into fully autonomous vehicles, smart cameras, AR/VR platforms and wearables.
    Foretellix specialises in verification of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving systems. The company’s System Verification Framework (SVF) implements coverage driven validation, based on Scenario Description Language (SDL) scenario generation. Those scenarios can run on multiple execution platforms ranging from simulation to street driving. SVF offers a flexible, cost efficient and comprehensive framework, addressing the full development process of autonomous vehicle...
    Guardian Optical Technologies (Gentex)
    Guardian Optical Technologies specialises in advanced 2D and 3D sensors. The company’s proprietary sensor configuration combines three deep sensing layers 2D Video, 3D Video, and Micromotion Detection with a high-resolution camera to look beyond the driver and offer safety and convenience features to all vehicle occupants Guardian Optical’s patent-pending sensor detects the presence of humans even where there is no direct line of sight. The company’s sensors can replace in-seat pressure...
    Upstream Security
    Upstream is focused on centralized SaaS-based cyber security and SOCs and does not provide in-vehicle cyber-security software or hardware.
    VisIC Technologies
    VisIC Technologies Ltd. works in the field of GaN-based transistors for xEV applications. The company offers high power transistor products based on compound semiconductor Gallium Nitride (GaN) material.
    Ottopia Technologies
    Ottopia Technologies is a company that develops teleoperation technologies that enables vehicles to be driven remotely. The system has applications in autonomous fleets, manufacturing & warehouse logistics, and in the construction, agriculture and mining sectors. The company has offices in Tel Aviv (Israel) and San Francisco (United States).
    The company develops 4D imaging radar-on-a-chip for autonomous vehicles. This system, which can be integrated with cameras and LIDAR systems, generates real-time 3D location and velocity map of surrounding objects of autonomous vehicles.
    The company develops software technology that augments camera sensors with material sensing capabilities in order to improve their low-light performance. This enables automotive imaging systems to detect road obstacles that are not identified by existing automotive sensors.
    Brodmann 17
    Brodmann17 provides ADAS solutions with high accuracy for commodity processors, used by leading tier-1 automotive suppliers and fleet management companies for both integrated and aftermarket solutions. The company’s solutions improve automated driving systems by optimally balancing performance, accuracy, hardware constraints and price
    Silentium has developed Active Noise Control (ANC) technology and a disruptive sound management solution, incorporating proprietary algorithms that follow the changes in the noise spectrum, achieving up to 90% noise reduction.
    The company is involved with battery development and materials innovation. StoreDot also produces proprietary compounds that are combined with nano-materials for ultra-fast charging of electric vehicles and other applications.
    Viziblezone specializes in the field of pedestrian safety solution. The company's offers a software package that can be deployed in a car's onboard system and in mobile phones to alert drivers about potential hazards.
    City Transformer
    City Transformer provides a folding EV platform which has the ability to shrink its track-width during driving and parking in order to fit into designated narrow traffic lanes.
    ETV Energy
    ETV Energy offers technological and scientific platform to develop advanced materials and technologies for use in next-generation lithium batteries.
    The company is building a navigation engine that has been designed specifically for micromobility. It uses machine learning to select routes that prioritizes safety while balancing time and distance.
    The company provides fleet managers with an AI-powered VaaS platform to optimize existing fleet operations and leverage underutilized vehicles to serve on-demand mobility demand for transportation and logistics.
    The connectivity platform enables safe teleoperation of autonomous vehicles using cellular bonding and dynamic encoding.
    UBQ Materials
    UBQ Materials, founded in 2012, is a provider of a waste management technology that can be used to convert waste materials into usable products. The company's technology offers a singular homogeneous material out of a seemingly heterogeneous mixed residual waste input. This enables customers to convert household waste into sustainable bio-based materials and reduce carbon emissions.
    Breezometer is a location-based, real-time air pollution fires & pollen data provider.
