E/E & Semiconductor: Q4 2023 highlights

E/E & Semiconductor: Q4 2023 highlights

Publication Date: 02-Feb-2024

In this third E/E & Semi “clients-only” interactive webinar we reviewed the highlights of our research in Q4 including:
• Automotive semiconductor 2023 market research: key findings, revision of automotive semiconductor short-term outlook.
• E/E Architecture update: new insights on considerations around central computers and update on 48V adoption and role for zone controllers.
• Highlights from CES 2024 : Less about concepts and more about lowering costs and increasing scale.

In the latest installment of our exclusive E/E & Semi "clients-only" interactive webinar, we conducted an in-depth review of research highlights from the fourth quarter. Our examination encompassed the automotive semiconductor market for 2023, delving into key findings and our considered revision of the short-term outlook for automotive semiconductors.

The webinar also provided a crucial update on the evolving landscape of Electrical/Electronic (E/E) Architecture. The discussion considered the pivotal role of central computers, shedding light on how they will shape future vehicle architectures. Additionally, we addressed the latest developments in the adoption of 48V technology and the evolving role of zone controllers.

Drawing from the industry's most recent event, CES 2024, our webinar highlighted several pervasive trends. Contrary to previous years, the focus at CES leaned less toward conceptual showcases and more toward pragmatic strategies aimed at cost reduction and scalability enhancement. This shift in emphasis underscores a strategic industry inclination towards addressing economic considerations and operational scalability in the rapidly evolving automotive landscape.


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