Automotive Cybersecurity Report 2023

Automotive Cybersecurity Report 2023

Publication Date: 27-Nov-2023

Cybersecurity report supplements cybersecurity market tracker. This report analyses security growth trend and provide key market players and OEM cybersecurity strategy analysis.

The 2023 cybersecurity report highlights the ongoing evaluation of OEM security market strategies and the growth picture. Key highlights include 1) the Chinese automotive cybersecurity market is growing significantly, driven by the rise in EV sales and the establishment of the comprehensive AUTOSEMO software architecture. 2) OEMs are enhancing security measures in various aspects including internal information management, R&D process optimization, and establishment of dedicated cybersecurity teams, 3) OEM cybersecurity strategy is shaping by regional variations and driven by cybersecurity regulations like UNECE WP.29, ISO/SAE 21434, NHTSA, and MIIT, 4) shortage of cybersecurity experts is leading the automotive industry to leverage automation to address security threats, with the industry currently grappling with a shortage of 3.4 million professionals.

What’s new in this report?

  • Bus network software updates added to the report.
  • Ethernet switch and Gateway HPC information added to the report.
  • Cybersecurity overview for the commercial vehicle added to the report
  • Smart mobility APIs that are vulnerable to cyber-attacks were also added to the section.
  • The comprehensive definitions and solution availability using AUTOSAR and AUTOSEMO tools and processes were also updated in this year's report.
  • Silicon features enhancing cybersecurity comprising embedded secure elements and trust key management and digital key are added as new topics.
  • OEM security strategies, regional implementations, and strengths and weaknesses of their solutions added to the report.




Report Summary                                                                     

2023 Cybersecurity Report Highlights                                                 

Research scope                                                                      



Market Analysis                                                        


Automotive cybersecurity market: drivers and restraints           

Sales trend of cybersecurity-enabled vehicles                         

Growth of cybersecurity software                                             

Growth of cloud-based cybersecurity

Automotive cybersecurity market outlook: next five years         

Connected gateway software forecast by region                      

Bus network software forecast by region                                 

Bus network – differences between Gateway HPC vs switches region                                                                                    

Gateway HPC                                                                                 

Ethernet switches                                                                            

ECU software forecast by region                                             

Off-board and SOC (VSOC) forecast by region                        

Cybersecurity solutions and E/E architecture evolution region  

Cybersecurity market growth by region and segment               

Automotive Cybersecurity Market Segment Analysis                         

Automotive Cybersecurity Market Regional Analysis

Cybersecurity market overview for Commercial vehicles       


Cybersecurity threat and defense                           

Evolution of vehicle architecture and cybersecurity                  

Protection overview: what must be defended?                         

Potential cybersecurity attack trends and attack vectors           

Vehicle subscription services                                                           

Third-party automotive mobile apps                                                  

EV charging networks and infrastructure                                           

Fleet management                                                                          


New insurance models                                                                    

Smart mobility APIs                                                                         


Cybersecurity solutions                                           

Securing vehicle architecture with AUTOSAR and AUTOSEMO                                                                          

AUTOSAR, or Automotive Open System Architecture                        

AUTOSAR Cybersecurity management                                            

Secure update and trusted platform

RTA-VRTE: platform software framework for AUTOSAR Adaptive      


AUTOSAR research in China will focus on CP + AP integration, ecosystem construction, and localization                                          

Silicon features enhancing cybersecurity                                 

Embedded secure elements (eSE) in Automotive vehicle                   

Trusted Key Management (TKM) solutions in Automotive                  

Digital Key (CCC DK 3.0 standard) solutions in Automotive                

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning: How is it improving Cyber security solution?                                                                            

Best automotive cybersecurity solutions                                  

In-vehicle vs out of vehicle cybersecurity technologies or solutions       

Market significance                                                                 

Greater China automotive cybersecurity value chain                

China Automotive Software Cybersecurity                                           

China Automotive Hardware Cybersecurity                                          

Chinese strong EV supply chain                                                         

Top cybersecurity players in Greater China                             

Tencent keen lab                                                                               


Beijing Yunchi Future Technology/Yunchi Future/InchTek                    

Zhito (Suzhou Zhito Technology)                                                        

Apollo / Baidu                                                                                    

Cybersecurity regulations and guidelines in Greater China       

Development targets for connected vehicles and IoV                           

China technology and data regulations: A changing environment for international firms                                                                             

China’s tension with the West for Tech & Trade                                   


Supplier analysis                                                      


Cybersecurity specialists                                                         


Upstream Security                                                                             





C2A security                                                                                      



Karamba Security                                                                              

New entrants                                                                          



Checkpoint software                                                                          


Trillex Fireye                                                                                      

Key suppliers                                                                          

Desay System                                                                                   




Key market events                                                                  


OEM analysis                                                            


OEM cybersecurity strategies                                                  

In-house Capabilities and Partnerships                                               

Fully In-House Development                                                               

Semi-Custom Development                                                                

Complete Outsourcing                                                                       

Building a Cybersecurity Consortium Strategy                                     

Security Chip and HSM Strategy                                             

Multi-layered Approach                                                                      

Building Teams for Cybersecurity                                                        

OEM cybersecurity strategy regional implementation               

OEM cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses                        



OEM Cyber security future challenges                                     

Bloated Software and Exposure                                                                                                       

The talent gap                                                                                   

OEM and Suppliers                                                                            

Establishing Consumer Trust                                                              

Time to Market                                                                                  

Emerging Technologies and Data Protection                           

Emergence of Hacking Infiltration Techniques                         


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