Software-Defined Vehicles
Evaluation of auto companies' Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV) readiness

Evaluation of auto companies' Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV) readiness

Publication Date: 01-Jun-2023

As automakers near the end of hardware evolution, the automotive industry is beginning to see a rush of Software-Defined Vehicles (SDV) press releases from manufacturers. They recognise that SDV gives them access to a new revenue stream, lowers the cost of development, and most significantly, allows vehicles to change over the course of their lives. This means better apps & connection, real-time app updates, increased safety & sustainability, etc.--all in the interest of enhancing the driving experience.

The software-defined vehicles are positioned to significantly alter the automotive industry thanks to their connection, cutting-edge driver safety technologies, and consumer-centric mindset. Consequently, in the upcoming years, the software will play a bigger role in vehicle design and development.

The SDV evaluation report from S&P Global Mobility provides a marketing-focused assessment of the OEMs' capacity building and development readiness for SDV. It includes both well-known OEMs and recently established OEMs for EVs.

The review does not contrast the SDV techniques and tactics employed by various OEMs, or it isn't a ranking or a set of criteria that determines whether an OEM's SDV policies will be successful in the market; instead, it provides a picture of the automaker's current position with regard to its internal capability-building objectives, product, software strategy, and financials. To sum up, the assessment is a grading system that effectively establishes if all contemporary passenger and commercial vehicles and new EV startup companies are SDV-ready.

This study is presented as a 'PowerPoint' presentation deck for the benefit of the reader, and it includes helpful infographics and a summary of quantitative software-defined vehicles data.

Following are the main analytical themes covered in the report:

The panorama of software R&D growth and opportunities

OEMs product profiles and technological plans (70 OEMs – matured and startups EV companies)

SDV evaluation companies’ profiles and its SDV development perspective

  • Company overview
  • Software development outlook
  • Planned construction of software capacity and capabilities
  • Software partnerships and cooperation
  • Financial details
  • Software operating system development prognosis
  • S&P Global Mobility review and analysis of SDV

Audience of this report:

  • Automotive OEMs
  • Suppliers of automotive components
  • Makers of automotive semiconductors
  • Developers of automotive software components.
  • Financial Community

Key benefits:

This study can be used by strategists, marketers, buyers, and planners to:

  • Gain market understanding – by analyzing Software-Defined Vehicles (SDV) investments and development growth trajectories, strategic and development alliances, and software outlook that could affect businesses' strategic decisions.
  • Develop plans – through analyzing and communicating prospective regional and international commercial prospects to internal decision-makers and assessing the software development and software acquisition of auto companies.

Report Table of Contents

  1. Executive summary
  2. Market outlook
  3. Methodology
  4. OEMs’ product profiles and technology strategy
  5. SDV evaluation and scored companies’ profiles
  6. Analysis
  7. Conclusion
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