SDV cloud and edge computing: market outlook

SDV cloud and edge computing: market outlook

Publication Date: 23-Jan-2024

This software report details the growth and market trends for automotive cloud and edge computing. It also specifies the growing trend of new automotive use cases due to the advances in computing and connectivity. The study outlines the market's size, major participants in the cloud computing space, and OEMs' readiness for cloud-connected vehicles.

As part of the shift to SDVs, automotive cloud computing is a strategic extension of vehicle-embedded systems computing. OEMs are striving towards a CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and EV) future in which wireless communication between vehicles and the cloud is becoming increasingly prevalent.

OEMs are ramping up vehicle computing in three key areas in partnership with their cloud and technology service providers in response to the growing demand for future growth in computing processing and software functions: 1) at onboard computing: vehicle domain computers can continue to host all critical real-time, low-process intensity applications, 2) at the Edge: many V2X applications that require access to real-time public wireless data can compute at the Edge. The industry will also see low latency autonomous L4/L5 data computation in the vehicle path and control maneuvers by private Edge, 3) at the cloud: the cloud will also supplement future vehicle computing by optimizing communication between vehicle and the cloud via back-end ecosystem. The offboard computing process in the cloud will improve vehicle feature performance through Over-the-Air (OTA) updates, extending Infotainment or other connected features, and even reducing vehicle weight & battery charge so it can travel longer.

The rise of edge computing and 5G will create new automotive use cases and enhance business opportunities for the supply chain. This research addresses the prospects for software business extension and the impact that value chain dynamics will have on the future SDV's development lifecycle.

The revenue potential for both supply chain and OEMs for cloud-connected vehicles is enormous. We see the potential automotive cloud service market growth to about 215 USD billions by 2029. The trend will remain high until the full potential of SDV is matured.

  1. Executive summary
  2. Chapter 1: background information about cloud-connected vehicles and ecosystem
    • What do we refer to as cloud-connected vehicles and ecosystems?
    • What are the components of the automotive Cloud ecosystem?
    • What are the growing trends in cloud-connected-automotive use cases?
    • What are the value proposition of Software-Defined Vehicles with cloud connectivity?
    • How is the value chain evolving from linear to a network of value suppliers?
  3. Chapter 2: market sizing information
    • What is the volume size of future cloud-connected vehicles?
    • What is the revenue sizing for the cloud services?
  4. Chapter 3: Global Automakers Cloud-connected vehicles readiness and development status information
  5. Chapter 4: Key market players of the automotive cloud ecosystem and their product status
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