    CU-BX Automotive Technologies
    CU-BX Automotive (formerly ContinUse Biometrics) CU-BX specialises in contact-free health monitoring. The company’s proprietary advanced sensing combined with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities delivers actionable insights that improves quality of life. CU-BX holds 15 patents families and 25 registered patents. The company’s patented nano-vibration motion detection provides the most accurate solution to measures key vitals, stress and overall well-being indicators. CU-BX's solutio...
    The company develops a platform for dash-cams that uses an AI-powered network which connects drivers on city roads in order to get real-time road alerts about hazards and incidents nearby.
    Aquarius Engines
    Aquarius Engines is a developer of an engine-generator designed to double the efficiency of existing engines, with lower emissions, cost, weight, and size. The company's engine-generator is composed of a super-efficient combustion engine and a dedicated electricity generator with an exceptionally high power-to-weight or size ratio. These engines can be used in the power generation, automotive, marine, aviation, and defense industries.
    Newsight Imaging
    Newsight Imaging develops advanced CMOS image sensor chips. Newsight’s high sensitivity, high accuracy image sensors are used in applications such as lidar sensors for autonomous cars, ADAS safety systems, and adaptive front light system. The enhanced Time of Flight technology has many advantages in distance measurement. It enables real 3D measuring of the distance per every pixel and active lighting that works in the dark, creating a complete accurate distance analysis, especially in mobility...
    Cognata supplies large-scale automotive simulation for the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle markets.
    Neteera Technologies
    Neteera Technologies specializes in in-vehicle sensor technology. Its cutting edge sensor technology seamlessly monitors the vehicles cabin, providing insights into the driver’s physical status. The company also offers technology that monitors the vehicle and alerts parents if children are left in the car. Neteera’s unique solution combines a micro radar-on-chip device and algorithms to enable a new generation of human detection and monitoring.
    Kardome is a developer of voice controlled solutions which combine dedicated software with microphones
    Valerann is an intelligent transportation company focused in developing smart road infrastructure for connectivity and data transfer.
    Vayyar Imaging develops 4D radar imaging technology. Vayyar's intelligent sensors can see through walls and objects, map environments, and track movements in real-time. Its state-of-the-art chip covers imaging and radar bands from 3-81Ghz, with up to 72 transceivers in each chip and an integrated high-performance DSP.
    Valens provides semiconductor products for the distribution of ultra-high-definition (HD) multimedia content. The company’s HDBaseT technology enables long-reach connectivity of devices over a single cable. Valens Automotive, a division of Valens, was established in 2015 with the goal of delivering the world’s most advanced chipset technology for in-vehicle connectivity.
    SafeRide Technologies
    SafeRide provides anomaly detection and cyber threat prevention solution for connected and autonomous vehicles.
    Cybellum enables automotive OEMs and their suppliers to manage their cyber security risks.
    DERQ is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform developer that integrates with existing traffic and sensor systems and power real-time advanced analytics and connected vehicle safety application
    GuardKnox is an cybersecurity solutions provider for OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and the aftermarket.
    Karamba Security
    Karamba Security is a global software company that focuses on securing connected devices and embedded software with full solution for Product Security
    MDGo develops a real-time trauma analysis system for vehicles by utilizing existing sensors and connectivity applications.
    ZOOZ (formerly Chakratec) is a developer of unique kinetic energy storage technology for electric vehicles fast charging stations.
    Inpris offers seamless in-car human-machine interaction. The company has developed the SIGHTLESS TOUCH™ technology which enables eyes-free control over touch screens, creating a safer driving experience.​ The technology maps the hand of the user and assigns each finger a specific role within their car's multimedia system.
    Tactile Mobility
    Tactile Mobility provides tactile sensing and data analytics solutions for smart and autonomous vehicles. The company's data services are based on its high-resolution tactile sensing and vehicle dynamics data analytics platform. Tactile Mobility's solution of vehicle manufacturers, VehicleDNA, enables online monitoring of each vehicle's condition, health and efficiency.
