Analysis of the automotive app store market

Analysis of the automotive app store market

Publication Date: 03-Nov-2023

The in-car app store ecosystem consists primarily of automakers, platform providers, third-party app developers, payment integrators and users, among others.

This report analyzes the evolution of automotive app stores, recent developments and OEM initiatives in this domain, and the future roadmap. It also delves into the in-car app store ecosystem of app developers, associated services providers and technologies, as well as partnerships that are in place today and are likely to happen going forward.

Primary and secondary research methodologies have been used to explore the potential ways of automotive app store platform adoption and how automotive OEMs are leveraging in-car app stores as potential avenues for new customer-facing tools.

1. Overview
a) Report summary
b) Introduction

2. Market analysis
a) Automotive app store value chain
b) OEM companion apps

3. Technology analysis
a) Technology stack required for app store development
b) Payment gateway integration
c) Application security testing (AST)

4. Key automotive app store players
a) Google
b) Forvia
c) Visteon
d) Harman
e) Volkswagen
f) Mercedes-Benz
g) General Motors
h) Huawei

5. In-car commerce and payment apps
a) Overview
b) Growth drivers
c) Key players and their partnerships

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