The Middle East and Africa Automotive Supplier Report

The Middle East and Africa Automotive Supplier Report

Publication Date: 10-Jul-2015
Number of Pages: 314

This report examines the developments and opportunities opening up to automotive manufacturing in the Middle East and Africa. Focusing on those countries in the region where vehicle and component production are most advanced: Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Morocco and South Africa, the report assesses the economic and investment landscapes for each with analysis of industry drivers, infrastructure developments, IHS country risk analysis, vehicle production volumes and supply chain growth. The report examines the following:

  • MEA Region Economies
  •  Investment Climate
  • Utilities Supply and Infrastructure
  • Vehicle Ownership
  • Car Makers
  • Vehicle Exports
  • Investments in Automotive
  • Supply Chain Growth
  • Emissions and Vehicle Safety

Furthermore, the report includes detailed company profiles of  82 supplier companies in the region providing detail on  product portfolio, general strategy, joint ventures, investments, contracts, manufacturing footprint, financial overview (where available) and outlook.

About the Middle East and Africa

Vehicle production is still nascent in the MEA region, and IHS estimates that in 2014, 1.9 million vehicles were produced in the MEA region (excluding Iraq, for which no vehicle production data is available), an increase of 20.3% from the previous year. This is small, when compared to the five vehicle producing nations in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), which is made up of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, which produced four million vehicles in 2014, with Thailand alone producing 1.9 million vehicles. In terms of market size, the five ASEAN countries together have a population 534.7 million and the six MEA region countries a population of 321.1 million. This means that there is still plenty of upside for growth in the automotive industry in the MEA region.

Middle East & Africa Automotive & Supplier Market Overview

Big Variation among MEA Region Economies
Mixed Investment Climates
Stable Infrastructure Still a Bottleneck
Economic Growth Important in Increasing VehicleOwnership
Marked Differences in Automotive Industries

Overview of the Six Automotive Industries

The Region Dominated by French Carmakers
Vehicle Exports Growing in Some Markets
Investments in the Automotive Industry in the MEA Region
Supplier Chain Growth Variance by Country
Emissions and Vehicle Safety Issues not in the forefront

Mixed Outlook: Plenty of Opportunities

Supplier Profiles


Figure 1: Light-vehicle sales in Middle East and Africa regions (2010–2017)
Figure 2: Light-vehicle production in Middle East and Africa regions (2010–2018)
Figure 3: South Africa: Vehicle Exports as a Percentage of Vehicle Production (%)


Table 1: MEA Region Profile
Table 2: Vehicle Ownership Profile
Table 3: GDP growth rates for MEA countries (2006–2017)
Table 4: Six-Factor Country Risk Assessment
Table 5: FDI flow into MEA countries (2000–2013)
Table 6: Road Conditions in the MEA Region
Table 7: Fuel Subsidies and Fuel Prices
Table 8: Passenger Carmakers and Assemblers in the MEA Region
Table 9: New Investment Announcements by Carmakers in the MEA Region:
Table 10: New Investment Announcements by Suppliers in the MEA Region
Table 11: Overview of Vehicle Safety Regulations & Statistics:
Table 12: Middle East and Africa Light-vehicle production forecast (2014–2018)

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