    Autotalks is a fabless semiconductor company focused on vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications for manned and autonomous vehicles. The company headquarters are in Israel with offices in North America, Germany, France, China, Japan and Korea.
    C2A Security
    C2A offers a suite of cyber security solutions, providing in-vehicle end-to-end protection.
    Imagry is building the world’s first mapless autonomous driving platform by leveraging computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. The company supplies Imagry radar which is a 77GHz short-range radar sensor with onboard antenna. The radar has active detection range of 20 meters, providing a 4-centimeter resolution. Imagry also offers Car Control, a complete embedded solution that allows full control of the vehicle’s driving system, which includes the steering, the brake an...
    Aurora Labs
    Aurora Labs delivers 'Self-Healing Software' for connected cars to enable OEMs to proactively respond to future vehicle software architectures, processes and services
    Cipia Vision
    Cipia Vision, formerly known as Eyesight Technologies, specializes in computer vision artificial intelligence (AI) for in-vehicle driver and cabin sensing. The company has developed Driver Sense, a driver monitoring system; Cabin Sense, an interior and occupant monitoring system and Fleet Sense, a driver monitoring solution for fleets. The technology behind these solutions utilizes computer vision, deep learning and AI to enhance the driving experience. These solutions allow customers to optimiz...
    Cortica specializes in artificial intelligence (AI) technology for autonomous platforms. The company's autonomous AI is based on proprietary brain research and utilizes unsupervised learning technology backed by more than 200 patents. The autonomous AI is embedded in next-generation platforms for autonomous vehicles, autonomous drones and smart cities where understanding of image is a critical task. Cortica has formed a dedicated subsidiary Cartica AI to serve automotive market. Cartica AI ha...
    Bright Way Vision
    Bright Way Vision develops multi-functional vision and ranging system designed for the automotive industry. The company has developed solutions based on Active Gated Imaging technology for enhanced vision. These solutions combine sensors and near Infrared pulsed illumination sources to operate in all day and night conditions as well as adverse weather conditions such as rain, fog, morning mist and tire spray.
    Caaresys develops automotive passenger monitoring system, based on contactless, low emission radio frequency (RF) radar. The compact RF radar can be integrated anywhere in the car such as in the seat, dashboard, head console headliner or in the mirror. Caaresys’s solution monitors driver and passenger biometrics. It utilizes biometrics to detect the location, health conditions and state of each vehicle occupant.
    Driivz is a global digital software supplier to EV operators and service providers. The company’s intelligent cloud-based platform spans EV charging operations, energy management, bespoke billing capabilities, home, public and workplace charging, and driver self-service tools.
    Arbe is developing ultra-high resolution 4D imaging radar for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving applications. The company’s 4D imaging radar chipset leverages Frequency-Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) technology, and transmits and receives signals from multiple antennas. With more than 2000 virtual channels, the chipset solution tracks hundreds of objects simultaneously with 30 frames per second (FPS) of full scan.
    AdaSky develops intelligent, high-resolution thermal sensing systems (LWIR) for vehicle safety and perception applications as well as smart city roadway solutions. The company has developed a sensing and perception solution that allows autonomous vehicles to reliably detect, segment and analyze pedestrians, animals, objects and road conditions in day or night, regardless of weather condition. AdaSky’s advanced thermal sensing solution allows the vehicle to sense and analyze its surroundings ...
    Innoviz Technologies
    Innoviz Technologies is a major supplier of high-performance, solid-state lidar sensors and perception software for advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) and autonomous driving applications. The company offers InnovizOne lidar sensor, specifically designed for automakers, robotaxi and autonomous delivery companies. Innoviz also unveiled InnovizTwo high-performance automotive grade lidar, which is more powerful but less expensive compared to InnovizOne. In 2021, Innoviz became a public company...
    Regulus Cyber
    Regulus Cyber provides autonomous security solutions. The Company offers security to the communication and sensor suite of autonomous cars and trucks, robots, and drones.
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